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Alright, here is what I did, and I wish someone had told me this earlier, but I think I might have to pass on the “Oh, and you may need to know this, too, David”, and go off reading manuals and tutorials on how to use your 3ds Max/MaxScript/whatever else, as there is no single step to follow here that allows you to do this in a nice, clean manner.
So, to do this, you will need to:

Decompress the contents of your.rar file
Copy and paste all the.max files that have the suffix.max into a subfolder

I am going to name my subfolder after the.max file that I want to load into my 3ds Max scene; for example: ‘floor_decor’
Copy and paste all the.max files that have the suffix.max.gz into your ‘floor_decor’ folder
Open 3ds Max (assuming you have the latest version)
Load your.max files

I used the File->Load… function to load my.max file; this will prompt you to select an item to load from, so make sure you select the correct.max file
Select this.max file, and select the load option
This should then prompt you for a scene and a viewport
Add a camera to a viewport (or multiple, if you want to see the viewport from multiple angles)

EDIT: My bad. The.max files are all in the same directory in my computer, which I should have made mention of earlier. Do NOT decompress the.max.gz files you put in your folder, and do NOT decompress the.rar file you want to load; load the.max file inside the directory.
You should find that your.max file will load into your 3ds Max scene, and you can see all the moving parts in the final scene (or whatever it is you planned to do with this scene). If you wish to render, you need to turn on the output in the Viewport menu; I’ll tell you how in a moment.
I will leave this in the comments section just in case someone needs to look this up, but in my eyes it was too long to post in a comment.
Now for the question at hand: how do you render your scene?
Well, there are various ways to do this. And the more complicated you get with your

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