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Bit Che 35 Build 51 Download Pc

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Bit Che 35 build 51 download pc

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We have updated our download page in an effort to better utilize our mirrors.Pupils get opportunity to’shine’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Students from Wandsworth and Wealdstone community schools have been inspired by Sian Griffiths, the RPO’s orchestra leader, as she brought the “power and passion” of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to the stage in Battersea.

The pupils attended a masterclass with Sian Griffiths and RPO professional harpist, Naomi Shor. They then performed a concert inspired by her live masterclass in schools, which was led by Sian and classical guitarist Anne Hobbs.

The pupils – aged 10 to 11 – performed a selection of piano pieces and guitar works by the composers Ralph Vaughan Williams and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Sian Griffiths said: “I had a great time teaching the children at the schools and felt they picked up on my passion for the orchestra so much, so for them to come and perform was a real privilege. The children have been saying how pleased they were that they could be part of the orchestra.

“Performing at the RPO is fantastic. It’s a privilege to be part of something so big, so I was really pleased for the children to take part.”

Sian also added: “We were able to bring a lot of our instruments to the schools, so it was a great opportunity for the children to get to hold onto and play.

“I was able to show them how it should be played, so it’s a great opportunity to show the children what you want.”

After the masterclass the children performed and led the audience in a standing ovation.

The pupils’ performances were a finalist in the “The Best of Sainsbury’s School Choir of the Year Awards 2017” and the children were presented with a special RPO commemorative programme.

Wandsworth Headte

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