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Archaeology X is an game for people who love archaeology and is inspired by historical/prehistoric locations, events and discoveries.Explore an exciting open world by digging for relics and treasures, in a relaxing environment like in real life.
About the Game:
Archaeology X is a simulated archaeology game where you dig for treasures, relics, face many challenges, get lost in the most beautiful landscapes, kill animals and defend your home from thieves.
Living open world exploration:
Explore the living world of Archaeology X, in relaxing environment, in a simulated historical/prehistoric world, underground or on the surface. Dig through soil and rock to find and excavate relics, use your brain to decipher ancient hieroglyphs and as a consequence to get into a cave or tomb.
All terrain:
You can dig into different types of earth such as sand or clay, and even rock to excavate or dig out.
Find the perfect spot:
You can dig at a varied location, using a real-time progress timer to understand what you are digging for, indicating the depth of your dig.
Get an intuitive view:
Use a third-person perspective to dig and dig out completely the earth in order to find your discoveries.
Take notes:
Use your notebook and research to discover ancient items hidden for 1000’s of years, also explore long lost caves or tombs. Find relics / treasures will be challenging, just like with real life archaeology.
Use your research from your notebook to discover clues where to dig (treasures might not always be in the place you expect!).
Classic city building gameplay:
Design and build your city and town, and expand them to create your own unique city experience.
Explore and ride your city with vehicles or animals, or swim (mind animals like crocs through).
Discover other parts of the world and expand your city, for example to dig at new locations, build an airport or to explore other places underground or on the surface, in a rich open world with so much more to discover.
Scavenge food and water to survive, sell or buy food with money you make.
Visit shops to buy/sell food/treasures in other towns, or go to the museum to display your treasures found (bear in mind these may not be located close by, meaning travelling and discovering).
Meet other local people in game, chat to them for clues, locate a radio station to send messages via radio/telegraph to your home about


Features Key:

  • Begin your career as an archaeologist with a detailed character creation screen allowing you to design your player, leveling up, skills and equipment (Over 100.000 items are available in the game!)
  • Engage human resources to earn credits and advance your career as you uncover all the realities of the ancient world
  • Rerank items, discover new equipment and upgrade them to new levels
  • Unlock achievements to obtain unique and rare items in exchange of credits.
  • Explore ancient settlements and ruins, search for items and discover secret areas.
  • Collect and raise rare animals, expand your territory and enhance your farm.
  • Granular PvP system – Score enough kills to be considered the «nom de guerre» of the Mafia, take over another user’s territory or steal their resources to level up your character!
  • Fight with the assistance of invisible teammates (co-op)
  • A treasury to save resources needed for upgrades, research and customization.
  • A unique character creation, offering a 3D preview of your character and its evolution over time. Saves your game when logged with your My.Com account
  • Four huge Areas to explore (North, South, West and East)
  • A great soundtrack. Play the game in game soundtrack
  • Active users worldwide: players from all over the world can join you online!
  • Free updates to keep the game fresh!


ArchaeologyX Product Key Full (Latest)

You will be a real archaeologist and treasure hunter. You will use your notebook to discover clues to the location of different artefacts (ancient relics).
Travel around the world to various cities, deserts, mountains and forests, and dig out those ruins to find the relics.
You can use your notebook to discover the locations of the treasures or you can just roam around looking for the right places to dig.
Once you discover something interesting, you can zoom in to discover the location of the relic. You can take a closer look and then remove the soil by hand to uncover the relic.
Once you have the relic in your hands, you will need to carefully reveal it to display the treasures.
You will use your notebook to record the artefact found, which will in return give you clues about the location of the treasure(s) you will need to dig out in the area.
You will use your notebook to record the relics found, which will tell you the location of the other artefact(s).
You can compare your notes with those of other archaeologists to compare your discoveries.
You might not always find the artefact in the correct location you think it is, use your research to get clues and find the artefact where it is supposed to be.
You can look for other things, like fossils, statues, weapons, caves, tombs, pyramids, or even can use the zoo to see the animals for clues or guides to your next location.
You can also use artifacts to help you in the game. There are 4 artifacts: Compass, Light, Zoom and Radio. These are different from when you use the artefacts in your notebook.
The compass is useful to guide you in the right direction.
The light is useful when you are in the dark and you need to find your way around.
The zoom is useful when you are at the end of the game where you need to zoom in to see the artefact you need to dig out in the correct location.
The radio is useful to send signals to other people via telegraph.
You can send messages through the radio to other archaeologists who are playing the game, or friends through the phone.
What’s new in this version:
bigger environment with more cities, deserts, mountains and forests.
You can get a hold of a pickup and use it to find locations quicker
You can dig up fossils to get clues to your next stop


ArchaeologyX Free [Latest-2022]

1. Download and run ArchaeologyX from the web page below, if you haven’t got it already.

1.2. Run the game and play it. See Section 5 below for instructions.1.3. When you have finished playing (it is really easy to play even though it looks complex) make sure you close down the game by selecting “Quit”.2. Collect any broken relics and store them in the larder in your inventory.3. Save your game by pressing “Save Game”.4. You can now delete the game in your “My Games” list of games on your “My Games” tab, if you wish. You can also go back to the web page below and download it again (there are other “free” games on the web page too).5. Save your game again and load it. Go to Options. Go to “Game Options” and make sure that “Enable Experimental Features” is ticked.6. Make sure you have “Colours and Graphics” set to full screen and that your monitor size is at least 800×600.7. Click “Start” on the top bar to start the game running. Go to the location that you would like to start digging at in the world map.8. If you are an early player you will see the notes and your notebook from before the game starts. Select the notebook icon to view your notes and the files that are in the notebook.9. If you are a late player you will see the locations from the file you last opened at in the game. Click on the location in the map.10. Select the “List Places” option on the top bar to see the locations that you are digging at. A yellow mark will appear on the location when you hover over it.11. Press “A” to select “Add.”12. Enter the location as shown in the game and “dig up” or “search” at it. You can dig up at a spot on the ground, at a rock or at a house if you find one in your game.13. If you are happy with what you find go to the next location.14. If you are not happy that what you found isn’t what you wanted you can “Look For” a different type of relic at the location you found the first time, or “return to” the same location again.15. When you are satisfied with the results from the site that you are digging at press the “Continue” button on the


What’s new:

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Briefly, the transition refers to the groundwater from a point source area that has been developed, is being exploited or is just a random event occurring naturally. The first type of transition resulting in surface water contamination by FA discharges is the development of aquifers. This is usually caused by the activities of major industries which allow development of aquifers as a byproduct. The second type of surface water contamination by FA comes as a result of aquifer exploitation, due to activities such as extracting groundwater or groundwater remediation. Some surface water contamination by FA in some cases is also due to one or more random events that happen naturally.

The Conceptual Model for Surface Water Quality Risk Assessment {#Sec3}

The CMR serves as a tool to identify system and human impacts, and link them through land use management. In this study, therefore, there is need for a risk index to be developed to consider the relationship between FA toxic emissions and surface water contamination risk. The CMR model in use in Malaysia is the Manzaria ([@CR22]) built on the criteria which are suggested by Briere ([@CR2]). CMR indices are considered as competent and efficient tools to ensure the effective management of contaminated sites because they are already put into practice by both the Environment and Agriculture Ministry of Malaysia ([@CR14]) and the Department of Environment ([@CR15]). However, for this study, it is even more critical since the CMR has not been put into practical practice by the Department of Environment (Malaysia) in the field of water pollution management.

The CMR model, as shown in Fig. [2](#Fig2){ref-type=”fig”}, provides a system of linking of risks as well as the mitigation to achieve a future state. It covers six major points: initial state, multi-hazard land use management, land use and land cover, land use change, field activities and human impacts. For this research, it is essential to include groundwater management where both modeling and field data are essential for the verification of risk index. Groundwater that has become surface water via development has been categorized here as the following:Fig. 2Conceptual Model for Surface Water Quality Risk AssessmentStudy Area Initial StateOrganic Pesticides and POPs Surface WatersExtent of Environmental ContaminationDistribution of


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