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Name Companion
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Companion Features Key:

  • No nintendo switch required
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Energy system
  • Energy elements
  • Mr Mikel
    2019-12-05 11:45:43

    Ancient of the AmazonZombies
    A Game with Energy Blocks. You can use a single stick to open all blocks and propel yourself. You need to start with getting out of the building you die in, and eliminating all the zombies.
    2020-01-09 14:03:58

    Introduction to Ethereum blockchain
    Here we are teaching you how to mine, send, and use Ethereum tokens with Fivekey Mini Ethereum mining bot. Five key is the best-selling plugin for Minecraft and the introduction of Ethereum after the launch of the token.
    2019-12-10 16:58:45

    LEGO Ninjago creator mode
    The game is the creator mode of the game where you are teleported to a island where there are the enemy and your objective is to create a customized Ninjagdon team with all five elements. (Attack, Vitality, Speed, Flight, and Power), unfortunately i stopped before the completion of my collection. There is a tutorial how to play the game but i had trouble starting it… There is a bit i will be changing (Lego Lightbulb, Sound effect, and the friends and family sign function).


    Companion For PC 2022 [New]



    Companion Registration Code [Win/Mac]

    It is the year 2091 A.D. on Earth. Humanity has settled the Moon, Mars, and the Belt. The remains of a desolate planet named “Vezin” are relocating to Earth. The resources on Earth are also starting to run out. However, some people feel that the planet should be left as it is.
    The planet Vezin has a star named “Sisang”. A young girl who had lost hope and faith in people went to live on the planet alone.
    Eventually, she met with a mysterious man.
    The girl who now has lived with him for 6 years is a companion star. She is “Assilah-Chan”, the star assister of The Companion Project.
    Finally, she decided to move on to the Earth, but is now alone in the present time, and at the mercy of a man who has no idea of what she is capable of.
    Please enjoy the adventure that unfolds!



    Almost everyone has been asked “What do you want in a companion?”.
    Apparently, the protagonist’s wish is…
    A companion who can talk to me!
    … when he is still young.
    …when he is older.
    … when he is growing up.
    … when he is dead.
    I wonder…

    “C’mon, how much has she spent on you?!”
    “It’s not that much.
    It’s nothing.”
    “That’s a lot of money for you.
    Heck, I only spend a bit on my coffee, too.”

    [Kisato has been well brought up.
    That’s why she asks him.]

    The set of her violet eyes is the cherry blossom blossoms in the spring. Her long honey-colored hair is her natural hair color.

    [She has learned the basics of speech.]

    Kisato: Look, you don’t have to try to go along with my words.

    [Each day, she makes him tea.]

    Kisato: You don’t have to be so cute about it.

    [She listens to his stories.]

    Kisato: You have an interesting story, you know.

    [A part of her imagines the what-ifs.]

    Kisato: It’s hard not to sympathize with


    What’s new in Companion:

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