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For the first time in seven years, a fantasy role-playing game set in the Lands Between will be available on smartphones.
During the last seven years, the world has been devoid of a fantasy role-playing game like “Dungeons & Dragons.” The game’s gods are weak, and the threat of evils is growing. As the players, you search for the lost city of Elden Ring in the Lands Between to confront evil.
In “Dungeons & Dragons,” the players build a party and play by using cards and dice. Unlike “Dungeons & Dragons,” this role-playing game delivers a story, a scenario, and time travel. This is the first role-playing game in the scenario series that is set in the Lands Between.
To begin this role-playing game, you will assume the role of the main character on a journey to the Lands Between to search for the lost city of Elden Ring. During this journey, you will encounter various enemies, explore the various landscapes of the Lands Between, and gather strength.
Using the new character creation function, an enormous amount of freedom is offered to the players in terms of customizing their appearance. While choosing the quests and items, you may either go it alone or share the journey with your friends.
Despite the different approaches, this is still a fantasy role-playing game. In “Dungeons & Dragons,” the players play by selecting various abilities from a set number of cards. Furthermore, the game is divided into three categories: warrior, mage, and cleric.
This game takes place in a highly detailed fantasy world, where the fans of RPGs will feel at home. The various landscapes of the Lands Between—such as forests, mountains, lakes, and dungeons—are full of interesting locations, dangers, and events.
Please enjoy the game.
・Feel at Home in the World of Elden Ring
• Realistic Fantasy World
Elden Ring is a fantasy world. The various areas have a great variety of landscapes and locations. The fairy, land of the gods, and the underworld are connected in a vast world. You can go anywhere and experience a diverse range of events.
• Wide Play Area
The game world covers a wide area of some 700 kilometers in the Lands Between. In addition, the map is divided into two categories: the main continent, and the unexplored island. The map is clearly designed with the intention of making the players sense the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enter the Inner Territories of the Elden Ring. – Gather your friends and walk through the Lands Between to enjoy an unparalleled action-adventure.
  • Unique class systems that allow you to freely combine classes into your favorite combinations to suit your play style. – Jot down all the important events in the story you create.
  • More than 50 classes in all for you to discover as you fight your way to a new adventure. – A world full of neverending stories and drama awaits you. Come to Elden Ring and walk through a new experience.

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  • ¥12,954

    [LEVEL 26] CALEB

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    “The beauty in Elden Ring lies in a huge open world. Not all that is open though, some are pretty big dungeons and some with very complex and beautifully designed puzzles in them, but if you did play Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there’s a beautiful feeling of stepping into a fantasy world. With story and voice acting that are really good. Even if you don’t get the English dubbed voices, the story translates really well and with the UI in Polish, Czech or German, the voice acting is both professional and good.

    The combat system is pretty good. The controls are a little awkward to get used to, but you’ll see that after a while. It doesn’t take long to get used to it, and the ranged system is fun to use. You can use your sword and shield, but you can also use bows, ranged spells, and swords. Each weapon has a set of attack and defence stats for your stats to fill. You can either fill half or all of them. Weapons, spells, and equipment all come in 5 ranks, from beginner to master.

    Ranging is fun. You can also use a long range spell that can do a lot of damage as well as a stronger spell to knock back enemies and even damage bosses. As well as equipment. There’s a variety of equipment and you can put things like potions, stone, and oil in them. It’s the reason I made my character carry stones. You can also find items of different types. In combat, you can have any item with you, and extra ones can be held in your inventory.

    You can also use equipment that drains the stamina of your equipment, or removes corruption from your equipment and some weapons to help you survive longer in combat. There is equipment that give bonuses to your stats.

    There is a camera that can be set to any angle. I find it better to have it in third person as it keeps track of you better than first person. You also get an option to turn on the full screen or window mode. The game can adjust the framerate to 60fps or 120fps at the players desire. There are also a few other options too.

    The UI is really well done. It’s not buggy. The tutorial worked when I first started the game.

    There’s a limited type of PvP. You can go in what feels like real-time to take a swing at someone, but it’s harder to beat


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    ■Director and Lead Developer:

    ■Character Design:


    ■Prop Design:






    ■Translation & QA:

    ■Trailer Artwork:

    ■System Design & World Design:

    ■Additional Design by:

    ■Design Philosophy:


    ■Tools & Technicals:

    ■System Design

    ■System Design

    ■RPG Lore:


    “Tarnished is an RPG that was born in fantasy, but has a near-future setting. It has an epic sense of danger even in its story and the world map, and the development team has worked hard to make it even more thrilling and exciting by balancing game time and actions. I wanted to try it out and it was a very good RPG that I will come back to.”

    SpaceTimeDesigns – Testimonial


    ■RPG Lore


    “The adventure begins when you’re called to battle. The mountain dwarves seek the help of a man called an Elden Ring, and when you come upon the battle, you’ll have to choose your side. A fight for the master race, or defend the race that was your comrades… What will you choose?”


    “There is a long-forgotten legend in the Lands Between. Many years ago, an evil force of an incomprehensible scale came to be. It stalked the human world in the early days of the 15th century, but the Elden Ring ultimately shielded this land from it. And just when the humankind thought they were safe, this evil energy was reborn. It’s now threatening once again. The ancient sorcerer, called an Elder, has been given his final command, and it’s up to you to stop this threat before it starts.

    As you fight for the survival of the Elden Ring, you will encounter this dreadful force, and make your own choices. To control the future of the planet, you must choose your fight wisely and more importantly, act swiftly!

    You’ll make great comrades, and travel together with them. As a leader who fights alongside your allies, you will


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    The highly realistic shooter SANCTUARY is a PS3 exclusive developed by BANDAI NAMCO Games. In SANCTUARY, players can experience a dynamic and terrifying world as they fight with an army of gigantic insects and fight for their survival. Developed in close cooperation with the field of science, this game was both a result of BANDAI NAMCO Games’ in-depth research into huge, life-like insects and a fierce battle to bring the player into the world of the insect.


    We have teamed up with Bandai Namco to offer the hack online service “Boosted,” allowing players to utilize unlocked attributes and skills. In “Boosted,” players will be able to develop their own characters by utilizing regularly dropped gems and obtain various items and experience points with the newly-acquired skills. Players can enjoy an easy, fast, and fun gameplay experience while enjoying a campaign mode, an auto-battle mode, and various other modes.


    In addition to the online service, the game offers an online competitive mode to players: X BLADE. This mode will allow players to beat each other and experience the exhilaration of battle online for the first time with an intense multiplayer game. Players will be able to check out all the details of “Blazing of the Abyss” on the official X BLADE website:


    Title: Blazing Of The Abyss
    Publisher: XBAND STUDIO

    Released: Nov 19, 2013<


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    1. Unpack and install game.

    2. Run setup.exe and continue.

    3. Choose language.

    4. Sign up, log in or create an account.

    5. Wait until the process of download is completed.

    6. Play the game.

    Key features.

    – A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    – Create your own character. In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    – An epic drama born from a myth. A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    – Unique online play that loosely connects you to others. In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    – A new fantasy themed action RPG that gives you the ability to control a Tarnished man through enchanting. You will run through a vast world full of adventure while you fight monsters and friends.

    – A seamless world where open fields, vast dungeons, seamless maps, and new quests are all seamlessly connected.

    – Experience the world of NEL in an unprecedented way. You can explore the new world freely and experience the art and character designs of NEL’s experienced 2D artist and 3D character creator.

    – Experience the world of NEL in an unprecedented way. You can explore the new world freely and experience the art and character designs of NEL’s experienced 2D artist and 3D character creator.

    – Empower your character by equipping weapons and armor. Also, you can use magic to defeat monsters. With the combination of the two, develop your own play style to play with your friends and go on adventures to explore the world.

    Note: This list of features, while comprehensive, is not exhaustive. Game content and features may change or be added after launch.

    System Requirements.

    – OS: Windows


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    System Requirements:

    Version 0.8
    Language: Japanese
    Game System: RPG Maker MV
    Storage: ~13 GB
    System Memory: 2 GB
    Version 0.9
    Version 0.10
    Language: English
    Version 0.11
    Game System: RPG Maker


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