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Missing Key Error when using PySerial to read and write to serial port

I am trying to read and write data from serial port in python. I have used the same code for writing to serial port for years and I am sure that I have the port and all the correct parameters (115200,8,N,1,N,0) which I have checked with a serial monitor. However, I keep getting a KeyError: “Couldn’t parse keys” when I run the code. So far I have been unsuccessful at figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated.
import serial
ser = serial.Serial(‘COM4’,115200,8,1,1,0)
while True:
first_phone = str(ser.readline()[1:-1].decode(‘utf-8’))
ser.write(“COM 4
second_phone = str(ser.readline()[1:-1].decode(‘utf-8’))
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print (“CTRL+c to exit”)

The key error occurs on the last line:
first_phone = str(ser.readline()[1:-1].decode(‘utf-8’))


there was a small typo on the parameter N – this should be d

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