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Jquery not loading on some Internet Explorer (11)

I developed my application and used jquery librabies. Now all browsers are working fine. Now I am in a project where we have to support Internet Explorer (10 and 11).
There are some pages where I need to load jquery. I need to support IE 10 and 11, so I am loading the jquery in a separate file and giving base href=”javascript:void(0)” to the document to make it a default compatible script which works on all browsers (IE 10 and 11)
But when I open the application in IE 11, I don’t see any content as its throwing the exception
“Object doesn’t support this property or method”
when i refresh the page, its loading the jquery.
So I think it must be something with the script loading order or any other configuration, Can anyone help me?


Your code is perfectly working fine and i tested it with IE10 and it works fine.
The reason you are getting that error is probably because you are using jQuery 3.x and below it didn’t work.
If you are targeting IE, then you should be using jQuery 2.x and not 3.x.
Although, for IE 11 compatibility, you need to use jQuery 2.1.3 – Here is the full compatibility list with jQuery version


How to apply transition to a div tag?

I have a div inside another div. Both are inside a div and I am applying padding to the whole div. Here is a snippet:

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