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Name Bourbon Empire
Publisher innodarr
Format File
Rating 4.34 / 5 ( 2335 votes )
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A real-time RTS set during the booze-running ’20s. Conquering other countries is fast and fun. And there’s only one type of victory. Money!
Key Features:
• Play as one of 8 different nations
• Guard your own territory (try to) from rival gangs
• AI gangsters fight for your territory and take you over for the big score
• Protect your cash flow and earn protection money
• Support your organizations with the economy
• Explore your neighborhood and build your empire
• Patrol rival territories and listen to your earpiece to establish your leverage over them
• Use police support units to protect your properties and get your income up to aid in your expansion
• Control your gangsters and assign their skills in your gang
• Cooperate with the law and get rewarded for eliminating racketeering
• Assemble crews and assign them to your territories, but be careful to not have too many around at the same time
• A variety of vehicles and weapons available
• Autonomous behaviors for the gangsters and vehicles
• It’s everywhere, so it’s everywhere!
System Requirements:
The minimum specs are Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz, 8 GB RAM, and WIndows 7,
x64 Edition. Also, you need HD 8970 or higher
The game requires 2.8-4.0 GB of free space.
Terms of Use:
The name of the game is crime.
The game is for free to play.
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Features Key:

  • Build up your empire and expand into the New World (Canvas/ETC)
  • Fulfill orders to provide goods and services (20+ Job categories)
  • More than 30 Public Quarters
  • Extensive Trade Routes
  • Build an Alliance with a Feudal Lord (10 Levels)
  • Captain Military units
  • Santa Claus to bribe the Natives
  • Trade & Conquer other British Empires


Bourbon Empire Crack + [32|64bit] 2022 [New]

During the Prohibition Era New York City was never a better place to be. With the rise in bootleggers, criminals were in charge, and everyone who could be ‘owned’, was ‘owned’. Not only did this make for an exciting time for everyone, it meant crime and unrest were everywhere.
However, things are not as clear cut as they appear. While law enforcement is always there to help solve crime and uphold the law, they’re just as good at hurting you as they are helping you.
Throughout the game you’ll have to make some tough decisions about how to build your city up, manage your turf, stay safe, and ‘whack’ those who would be competitors to your business.
With 33 missions, 12 Capos to recruit, 6 gangs, 5 Types of Businesses and 15 illegal Enterprises to establish, Bourbon Empire has it all. Play as the new moustache wearing Capo and take advantage of all the ways New York is expanding and business opportunities are available.


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Bourbon Empire Crack + Download

Starting Up Your Business: Once you establish your first business in a neighborhood, youll start to earn protection money. Every neighborhood generates money differently, and youll see the amounts increase at different rates based on how active the neighborhood is. Also, some neighborhoods require more or less time to generate money, so try to assign your capos to those neighborhoods that generate plenty of cash for your crews.
Growing Your Family: As your squad of capos grows in size, youll start to notice they get stronger. For example, your capos will start to equip themselves with their own weapons like pistols and tommy guns. Capos can also gain experience levels as they defeat more and more enemies.
Managing Your Business: Most of the time, it is not necessary to do anything with your businesses other than look after them. However, youre free to decorate and equip your establishments the way youd like. Make sure to place your establishments in an appealing spot and youll get more customers (and protection money).
Law Enforcement: It is advisable to keep a close eye on your businesses. Criminals and law enforcement will try to either steal your profits or shut you down completely. To prevent this, assign your capos to certain districts, and try to keep them there as much as you can. Although they can also help, be wary of the police as their rogue actions can mean ruin for your business.
Build Up Your Family: Once your squad of capos are strong enough, assign them to your capos. Remember, a capo is a lieutenant in crime. Thats why they will be responsible for directing their capos and keeping them safe. Once you have a squad of capos, youll be able to assign them to districts. Each district has its own set of responsibilities. As a capo, you have some leeway in how you distribute your squads. Try to keep your squads in safe neighborhoods and some of the most lucrative districts. You can assign the following individuals to capos:
Capo Relations
Catherina Vidal

Bourbon Empire is a real-time strategy game set in New York City during Prohibition somewhere in the late 1920s. Claim territory as your own, and profit from the rising bootlegging industry. But be aware, law enforcement can either be your greatest ally, or help in your destruction.

Claim new territory within the city as your own. Collect protection payments from the various businesses and establishments within your neighborhoods. However, not all


What’s new in Bourbon Empire:

    (Digital Product)

    Bourbon Empire will be a digital release and will most likely be coming out sometime in 2019. I will of course try to keep you updated on it.

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Hijacking the nuclear power plant, launching the hostage situation and finding an underground army,
We are faced with serious problems. We will have to save the whole country. You should do it before things get worse.

Written by

Manual Instalation

  • Download | 
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  • Play!

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System Requirements For Bourbon Empire:

* Internet Explorer 11 or higher (for multiplayer online), or Firefox 42 or higher (for singleplayer offline).
* Mid-range PC system with 3 GHz or faster CPU, and 4 GB or more RAM.
* 8 GB free hard disk space.
* Running Win 10 64 bit system.
* Windows 8.1 or higher system.
* For Xbox One.
* USB controller (XBOX 360 or XBOX One).
* HDMI or DisplayPort output.
* Headset

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