Top 10 Wildlife Guides

Top 10 Wildlife is a series of pocket sized ‘wildlife travel guides’. These books are designed to tell you all about the most interesting birds, plants, animals and habitats that you’re likely to encounter on your island vacation (or in your own backyard if you’re lucky enough to live in one of our featured destinations of Bermuda, Malta and Kauai – Hawaii).

If you’ve ever stepped off a plane and found yourself wondering about a brilliantly coloured bird flitting around the airport or the native flowering shrub in the park, these are the guides for you. We’ll tell you exactly where to find the good stuff … and we’ve dug out some fascinating facts that even the locals won’t know.

The authors are all island dwellers so we’ve started with the island locations that we know best – Bermuda, Malta and Kauai. The Bermuda Top 10 has been published and is on sale now. Click for a overview or a sneak peak. You can buy a hard copy here and at book shops and gift stores in Bermuda.  An e-book will be coming soon.

The Malta Top 10 is at the printers right now (December 2017) and we are looking forward to having the first copies in the shops very shortly.

The Kauai Top 10 is in production. We look forward to launching it soon so that you can get down to spotting wildlife on your island vacation.

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