Fishy Business

Have you noticed any dead fish washed up on the shores of  Bermuda recently? If so, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources would like your help.

They’ve noticed a die off of fish too. DENR says,  “It is not unusual to see a few dead fishes in inshore areas at this time of year, when the  seawater is at its warmest. Increasing temperatures reduce oxygen levels in the water, which affects some species of fish. Further, warmer temperatures promote the growth and reproduction of naturally occurring bacteria, viruses and other parasites that can affect fish health. These fish pathogens are normally present at low levels, and are generally not pathogenic to humans.”

All the same, they’d like to obtain some samples. They are looking for fish that are still alive but have visible signs of ill health such as sores or lesions on the skin, frayed fins or unusual behavior. DENR adds, “Suspect behaviours include swimming slowly, upside down or near the surface, rapid movement of the gill covers, or appearing to gasp at the surface of the water. If a fish can be easily captured with a net or a bucket, then that is usually an indication of ill health.”

Anyone who is able to provide such a sample should call the Marine Resources Section on 293-5600. Dead fish on private shorelines should be collected carefully using rubber gloves, placed in a sturdy plastic bag and taken directly to the incinerator at Tynes Bay. 

And don’t even think of putting these ones in a fish sandwich., no matter how fresh they look …..

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