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The Northport State Hospital, also known as Northport Hospital, is a public hospital in Northport, Alabama. In operation since 1913, it is one of several facilities operated by the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.

Dedicated in 1914, the facility originally housed geriatric patients from the Alabama State Home for the Feeble-Minded in a two-story wing which became known as North Wing. The present hospital building, originally named Central Wing for its location in the center of the campus, was completed in 1949 at a cost of approximately $18 million, being the only major addition to the original hospital complex. Northport’s Wards L and J are an estimated 12 stories tall, and include 217 individual rooms on 26 wards. Patients with mental illnesses, in particularly developmental disabilities, are cared for at the hospital.


In 1913, the Alabama Legislature passed legislation creating the Alabama State Home for the Feeble-Minded in an industrialist’s mansion in the northwestern corner of the existing Montgomery State Hospital grounds, with the intention of making these facilities responsible for the treatment of the mentally disabled. The new institution, which opened in 1915, was housed in the Alabama State Hospital for the Feeble-Minded, a building which was located at the intersection of the Southern Railway line, Historic Route 66, and Dauphin Street.

The new facility, known as Northport State Hospital, began receiving patients in 1914. It received its current name in 1949, one year after the construction of the original hospital building.

Faced with the challenges of adapting to a new and changing environment, Northport’s first residents faced a 24-hour nursing staff, medical staff, and more than a dozen nurses. Prior to the current configuration of the hospital, a psychiatric nurse was put to the position of a wards secretary, a bed-making nurse, a nurse in the laundry, a nurse in the kitchen

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Download 3skeng transaction key for freeAn Israeli radio presenter was asked to stop broadcasting live from a restaurant he works in.

The restaurant owner said in a Facebook post that he asked the radio host, Nadege Gueding, not to interrupt his conversations while he was serving customers.

“We serve our guests, we work, we live here and I ask [Gueding] to [stop] the interview and the sound when we are serving customers,” the owner said.

Gueding responded by uploading a clip of him speaking to the restaurant owner on his channel.

“I am trying to serve in the restaurant,” he said.

“You are not serving the customers, you are doing work. You are filming and having conversations during work hours,” he said. “[I] ask you to not do that, it is not allowed. You are not allowed to have conversations [during] work hours.”

Gueding told the radio station that he was “embarrassed” by the incident and said he was sorry for breaking the rules of the broadcasting company.

“I am embarrassed by my behaviour and I am sorry for that,” he said. “I didn’t think before [I] do it.”

He added that he “wasn’t informed” that the restaurant owner had asked him not to interrupt his conversations.

“I was working. I was living with my family,” he said.

Gueding also said that he had not been able to answer his telephone calls on Saturday evening and admitted that he did not think about the incident.

“I am [a] radio personality, I was working. I was living with my family,” he said.

Israel news agencies said Gueding apologised to the restaurant owner and said he had received a warning from his employer about future breaches of protocol.

In 2008


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