Batty Bermuda Visitor

Bermuda had an unusual visitor this week; a Mexican Free-tailed Bat. Bizarrely, the bat, which has never been spotted on the islands before, fell down the chimney of Rohan Shastri, Museum Manager for the Bermuda National Trust, reports Bernnews. David Wingate confirmed the identification and the bat was taken to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo where it will be treated for a probable broken wing.

Four other species of bat have been recorded in the islands, namely the Seminole Bat, Hoary Bat, Eastern Red Bat,  and Silver-haired Bat, all of which pass by during spring and autumn migration to and from the USA.

The Mexican Free-tailed Bat is native to the Americas and very abundant from the South of the USA down to South America. They like to roost together in large numbers which makes them vulnerable to habitat destruction. This one may have been blown off course during migration, given the severe storms that have occurred recently.

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