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Now that the dialog box is open, specify the path to the folder you want to display on the machine in the Parent Folder field. If you need to sign in to an email account that is not listed in the box on this page, you can enter the email address manually and specify the username for that email account in the box labeled Email Address.
By default, the folder is specified with the same name as the folder in the program. The Browse button retrieves a list of your files and folders. Once a folder is displayed, you can select specific files and folders, or clear the list entirely.

To open a file

To open a folder
To close a folder

Click OK when your changes are applied and the dialog box closes.

Note: You can use the same technique to show or hide files and folders that are not selectable by default.

Click Next.

The Copy SMTP Settings dialog box opens, where you can choose to follow the same path for the SMTP settings and the host settings.

Note: If you are setting up your LAN, you can skip this step.

Click Next.

The Host settings page opens, where you can choose to have the email message routed through a mail server or a local mail client program. The Sending Mail icon in the upper-right corner of the program window automatically selects the option to send via a mail server.

Click Next.

The Email Settings page opens, where you can choose to send a person’s email address in the From field or use a general address for the email in the From field. The mail address and the name of the recipient are retrieved from the data in your selected To field.

Note: If your system is configured to use Internet messaging, the Email Settings page offers an option to have your email address appear in the From field and your name appear in the subject line.

Click Next.

The Message Setup page opens. This page opens automatically whenever you choose to send a test email.

If there is a file named Keytab for the Google key, close the program and open it. In the top-right corner of the window, click Edit Key | Edit Password and enter the password you want to use.

Note: If there is not a. Keytab file for the Google key, you must create one.

To send an email

To send a test email.

Note: Do not follow

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