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* _Adobe Photoshop Express_ (, a version of Photoshop for mobile devices
* _Adobe Photoshop Lightroom_ (, a version of Photoshop for editing RAW images

## Free Image-Editing Software

Everyone has heard of Photoshop, but another great image-editing software program is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is free and available in Linux, Mac, and Windows flavors. GIMP can be used for any kind of image editing, including color manipulation. GIMP is bundled with many other free programs, such as InkScape and Blender. Figure 10-10 shows GIMP’s interface.

FIGURE 10-10: GIMP can be used for any kind of image editing, including color manipulation.

GIMP is so popular that many Linux distributions bundle it and include it with a default installation. If your Linux distribution is already on the job, you don’t have to download it separately.

## Editing Text

Photoshop has an extremely powerful tool to edit text, which enables you to cut, paste, and otherwise modify any text that may appear in an image, be it in a word, headline, sign, logo, or whatever. This feature is fairly intuitive and easy to use. However, Photoshop is no substitute for a dedicated text editor or a well-equipped graphics program that is equipped with a special text tool. We recommend that you use a text-editing program such as Notepad instead of Photoshop to create text-based images.

Here’s how to use Photoshop to crop or rotate text to make it easier to read or combine:

1. **Open an image in Photoshop and crop or rotate the text in the way that best suits the image.**
2. **Select the text and then choose Edit⇒Modify⇒Text from the top menu.**

The text modifications you can make include:

* **Rotation:** As shown in Figure 10-11, rotate the text to any angle you desire. You can use the sliders or just click the arrow as needed.
* **Flip text:** Flip the text horizontally and vertically, as shown in Figure 10-12. Flip text isn’t always available in Photoshop because

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Photoshop Elements 12 Features:

New Look with Performance and Performance-Enhancing Updates

The version now has a new look that combines many of the user interface features of Illustrator and Sketch. Users will also see a significant performance boost thanks to the use of performance-enhancing updates such as GPU rendering.

More Features:

1. Content Aware Fill

In the past, there was a tool called “Auto-Warp” which could stretch an image to fit its canvas based on the area of the image that is white (typically, a photograph). But with the introduction of the Content Aware Fill tool in Elements 12, Adobe is removing the need for this feature. It’s one less step in the pipeline and allows you to choose images without any unwanted stretching.

2. Easy Image Retouching

In version 11, Adobe introduced a tool that allowed you to use the brush to clean up your photos or remove unwanted blemishes and artifacts. But there were still a lot of limitations with this tool. For example, you had to learn how to select the area of the photo that you want to use. Furthermore, the tool lacked the ability to work on your image in a mosaic format – you could only work on a single area at a time.

This version brings the same retouching tool into Photoshop Elements. Users will now have the ability to clean up photos with a single click, with no limitations. But the best part is that the tool is now more like the traditional Photoshop tool, allowing you to remove areas of an image and work on those areas while using layers.

3. Enhanced Picker

Adobe recognized that one of the things that makes Photoshop so powerful is its picker. Version 12 takes this capability and brings it to more users. Elements 12 brings a whole new feature to help you more easily navigate through the Photo library. The new Picker Bar helps you add and remove images from your library with just one click.

4. Slide Merge

When creating a multimedia presentation, you want the ability to create a slideshow of your images. But often times, you have more images than are possible in a slideshow. In this case, you need to crop the pictures and stitch them together to create a single image. Version 12 brings a new tool for this purpose, which allows users to combine a number of pictures into a single image.

5. Powerful Features

The Elements 12 update for Photoshop

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What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.5)?


How to read two separate csv files in python?

I have two csv files of different types as follows:
File 1:
Z=zxy_ABC (c);
Z=zxy_DEF (c);

File 2:

Here in File 2, I have different column names in the same row for different column names for same thing in File 1.
I want to read these two files and calculate the corresponding values.


You can do this like this:
First, read file 1 and create a dictionary:
with open(‘file1.csv’) as file:
file_dict = {‘Z’:[], ‘S’:[]} # We use a dictionary here
for line in file:
(column, value) = line.split(‘,’)

Then, read file 2, get file 1’s column names:
columns = [k for k in file2.readline().strip().split(‘,’) if k in file1_dict]

Then, read file 1 and get file 2’s values:
file1_vals = {k: float(v) for k, v in file1.readlines()} # use csv library to get float values
for row in file2.readlines():
for k, v in zip(columns, file1_vals.get(k)): # use zip to get the values for every column
print(v+row[k:]) # print every row and the value for that row for every column


How can I save an HTML code as a hyperlink in a list item?

I would like to understand how to create an HTML link in a list item. As the user adds items, I’d like for there to be links that direct to the site. I think the new HTML5 web application stuff I’m seeing in the papers is analogous to what I want to do, however, the examples all seem a little too complicated for me to make

System Requirements:

Version 1.1
*Windows 7, Vista, 8, or 10
* Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core Processor or better
* Memory: 1 GB RAM or better
* Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 320M with 1GB RAM or better
* DirectX: Version 11
* Storage: 2 GB Available space
The game requires an internet connection for online features (including the Leaderboard) and there may be additional requirements for Leaderboards and 3rd party apps (such as Xbox Live).

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