See the Sea in Bermuda

Bermuda is actually an archipelago, made up of 7 main islands and a multitude of smaller islets. It’s just 24 miles long by 1 mile wide and from the air, looks like a fish hook. On the ground, you don’t notice the individual islets much because of the bridges linking them seamlessly together. You can see the ocean from almost any vantage spot (the highest point in Bermuda is just 225 ft. high) and a one-mile walk will bring you within toe-dipping distance of the deep blue. Since the island is just 21 miles squared but has a population of around 65,000, the government has had to be draconian to prevent traffic gridlock. Residents are only allowed by buy one car and tourists can’t rent cars – they have to use the bus. That’s actually a great way to help visitors kick back and enjoy the world going by.

Photo By Tomwsulcer – Own work, CC0,

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