Bermuda Top 10 Winner

Bermuda Top 10 winner.JPG

Jill Amos Raine presented Kemda Bean of Somerset with a late Christmas present yesterday – a copy of Bermuda’s Top 10; A Guide to the Island’s Wildlife and a limited edition print of the State House in St. George’s, painted by Jill herself. Kemda was the winner of a Top 10 Christmas competition and was thrilled to receive her prize at Jill’s St. George’s home.
Jill said, “This was a very special prize. Kemda won our wildlife travel guide and was excited to find out more about the birds, fish, plants and habitats of our beautiful island.” The print of the State House that Kemda also won is a collector’s item with a print run of just 388. It was produced to commemorate Bermuda’s World Heritage Site status. Jill added, “Having received her price, Kemda was going to stop in St George’s where the original of the print was painted and have a good look round.”
Jill Amos Raine is pictured with Kemda, her daughter Zylah Bean (11) and family friends, Mercy Azzario (nearly 3) and Genesis Azzario (a few months). The book is available in select local stores and on Amazon.

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