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Additional Information

Name Distant Space 2
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 2823 votes )
Update (11 days ago)



In Battle Brothers you take on the role of a battle brother, a hardened veteran of the wars in a remote, post-cataclysmic North. As you depart your home, you’re heading to the south where the most lucrative contracts can be found. Based on the bestselling boardgame ‘Battle Brothers’, published by Triple Ace Games, Battle Brothers lets you play out fantastical campaign scenarios ranging from a simple wilderness journey, to grueling crusades for the fabled treasures of the south.This DLC update adds the complete ‘Blazing Deserts’ campaign with its own unique map, first fought during your travels, and a variety of new and returning enemies as you fight to survive these scorching lands.By taking part in events and fulfilling contracts you’ll encounter new characters, train new mercenaries, gather new gear and harvest valuable experience to rise in rank as one of the mercenaries of the south. All the while you’ll learn to become a battle brother who can master all aspects of combat and become a true battle leader on the field of battle. In order to wage war on these new lands, you’ll need the strength and skill to master new combat mechanics and forge your own armoury.This update includes the following new content:The ‘Blazing Deserts’ Campaign: A brand new DLC campaign that expands the world with new lands to the south and new missions, enemies, mercenaries, gear, and clothing.11 unique quests with 10 unique events. And a brand new series of consequences (Bonuses & Penalties) to be earned by fulfilling contracts, completing events and battling the dangers of the new lands! The mission is to survive in the scorching wilderness of the desert.From the time of our inception, Battle Brothers focuses on the clash of tactics, the uneasy synergy of combat. We strive to create a game that captures the atmosphere of real military combat, the unshakable bonds of brotherhood, and the thrill of the high-stakes war that takes place between rival mercenary companies.Blazing Deserts adds the southern deserts to the game, and the very capable and dedicated company members to your faction. Set forth on the same path of your home, you’ll be faced with a wild new world and your own trials.A Calgary woman is warning residents to be aware of scams targeting seniors.

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Features Key:

  • Gives details on what a player’s part is
  • Why a player is playing this part
  • What strategies are required to win this part
  • Adjusts the difficulty level for different players. Set a different keyboard for a more challenging game. Or set it to cater for players with limited knowledge and lower difficulty settings. Customizable.
  • Gives a point score for each play session
  • Shows all players’ progress over a particular play session, and the difficulty level chosen by each of them. It also shows the ranking of the highest scorer (always the player owning the keyboard)
  • FartPart Game Block features:

    • Cater for all players with different abilities. It is set to give the same amount of detail for each player regardless of their ability. If you know this game does not take too much time, then set it to a higher difficulty level and enjoy the game as a conversation starter or trivia game at parties.
    • Operates offline. The web version requires an internet connection to show all the player’s scores.

    FartPart Game Keyboard:

    • Auto-scroll. The game page always auto scrolls to the lower level of difficulty or the next part of the game, whatever the player is at.

    How to play FartPart

    Choose a keyboard and take it up to 12 people. Each player has a time limit of 5 minutes to play as many Farts as possible. The player with the highest score wins!
    Each time a play session ends there is a 1 minute penalty. After that you start with a fresh game.

    Hint: If you are not successful within a 1 minute stop, try again after 5 minutes and start playing immediately.

    To adjust the game difficulty, click on the blue menu button in the top left corner of the game page.

    How to play FartBang 2


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    “The game has been designed as a tribute to the classic R-Type game series.
    The main mechanic that sets Dragon Climax apart from other shoot-em-ups is the feature called energy, which is used in about half of all the stages. If the enemy ship gets shot, half of its health will be subtracted from its score, so that the player can quickly use the remaining health to protect himself.
    R-Type was a series of horizontally scrolling shoot-em-ups released on a wide variety of home and arcade game consoles that is very close to our hearts. With the Dragon Climax patch, we have created a platform for our fans to enjoy and play this game.”
    About the Game:
    R-Type is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up video game. The game features a wide range of stages and bosses that can be accessed by opening the stage selection screen.
    Set in the year 2001, R-Type begins with the recall of the MX-99, a U.S.S.R. space forces spacecraft. The commander of the USS Charles Lawrence, Captain Darlton, discovers a distress call in the BOSLD (Brilliant Orbital Surveillance Laser System Defense), a satellite deployed to protect the Earth against alien incursions. Upon arriving at the satellite, the Lawrence is shot down. The crew is rescued by the USS Jacob and sent to safety. After successfully completing the mission, the USS Charles Lawrence is sent to collect a token to be dropped in nearby Gotham City for the impending invasion of the aliens.
    After successfully fulfilling his mission, the USS Jacob is sent back to collect more pieces of the BOSLD. After battle damage to the Jacob, it crashes into the street of the main city.
    More than eight years have passed, and Earth was finally saved. But all isn’t well, as the enemy has returned and the USS Jacob’s crew are missing. This is your mission to secure the Jupiter Shipyards and help those who were left behind.
    – Main Features
    – A Retro-styled R-Type inspired by Dragon Climax
    – Customize your character and spacecraft with six different types of weapons
    – New 4-player local and online multiplayer
    – New playable ship, the “Gorgon”
    – New gameplay mechanics: shield and modified energy system
    – New boss: “the Space Bar”.
    – 2 previously unreleased arcade game modes
    – Mature content rating
    – Old style Gameplay


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    What’s new in Distant Space 2:

    Dead v10




    Posts : 815Join date : 2010-06-18Age : 28

    Subject: Art of War: Red Tides Dead v10 Thu Nov 16, 2015 12:25 pm

    Bjorn_Cates wrote:

    This build is primarily intended for PvP, though I did set it up for invasion, as well. There’s very little difference between the two specs. Both have a weakness to fire, and high heat. They both also have an AoE ablative effect that reduces incoming damage from both fire and freeze.

    In the build guide, I included a few things that are not normally included. These are things you might find helpful when using the build.

    Common Ablative Attributes:

    -1+(per level)% of damage against fire sources

    This gives extra thermal protection against fire, and has a limited effect against freezing. This attribute is added as soon as you purchase Utility Grade Jumpsuite.

    -50% chance for AoE thermal protection against fire, freeze and bleed

    This is added at Utility Grade Jumpsuite as well. Note that you can have only one attribute on a single jump.

    Notes on jump jumpsuit:

    -You start out at level 70. You always start at level 70.

    -You can set the jump jumpsuit to automatically repair itself, or you can manually heal it. See the Jump Jumpsuit Equipment documentation for details. If you choose to manually heal the jumpsuit, the healing is spent on healing, however. It won’t automatically heal.

    Advanced Ablative Attributes:

    -2(per level)% chance to reduce bleeding effects from attacks

    -1(per level)% of damage against fire sources

    -2(per level)% of damage against freeze sources

    These are added automatically at Level 10 when you purchase Red Tide Surface Blocks.

    I strongly recommend building these attributes if you are using the build. It completely changes the way that the build works.

    Dispelling Ablative Attributes:

    -4(per level)% chance to remove ablative effects from the next attack. However, all abilities used from equip can be dispelled

    Red Tide Slime:

    -20% of attack damage per stack

    This adds a significant amount of damage to your weapon. The damage is applied per attack,


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    This game was created for the contest in kickstarter “Hinterland” by the company Illusion Studios and inspired by the works of Mr. Scifi. This game is set in a possible futuristic scenario, where the players become the characters of this game, which is a part of a system, including the player’s own tank, which he or she can take to various places, where it can be used to create and control monsters, which make food for itself. Creatures can be dangerous for the player; he or she must therefore learn how to choose the right companions for him or her, so that it does not get involved in dangerous situations with the player. positive; IEDs = interictal epileptiform discharges; IPS = interictal paroxysmal synchronization; PDE5 = phosphodiesterase type 5; PDE5-I = phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor; PNES = psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.

    Competing interests

    The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

    Authors’ contributions

    ST, NK and SJ participated in the conception and design of the study. ST and NK drafted the manuscript. ST and SJ performed the statistical analysis. ST, NK, AA and SJ collected the data. AM, JV and LH participated in the design of the study and helped to draft the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

    How do I get a symmetric 1-by-1 matrix?

    I want a 1-by-1 matrix with just a value.
    Mathematically speaking: I want the matrix with ones everywhere but on the diagonal.
    Matlab provides diag to fill the diagonal, but for some reason it cannot be used to create a matrix with just one value.
    How can I do that?


    One way to do this is to define a function. The function works on a one-column matrix, and returns a one-column matrix.
    fn = @(x) matrix(ones(1), [], 1);

    You can then use your existing code with the one-column input, as:
    other =…;


    How to remove a tab by clicking on it using jQuery?

    Remove Tab

    I want to


    How To Crack:

    • Complete the download section.
    • After the download of the archive is complete double click on it and agree to the terms and conditions
    • Use WinRAR or WinZip to extract the archive in a folder of your choice
    • The program files folder of the program should appear
    • Open the game’s installer by double clicking on the file named AOTWinETL.exe
    • Run it and accept the license agreement
    • Choose Language option and select Chinese Traditional or English
    • Enter the City name in case you have a white background with other background pictures included in the installation if not your city name will be used as you are in china and the city name
    • Move the mouse over the map and click on the button to see the city
    • A custom map
    • Click on the “Download” button to save your work
    • Select Install Language
    • Click on “YES” to remember your choice or “NO” to cancel your choice
    • Click on “OK” or “SAVE” to select a directory for installation
    • Click on “INSTALL”
    • Click on “OK” and choose the directory where you want your program to be stored
    • Click on “OK” to start the installation process
    • Select language during the installation process.
    • If you perform a clean install (without up to date program files) already installed programs are not deleted on exit and can be installed.
    • The folder EarthAtlantistudio.com is not extracted if you extract it and double-click the icon of the EarthAtlantistudio.com folder that appears.
    • The program files are extracted to the directory you chose earlier
    • Enter your username and password
    • Copy these values to the fields



    System Requirements:

    OS: Win7/Vista/Win8
    Processor: Intel Core i3-3225 @ 1.8 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 2GB
    Hard Disk: 20 GB
    DirectX: Version 11
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    Additional Notes:
    Fog of War is a new Civilization 5 expansion with a new game mechanic. It does not require any files from the Steam version of Civilization 5, and works with both the Steam and


    Additional Information

    Name Distant Space 2
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 2823 votes )
    Update (11 days ago)


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