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The ratings of the Republics of Macedonia and Montenegro may be lowered by Moody’s Investors Service.

This will be the second time in this year that the agency will review the sovereign creditworthiness of the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro.

In October 2011, the new ratings were assigned by Moody’s at the B3 rating with a negative outlook. The outlook was changed to stable in February 2012.

The B3 rating is a long term rating below Baa3 and it is the lowest possible ranking. In other words, if the sovereign is downgraded to this level, the agency will not give it the opportunity to raise the rating, although the rating may be raised if the sovereign pays its debt service in full.

The negative outlook on the rating means that we believe that the sovereign could face an additional downgrade in the next 12 months. An upgrade is unlikely.

Moody’s also introduced a trigger that allows it to lower the rating to the B3 level if the sovereign defaults on its debt service, or suspends payments for a period of longer than three months.

The rating actions are part of Moody’s ongoing review of the sovereign creditworthiness of the Republic of Macedonia, which we started on 2 February 2012. The sovereign was given a stable outlook in February 2012.

The rating actions announced today (02/20/2012) are due to the sovereign’s weak external position and domestic political uncertainty, especially during the 2011 and 2012 elections, as well as the sovereign’s willingness to borrow externally at very low interest rates, and its relatively high foreign currency debt level, which make the sovereign risk-adjusted debt service ratio in the 4.5% to 10% range. While the sovereign has taken steps to improve its creditworthiness, these actions have not been sufficient to restore the sovereign’s ratings to investment grade levels.

Moody’s will review the sovereign’s creditworthiness again at its next rating review, to be conducted on 6 February 2012.

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