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Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop Elements

When you initially create your account, Photoshop Elements will open with an advanced screen where you can select your profession (photographer, designer, etc.) and your area of expertise (text editing, web design, etc.).

You have to select both your profession and area of expertise to use the feature effectively.

After clicking next, you will see a screen with some tutorials, basic tutorials and two separate sections called Elements and Connect. The page then tells you a little bit about the topics and gives you information about how to get started:

After selecting your profession and area of expertise, you’ll be shown how to get started:

The next screen tells you your currently logged in account can only be used to edit images.

You don’t have to keep editing the same kind of images every time you open Elements, but you will have to format your computer to store the images that you edit with Elements.

If you’re a designer and you’re used to creating UI and UI elements for websites, this feature can help you to find the right element from hundreds of UI elements.

All the images shown here are made by just the author. In order to find the best design with a series of UI elements, you can click on any element and see thousands more.

How to find the perfect UI element in Photoshop Elements

From the homepage of Photoshop Elements, you can immediately spot and download thousands of UI elements for websites, mobile phones, portfolios, etc.

You can choose free or commercial elements, and you can narrow down your search with one of the tags.

The tags are:




CSS Framework



Material Design Lite


Mobile First


The free version of Photoshop Elements doesn’t include the commercial elements section but it does have a tag system where you can filter based on your needs.

You can filter based on your needs from the homepage of Photoshop Elements by choosing the search box on the top right.

As a designer, you have to choose which area of expertise you want to work in because Elements will try to match your choices with the best elements to edit.

As a designer, you have to choose

Adobe Photoshop CC

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Andean flycatcher
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core CPU
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