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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tarnished Prince is a fantasy action RPG where players must develop their own character from conception to death.

The game features massive player-versus-player battles on servers, plus original content in the form of dungeons, quests, and special quests.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tarnished Prince is a free-to-play game for PC based on the PC version of the epic fantasy action role-playing game Elder Scrolls Online.

The game is due to be released in Japan on November 11, 2017 and in North America on November 12, 2017.


• Game Development

The development team at ZeniMax Online Studios, the #1-selling PC game publisher, collaborated with game developers at Bethesda Game Studios to create the definitive Elder Scrolls world in a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game.

•Game Features

Players must go head-to-head against other players in epic player-versus-player battles.

The player is given the opportunity to develop his or her own unique character through four distinct character creation methods.

There are up to three companions who assist your character in battle.

New content is constantly added to the game, with the most recent update adding a new dungeon and new equipment.

Full world PvP

20 million words from the bible have been translated into various languages and can be accessed by virtually anyone in the world.

The official website for Tarnished Prince.


The official TOURS of Adochale, the city where the game takes place, have started on October 10, 2017!

What’s the tours you ask?

The tours are five-hour guided tours that take you on a journey of the city where the game takes place.

This is a unique way to visit the city which will allow you to discover the city and a sense of the way life is in Adochale along with short segments of the game.

Below are the scheduled tour times for each day! Check them out and see if you have time to come to a Tarnished Prince tour!

View the schedule and dates for the Tarnished Prince TOURS!

Monday, October 10


Features Key:

  • Shiny and original fantasy
  • A unique fantasy world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected
  • A gripping storyline that will keep you immersed in the game, thanks to the myth that is contained in it
  • Unbreakable enemy AI, allowing you to freely move about in battle
  • Character development options to let you create your own character
  • Four classes, each possessing a unique weapon and attribute to enjoy using it
  • A classic fantasy mixture of action and RPG elements
  • Customizable graphics, sounds and music
  • Freely mobile battle system, allowing the dynamic enjoyment of battle
  • More fun with friends and family
  • Challenges to enjoy in co-op play on up to 4-player
  • A unit that relies on voice communication during missions
  • Eye-catching graphics and sounds, such as the full-motion camera mode
  • Customize the look of characters and their accessories
  • Customize your room and items, such as furniture and accessories
  • Customize the images and texts on the screen
  • Simple and intuitive UI and friendly notifications
  • Easy transfer to the Android

    The game’s visual cue notification, EasySnot, allows you to see any notifications you receive through the game without having to open the game itself. You can also check the status of your own effects as well as collect them and enter cooldowns.


    Make great use of the title’ features with a reliable battle system for mobile devices. You can enjoy the game using a tilting mobile phone, and enjoy a classic fantasy monster-slaying experience. The mobile system uses both camera and motion graphics, allowing you to always enjoy the game in the best way.


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    “In Loosely Connected Tales, you take on the role of a Tarnished Knight, a paladin who wandered in from the Realms Between.
    You are born of a noble family and kidnapped by slavers. But through fate, you are rescued and become a Tarnished Knight of the Elden Ring.
    It seems as if nothing has gone right from the start.
    However, being a Tarnished Knight of the Elden Ring, you will be able to equip a variety of weapons and magic and have a different form of interaction with other players.
    Under such circumstances, you can create your own custom play style as a knight.
    The game is packed with a variety of weapons and magic, and it offers a spectacularly beautiful and detailed environment.
    In the game, you are a Knight of the Elden Ring. This means you will start out with nothing and have to loot the land and collect items from defeated enemies.
    The number of items can also be increased by making quests and doing various things.
    As the number of things you have increases, your skills improve and you can prepare for a grand job.
    In the beginning, you are not given any support system or anything except for the button to make your character move and attack.
    But through careful research and experience, your ability improves and you become a Warrior of the Elden Ring.
    Meanwhile, you are able to equip weapons and magic and explore the new world that has been created.
    What will you encounter?”

    “You get introduced to an RPG game that has been consistently updated up until now.
    The idea of a fantasy action RPG, where you fight monsters and plunder treasure, is something that has been popular for a long time.
    But it’s also been extremely hard to implement with the feature of being able to freely move throughout the vast world map.
    Thankfully, it seems that the developers of LOOSELY CONNECTED TALES has been able to successfully avoid these issues and implemented a vast world map with a multitude of characters.
    You are able to freely explore the world map while also visiting other characters that are located on the side map, and you can communicate with them as well.
    The characters have their own storylines, which are not only informed by their hometowns, but also by the circumstances that involve the characters that the players meet.
    As a result, the adventure is filled with a variety of intriguing characters.
    The basis of the new genre


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    • An Action RPG that Supports You from the Beginning
    – An action RPG in which you have to acquire the power of the mighty Elden Ring.
    – As you advance through the game, you will need to develop various skills to fight enemies and drive them away.
    – You can develop various skills to specialize in combat, such as enhanced physical strength for warriors or magic based on the ways of the Elder Dragon.
    “GRACE” system ELDEN RING game:
    – The GRACE system, which was created by the developers in order to implement a larger amount of context and the feeling of close connection to others, enhances the emotion of the gameplay.
    – It offers systems that require actions that are separated only from, for example, a surprise attack or a natural reaction.
    – In these situations, the GRACE system makes it easy to get close to another character or acquire powerful information from his/her actions, or allows you to emotionally connect with the character through your actions.
    – Various actions such as running, jumping, dashing, and shooting have their own GRACE actions.
    – Some actions have their own dedicated achievements.
    Hero’s story ELDEN RING game:
    – The story of an ordinary person, who is given the power of the mighty Elden Ring.
    – An action RPG that explores the vast world of the Lands Between, where the actions of the hero and the story of the story of his fellow travelers intertwine.
    – Between the hero’s journey and the story, a multitude of plot elements are embraced as they tear apart the story from the inside.
    – The emotional story will always be in the background. Even the plot of the story will always follow a central line.
    – In the game, each person has his/her own story and growth, and his/her own personality and characteristics.
    – The emotions between the playable characters never become a burden for the player. Rather, it gives them a feeling that no matter how different, they are united in their efforts and feelings.
    Game Contents ELDEN RING game:
    ▼ Action RPG
    – An action RPG that emphasizes combat. You can freely wield weapons, skills and magic.
    – Acquire the power of the Elden Ring that will be automatically transferred when you level up, and customize your character.
    – A battle system that allows you to change the characteristic of each weapon or skill according to your play style.
    – There are special battles that do not follow


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Release Date: 2020 / July 14th at 12:00 pm (GMT)

    ‘FINAL FANTASY XV – New Dawn – comes to PlayStation®4
    In a brand new installment of the hugely popular FINAL FANTASY XV, relive a gothic world where your paths might cross with the shadowy peacekeepers known as Lunafreya’s Justice. Battle through unforgiving environs on a quest to forge a new destiny for the Kingdom of Lucis.
    Reactivated After a Decade: Remastered, All-New Gameplay
    “The stage is set, the time is at hand.
    FINAL FANTASY XV – New Dawn – comes to PlayStation 4
    In a brand new installment of the hugely popular FINAL FANTASY XV, relive a gothic world where your paths might cross with the shadowy peacekeepers known as Lunafreya’s Justice. Battle through unforgiving environs on a quest to forge a new destiny for the Kingdom of Lucis.
    Reactivated After a Decade: Remastered, All-New Gameplay
    Original Voice Cast Still on Board
    A DECADE LATER, FINAL FANTASY XV LIVES on PlayStation®4 as a masterpiece of tradition and innovation.
    Delivering even more excitement is a newly created story and a landmark collaboration between famed director Hajime Tabata and the director of FINAL FANTASY XV.
    Follow up to the Bestselling FINAL FANTASY XV
    The sequel to the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XV (2016), FINAL FANTASY XV: REMASTERED is a two-disc game collection that will allow players to experience a whole new chapter, with a number of new story modes including ‘Ascension’, ‘Ascension: Pt. I’, ‘Episode Gladiolus’, and many more.
    Epic Replay Mode
    Retrace the journey of your own hands as your choices truly reverberate as you fight your way through thrilling battles. Through the re-release of stunning visuals, reimagine the game’s 10 memorable scenes.


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    On one hand I’m happy for the people who are already using and trying to sell this product, as I know it is great. But on the other side, I’m a bit surprised the company didn’t launch a lifetime free version that’s fully functional and accessable once, as is their case with other games from them. I know many people prefer to try for free before purchasing, as they have this feeling they are buying in fun. However, I’m am not sure of the proposed business model, in order to make the first months they intend to make available for purchase after a “free” full version.

    And personally, I think they were wrong about not releasing their lifetime free version, as for me this is definetely a good marketing strategy in how to present the game. As many other people, I never paid for a game in my life. My hard drive is full with them, but if I was to start playing this game, I surely wouldn



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790T CPU 3.20GHz (3.60GHz with hyper-threading)
    Memory: 16GB RAM
    How to Install and Run the Asset Database
    You can download all the setup files at the bottom of the page.
    Installing the Asset Database
    You can download



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