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Adobe Creative Cloud:

Extension Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud provides the following features .

Please help if it is wrong. The help files are not opening. I have installed Adobe Creative Cloud and the Extension Manager is failing to open help files. The message is Unable to open help file at ‘../help/’. I have installed InDesign CC, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC and those are not opening help files. Only Premiere and After Effects are opening the help files. Have you seen this? Please. Thanks. I was just about to mail adobe customer service.


Adobe Extension Manager CC is an extension to Adobe Creative Cloud.
Adobe Creative Cloud for Desktop – Extension Manager CC is a different product, just like Premiere Pro CC for Desktop – Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Adobe Creative Cloud for Desktop – Extension Manager CC (CC for Desktop) is part of the product.
Adobe Creative Cloud for Desktop – Extension Manager CC is an update to Extension Manager CC (CC for Desktop).
Your question is answered in the first paragraph of this answer.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop
Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop is a cloud computing client for Adobe Creative Cloud  designed to create and edit content on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud
The Creative Cloud is a subscription-based service model for digital content creation, sharing and distribution offered by Adobe. It requires a perpetual license for the use of Adobe software and related services, as opposed to a per-user license.


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.NET DataTable row.Cells[0].Text gets cell value instead of string variable

I am experiencing some very weird behavior, regarding to which I could only find some very specific questions that are not applicable to my situation.
The weird part is, it’s consistently happen with the same function. I have a method that is getting a row of the datatable and then trying to loop through all the cell values.
I am removing data from an HTML table and saving in a Datatable variable. The DataTable is loaded up and displayed on the form. The user clicks a save button that starts the method below.
This is the code for the function.
‘Get the list of data
Dim dsCateringInfo As New DataSet
Dim dsCateringInfoMaster As New DataSet
Dim daTableInfoCateringInfos As New DataAdapter()
daTableInfoCateringInfos = New SqlDataAdapter(“”, connection)
daTableInfoCateringInfos.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand(“”, connection)
daTableInfoCateringInfos.SelectCommand.CommandText = “select * from CateringInfos”
daTableInfoCateringInfos.Fill(dsCateringInfo, DbColumns.CateringInfo)
dsCateringInfoMaster = dsCateringInfo.Tables(“CateringInfos”)
dsCateringInfo = dsCateringInfoMaster.Copy()

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