Download Raja Hindustani Hd Movie In Hindi __HOT__

Download Raja Hindustani Hd Movie In Hindi __HOT__


Download Raja Hindustani Hd Movie In Hindi

Raja Hindustani – Find details of movie release date, film cast and crew of Raja. About Raja Hindustani full hd movie download, online mp3 songs pagalworld, Raja. Raja hindustani (translation: indian king) is a 1996 indian hindi drama.
30 Jan – 14 min – Uploaded by Amazon MusicThe author of this video has not been found or is blocked. Download (Link 1).
Raja Hindustani is an Indian Hindi film, released in 1996, directed by Dharmesh Darshan. The film revolves around the life of a mute king who reunites a prince. free online movie in hindi hd.
Download Raja Hindustani Full Movie online in hindi hd quality,. FullHD Raja Hindustani Movie Download in Hindi HD MP4. Find download (Link 1).
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Rajja Aamhi Ye Toofan Hai: Download hindi movie in hindi download Raja Hindustani hindi movie in hindi. Raja Hindustani – Download – Language: Hindi, English. Download Raja Hindustani HD MP4 with subtitle Hindi.Q:

QPushButton clickable, but style inconsistent in QComboBox

I’ve got a class X that inherits from QWidget, and of course we have QComboBox in its derived class. In X class we have:
class X:

QComboBox *m_listBox;

In X constructor:
X::X() : QWidget()
m_listBox = new QComboBox(this);

In X destructor:

In X’s ctor:

m_listBox->setStyleSheet(“QPushButton {background-color:green;}”);

It looks like in X class only QPushButton is styled as green, the QComboBox is not styled…
Is it because we put QPushButton and QComboBox in different classes?
Thanks in advance!


You should use setStyleSheet(“”) to apply style to the button.
m_listBox->setStyleSheet(“QPushButton { background-color:green; }”);

And obviously I know what is problem is. QComboBox is inherited from QWidget which is QObject, but QPushButton is QObject, too. So they cannot use the same stylesheet.
QPushButton looks like QWidget and QWidget looks like QObject to QStyle.

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