Data Curah Hujan 10 Tahun Terakhir Ebook |WORK| Download

Data Curah Hujan 10 Tahun Terakhir Ebook |WORK| Download


Data Curah Hujan 10 Tahun Terakhir Ebook Download

Thank you for your help!


I think you want:
infile = open(‘data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook download.txt’)

I want to:

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I assume these are not sentence boundaries, so you do not want split() at these points.
I have cleaned up your code. That the OP’s StackOverflow quesiton looks like this has caused some confusion, sorry about that. You should probably post your questions as a proper, self-contained, question in a StackOverflow question.


Your problem is that file.readline() returns a string of multiple lines, so just split the text into single lines first.
Since you aren’t going to do any side-by-side or word-by-word processing, try
with open(“data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook download.txt”, “r”, encoding = “utf-8”) as file:
file =
file = file.split(“\r
file = file.split(”

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Data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook download
Data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook download
Data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook download
Data curah hujan 10 tahun terakhir ebook downloadThe Effect of Adherence to Nutrition Recommendations on Lymphocyte and Monocyte Counts in Older Adults.
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