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AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD was developed as a successor to AutoLISP, which in turn replaced earlier attempts at creating a visual computing environment. AutoCAD is a completely object-oriented application, with all aspects of the drawing and the manipulation of objects in the drawing taking place by means of objects.

A typical AutoCAD project consists of a model that represents an object or a group of objects (objects that are grouped together as a single entity, for example, a building, a room, a cabinet, a sign, a line, or a region). The objects are defined in the form of “drawing objects”. The drawing objects are stored in the drawing file and represent the geometric form of the object. A drawing object can be created in several ways.

1. By selecting a drawing object in an active drawing and creating it.

2. By copying a drawing object from another drawing or from another file.

3. By copying a drawing object from an online repository.

4. By importing a drawing object from a file or from an online repository.

In some versions of AutoCAD, a drawing object can also be created by drawing freehand on the screen (this is called freehand drafting).

The object content of a drawing object is defined by its shape, properties, attributes, and data (such as weights, dimensions, text, and 3D model information). All drawing objects in a project are linked together.

A drawing file is usually created with the AutoCAD command. AutoCAD can also create drawings by directly copying objects from another drawing, or from online repositories (such as a web service, a web site, or a drawing).

In addition, the drawing objects are organized in an object space. The object space defines the visible area of a drawing object. Within this area, there can be other objects. If there are no other objects in the same drawing, the drawing is usually called a “one-off” drawing. If there are other objects in the same drawing, the drawing is usually called a “multi-object” drawing. The objects are stored in a so-called “paper space”. The paper space stores all the information that is required to display the objects, and to manipulate the objects, on the screen of a monitor.

How AutoCAD Works

In the first step of AutoCAD usage, a drawing file is opened. This is typically done by double-

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CAD terms

Analogous to commercial contract drafting, computer aided design (CAD) terms describe the exchange of concepts that are expressed in terms of a common industry-wide vocabulary. The terms CAD, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Drafting are often used interchangeably, although CAD is the most often used term. CAD is the generic term, encompassing the CAD tasks associated with civil engineering, mechanical engineering and architectural engineering.


An architectural CAD program is used in architectural, construction, engineering, and related design fields to model buildings, landscapes, bridges, roads, and other physical entities to support decision making and preparation of documentation. Architectural CAD is commonly referred to as building information modeling or architectural information modeling. Architectural CAD is a form of BIM. An architect’s model can be prepared to show either the design or the construction of an architectural project, and is also used to communicate the architectural design intent in the building design. Architectural models may consist of a series of two-dimensional (2D) drawings or a series of three-dimensional (3D) models. Architectural models are also used to assist in the preparation and presentation of design documentation such as plans and sections.

Civil engineering

Computer-aided design and documentation tools are used to prepare detailed maps, plans, and sections of civil engineering projects. Computer-aided design and documentation tools are also used to prepare accurate calculations, as well as describe the project logistics and management associated with the design of these projects.

Computer-aided design and documentation tools are used for civil engineering projects in the following fields:

Transportation systems: Intelligent transportation systems
Automobile and locomotive design: Highway design, traffic flow design
Rail design: Design of railroad systems
Water and sewer systems
High-rise construction: Design of high-rise buildings
Design of bridges: New design and retrofit projects
Design of tunnels: Design of tunnels
Design of electrical and control systems: Electrical design
Urban design
Design of buildings: Building design and construction
Design of landscaping: Plant and turf design
Design of structures: Foundations and concrete design
Design of structures: Steel design and fabrication
Design of structures: Buildings

Mechanical engineering

Computer-aided design tools are used to prepare detailed schematics for mechanical engineering projects. A mechanical engineer may use computer-aided design tools to prepare detailed drawings of a machine or part of a machine.

Design management

The purpose of CAD

AutoCAD (LifeTime) Activation Code PC/Windows

Open the Autodesk Autocad folder from within Autodesk AutoCAD.

Launch Autodesk Autocad and then double-click the Autodesk Autocad icon.

Close the Autodesk Autocad window.

Autodesk AutoCAD will open and import the new company drawing. Autodesk AutoCAD will automatically save your company drawing as a new “draft” drawing.

Close the Autodesk AutoCAD window.

Step 3 – Getting started with AutoCAD

To create a new drawing in Autodesk AutoCAD, you’ll use the “File” menu from the AutoCAD title bar. Click the “New Drawing” icon.
In the “New Drawing” window, the “To File” drop down menu item will be set to “AutoCAD.”

Enter a drawing name, such as “Sellers & Buyers.”

Select “Draft” or “Presentation.”

Click the “Open” button.
A new drawing called “Sellers & Buyers” will open.

Step 4 – Importing information into your AutoCAD file

Click “File” on the AutoCAD title bar.
Click the “New” icon.
Click “Import.”
Select “Autodesk Map” from the “File Type” drop down menu.

Enter the location of the file that contains the data you wish to import.

Click the “Open” button.
Autodesk Map will open.

Select the attribute you wish to import from the drop down menu.

You can import multiple attributes.

Click the “Import” button.
Your data will now be imported to your drawing.


There are a number of options. You can use Map 123, a data import utility that works with AutoCAD. You can also use other companies’ data import software. For example, you can use 3D Scape (at
The mapping software gets information from a map file that contains all the roads and buildings for a given city. You can upload your own streets to a map file, or you can use the one provided by AutoCAD. Then, when you import the data into a drawing, AutoCAD will link the existing drawings to the new street segments.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

• To import a paper or PDF:

– Select the drawing to import from

– Choose Import, Add Paper

– Select your paper or PDF as a source file

– Choose the type of paper or PDF (or any of its features) that you want to import

• To incorporate changes in your drawing:

– Select the drawing to import

– Choose Add Changes to Drawing, and make the changes to the drawing

– Choose Add Changes, and choose which of your changes should be incorporated into the source file

• To create a paper or PDF with a template or page layout of your design:

– Select the drawing to import

– Choose Add Paper, Add Template, or Add PDF, and choose a template or page layout

– Choose Add Paper, Add Template, or Add PDF, and choose an AutoCAD drawing template or page layout

• To create a PDF or PDF/X-1A document that includes a version history of the drawing:

– Select the drawing to import

– Choose Add Paper, Add PDF, or Add PDF/X-1A, and choose a version history

• To export your drawings as a paper or PDF:

– Select the drawing to export

– Choose Export, and choose your paper or PDF destination

• To view a drawing’s changes in a live preview:

– Select the drawing to preview the changes

– Choose Tools, Options, and select View, and choose Live Preview Changes

• To open your DesignCenter for any live previews of the drawing:

– Choose Tools, Options, and select DesignCenter, and choose Live Preview Changes

Revit Version 2018.1 Support:

• Navigate from start to finish, as usual, in Revit.

• Gain convenient access to several of the features that let you see the drawing and communicate with others while drafting:

– Tools, Options, and select DesignCenter, and choose Live Preview Changes

– View, show what you see, and choose View from the ribbon, or choose View > Show View

– Preference, set your preferences

– Feedback, receive automatic feedback

– Undo and Redo, undo and redo drawing actions

• Features such as annotation, color filling, dimension tools, ortho display,

System Requirements:

The game requires a 64-bit OS running Windows XP Service Pack 3.
This version will not work with Windows Vista or Windows 7.
This game will not work on Windows 8.
**Minimum Requirements:**
Windows 7 or Windows 8.
This version will not work on Windows XP.
System Requirements:

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