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Importing photos

Photoshop enables you to store your image in different places: in the hard drive, in your file system, on the Web, or on a CD. (See Figure 17-1.)

**Figure 17-1:** Click the Open button to import a file into Photoshop.

Photoshop enables you to choose the format of the file you’re going to import. JPEG (Portable _J_ eep _P_ eces) is the default choice for photographs, but TIFF (Tagged _I_ f _F_ romate) and EPS (Encapsulated _P_ ecture) are alternatives that can enhance your images when converting them into layers.

Photoshop can also import image file formats that it may not recognize. However, at the time this book was written, it wouldn’t import Microsoft Office (.docx,.xlsx, and.pptx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.

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Let’s take a look at how to use Photoshop Elements to:

Re-size images for mobile.

Make small changes to an image and more.

Create stunning photo effects.

How to use Photoshop Elements for mobile

Use the smartphone camera to take photos.

Use the built-in Photo Mechanic to edit photos.

Then use Photoshop Elements to edit those photos.

And you’ll discover some cool things, like:

You can use Photoshop Elements to use the smartphone camera to take photos. You can then use the built-in Photo Mechanic to edit them. You can then use Photoshop Elements to make custom photo collages.

And some useful things, like:

You can use the outline tools to rotate, resize or pan the photo. And you can control how the photo is cropped.

Making Small Changes to an Image

Change an image with a lot of detail.

Give images a sharp, crisp edge.

Make an image crisp.

Add a nice filter.

You’ll see there are about 12 tools in Photoshop Elements that you can use to make small changes to an image.

In this example, we’re going to show you how to use the Smudge and Shadow tool.

1. Check that your photo has a background and you want to use it.

Open the photo you want to edit.

Start by clicking on the photo to select it. Then press Command/Control+A (Windows) or Command/Control+Shift+A (macOS).

Then select File > Automate > Edit in Image.

This opens the photo in Photoshop Elements.

Then you’ll see an extra button in the top-right corner. Click on it to open the next window.

2. Rotate and resize your image.

Click on the corner to rotate your image.

Click on the centre to resize your image.

Click on the point on the corner to adjust the size of your image.

3. You can move the photo to give it better placement.

Click on the other corners to move your photo.

Click on the centre to resize your photo.

4. Use the tools to add a border or frame.

Click on the edge of your photo to add a border.

Click in the centre of the

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package com.ngtesting.platform.dao.impl;

import com.ngtesting.platform.model.TstPerformanceDto;
import com.ngtesting.platform.model.TstPlatformDto;
import com.ngtesting.platform.model.TstPlatformMock;
import com.ngtesting.platform.model.TstPlatformProxy;
import com.ngtesting.platform.service.TstPlatformService;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Repository;

import java.util.List;

* Created by jimin on 17/6/18.
public class TstPlatformDaoImpl implements TstPlatformDao {

private TstPlatformService platformService;
private TstPlatformDaoTstPlatformMock dummyModel;
private TstPlatformProxy tstPlatformProxy;

public TstPlatformMock getModel() {
return dummyModel;

public TstPlatformProxy getProxy() {
return tstPlatformProxy;

public TstPlatformMock getMock() {
return dummyModel;

public int getTotalCount() {
return platformService.getTotalCount();

public List getPerformancesByBuildId(long buildId) {
return platformService.getPerformancesByBuildId(buildId);

public List getPerformancesByDeployId(long deployId) {
return platformService.getPerformancesByDeployId(deploy

What’s New In?

Is the United States winning the war on the Islamic State?

Defying predictions by military leaders that the Islamic State would collapse within weeks, President Obama on Wednesday cited the recent liberation of the Iraqi city of Ramadi as proof that the extremist group could not be defeated.

“We’ve made progress,” he told reporters during a White House news conference, “but I would warn that the plan is not to be declared a winner on the ground by the summer.”

But experts and former officials agree that while Ramadi was a key victory, Islamic State militants have a long way to go before they are driven out of their caliphate in Iraq and Syria. The militants, whose strength swelled as they seized territory in northern and western Iraq, Raqqa, Syria, and parts of southern Turkey, remain a potent force, and they are being pushed back in some areas.

“Ramadi did not mark the beginning of the end for ISIS,” said Robin Wettman, a former senior State Department official. “The longer they remain in control of territory in Syria, the more the idea of a caliphate dissipates, and even in Iraq, the more they are showing themselves to be a hard nut to crack.”

In Ramadi, the United States and Iraqi security forces seized 40 miles of territory and retook the city. At least 400 militants — and an unknown number of civilians — were killed. But during the nearly six-month battle, the militants controlled more than 500 square miles in the center of the city, a far larger area than the 200 square miles occupied in 2013 by the Islamic State and their predecessor, al-Qaeda in Iraq, in and around Mosul.

Despite American officials’ insistence that the Islamic State was doomed by 2014, their predictions have proven wrong again and again as the militants have spread and adapted.

Yet other analysts said that the renewed focus on Ramadi by Mr. Obama and other administration officials suggested that the United States might be losing the war. “My friend in the administration has every reason to be proud of his troops and what they have done. But that’s no reason to get cocky,” said Vincent H. Mayer, a scholar at George Mason University’s Center for Security Studies who has written two books on the Islamic State.

“This is really a war on terror,” he added. “It’s not an ordinary war

System Requirements:

1024 MB RAM
How to install:
1. Install the file from the zip folder.
2. Double-click on the shortcut to start playing the game.
Metal Gear Solid:
MGS Director – Hideo Kojima
MGS/2 – Hideo Kojima
Project MGS3 – Hideo Kojima
MGS: FOXHOUND – Dave Mirra
GameFan – The MGS Team
GameFan – The MGS

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