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Using the image below as an example, what is the difference between the three shapes layers?

1 – The original is a commercial photo of a street in the Philippines. The top-most layer is a Multiply Layer. The middle layer is a Burn Layer which was used for adjusting the brightness of the image. The bottom-most layer is a Hue Saturation Layers, used to change the color of the image. To find these layers, right-click in the Layers panel and select Convert to Smart Object, which then makes these layers editable.

2 – The layers can be edited to your liking. So in this example, we cut out some of the trees in the image. To do so, click the Smart Object and select the area that needs to be removed. To add in the trees, use the Add Layer Mask feature, which can be found by clicking the Add Layer Mask button on the Layers panel. Once clicked, simply draw out a shape around what needs to be added.

3 – By using the Layer Mask, we make the Multi Layer a Burn Layer. This will cause the image to turn black, but the bottom-most Hue Saturation Layer will still be visible.

4 – Select the Hue Saturation Layer, then adjust it’s settings. In this example, we have highlighted the color we want. To do so, we can either use the Select and Eyedropper tool to find a color on the image, or click and hold on the light purple area and use the Color Picker feature.

5 – In order to edit the Hue Saturation Layer, click on the toolbox and select the Hue/Saturation Layer Adjustment, which is located on the top of the main Layers panel. Here, we can adjust the color.

6 – The Hue/Saturation Layers Adjustment is commonly used to brighten a color or tone down the color. To brighten the purple, we can desaturate the color by moving the sliders to the left. Then, we’ll get to the saturation, which is the amount of color in the image.

7 – In this example, we have desaturated the Purple Hue, and moved the Saturation so that the Hue Brightness is equal to 8%.

8 – To switch Hue Saturation back to its original function, we can press the OK button.

9 – Then, we need to desaturate the Burn Layer so we can

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This article will take you through the Photoshop Essentials mode.

A Quick Intro to Photoshop Elements

After downloading Adobe Photoshop Elements and installing it, you will be greeted by the Photoshop Essentials interface.

Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials is a simple interface for beginners. It is easier to use than the regular Photoshop interface.

It has the following features:



Duplicate dialog



Effects, Layers and Adjustments

Paint Bucket tool (Brush tool)

Search tool (located on the top right)


The interface lets you work on multiple images at the same time.

Snap to grid

Arrange tool

Transform tool

Move, rotate and scale tools

Rotate tool (Ellipse tool)

Levels tool

Group tool

Polygonal Lasso tool

Freeform Lasso tool

The downside is you cannot have as many images open. You can open a maximum of 5 image for editing.

You can also view the Photoshop Elements Settings to adjust the default settings for Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Essentials’s main interface is helpful when you are using only a few images. It’s best for light photo editing and web design.

Create an Artboard

To start editing images, create an artboard. You can create an artboard by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard to open the main Photoshop Essentials menu then select Create an Artboard. The artboard will appear on the right-hand side of the workspace and the artboard icons will be at the top left corner.

In this example, I have activated artboard 1 to edit. The other artboards are activated so you can’t go to them at this moment.

Create a new layer

Now you can start editing your images.

Open your first image. Press Ctrl+A to open the main Photoshop Essentials menu then select New Layer. The new layer will appear on the bottom.

Make your adjustments

Adjust the brightness or contrast of the image to make the image more visible or to make the shadows less blurry.

Make any necessary color correction and white balance.

Add effects

You can add a new layer by pressing Ctrl+Y then using the color picker or choosing a

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Streaming Audio via Websocket on Android

I need to stream an online music site with Android as client application. I choose the Websocket approach since it seems to be most reliable.
Since I am stuck, I’ll just provide an outline on how I do it.
I used the jWebSocket standard implementation and that worked fairly fine with my use case.
I wrote a parser that gets the XML describing the songs from the websocket and converts it to a suitable file I can play with AudioTrack on my device.
In my main activity I build a connexion to the websocket, then a new thread gets started that takes care of the websocket stream asynchroneously, sending the XML to a thread in my parser that takes care of building the audio file.
While it works to a degree, there are still a few issues:

Sometimes the browser tries to connect to another host when it really shouldn’t. Although I haven’t found a way to address this issue, I suspect the problem is originating from the WebSocket part.
The thread that sends the XML through the websocket has to be synchronized on the same background thread that creates the AudioTrack. If the websocket stays in the thread for too long, the aRts audio player (which I use) crashes. Therefore I force the connection on a new background thread with a fixed sleep time. But I haven’t found a way to check if the connection broke in a thread before it enters sleep state.
The parser doesn’t really handle changes in size of the XML very good. It simply catches the changes and writes them to a file.

Since I’m asking here, maybe someone can help me out with a more appropriate solution.
To my knowledge, there’s nothing special about the audio on Android, it should just be able to play MP3 files since it has the basic mp3 framework installed. I hope that this part won’t be a problem.


Its tough to say without seeing your code. I ran into a similar problem where I was using the WebSockets standard java implementation and it would open a different connection than expected. I ended up upgrading to the C++ socket implementation and everything worked great. I’ll probably post my code here if I ever figure it out.
At any rate if you’re willing to switch the java implementation I’d suggest moving to the native implementation.
Personally I ran into problems with the WebSocket

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Updated at 4:34 p.m.Really struggled to find something about this game that wasn’t negative. Is it slow or awkward? Yes. Is it, perhaps, a bit bland? Yes. But is it by any means enjoyable? No. It’s been likened to one of those ‘‘so bad it’s good’’ titles. I don’t know what they’re on, but you could probably start a party with that game.

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2018:

Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD Phenom II x4 945 or AMD FX-4170 4 GHz or better
Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2 GHz or better
4GB RAM or better
DirectX 11, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Intel Core i3-2310 or AMD Athlon II X4 650 or better
Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2 GHz or better
2GB RAM or better
Windows 7, Windows 8

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