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Elden Ring Game is a fantasy action RPG. The game plays with a more familiar fantasy genre.
We intend to make a game where players can change their story into a story where they start with a war and wind up in peace.

In Elden Ring Game, players will create their own character after choosing their gender, appearance, fighting style, and class. In addition, players will be able to freely assign their weapons and armor, and hone their skill through various quests. The vast world in which the game is set allows players to advance further thanks to their clear decisions.

Elden Ring Game features a living, evolving world that is constantly changing. You will come across different situations at the crossroads of numerous storylines. If you end up in a situation that you don’t like, you can change the future by taking different actions. The more you advance, the more the game and story open up and change.

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Bastion is a first-person action game where the player assumes the role of a customizable mercenary who fights in a war-torn world.
The game revolves around the choices of the player to liberate a world that is filled with good and evil.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has been destroyed and is slowly dying out. The remnants of mankind live together under the protection of alien forces and remain on an island. The man-made island is called Bastion and has been stranded deep in the heart of the Empire. Bastion is a paradise for mankind’s survival, but the Empire intends to make it their new home.

The player assumes the role of a customizable mercenary who trains at a demon school. The character is equipped with gear and custom weapons. The player can freely assign their gear and customize their skills. The game contains many features that put emphasis on the story.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and the vibrant soundtrack includes compositions by various video game composers. Bastion will be a full experience with many different scenarios and characters. The player will freely mix and match their skills to complete the game.

Bastion strives to provide a high-quality game experience, and we look forward to your continued support.

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Horrox Studio is


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Specim Shift
    Press and hold the B button to perform a jump at the current position and speed.
  • Arcade Mode
    Units that are unable to move themselves or perform actions due to an extended period of rest perform a quick movement after inputting the rhythm. This makes fighting synchronized with your opponent meaningful.
  • NPC Engine
    NPC (Non-player Character) that appear in front of you will perform various actions and talk to you.
  • Unlimited Life
    The life value for each unit is guaranteed. When an attack against a unit with a life value over one is made, the attack will be negated. If the attack is successful, the life value will be returned to its original point.
  • Release date:

    2018 SUMMER

    Features that will be released in the future:

    • Rich Tutorial
      The educational content in the game has been improved to a whole new level. More than 1000 illustrations and videos will be released over the next 60 months, taking the game to the next level.
    • Online Battle for Co-op play



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    Elden Ring With Keygen X64 [Updated] 2022


    ◆Raise Your Own Hero
    How do you create your character? It is an open world where you can freely customize your character. Or, if you are in a hurry, you can freely select from among three character classes. You can also freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic you equip. So you can create your own character according to your play style.
    You develop your character according to your play style, increasing your strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. As a result, you can feel that your character’s presence is in the background.
    ◆Vast World, Deep and Unique Puzzles
    An open world where you can freely explore. There are huge dungeons with complex three-dimensional designs, a large variety of quests that you can freely select, and a vast world full of various situations to discover.
    The magic of the land summons monsters or binds them to a device. In order to obtain powerful technology, the motivation of visiting dungeons to kill monsters or bind them to devices, the various work required to progress the story, various quests to interact with people, and the need to hone your character skills, are all reflected in the game’s gameplay.
    ◆An Epic Drama Born from Myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments. A multilayered story in which the various thoughts of the characters are intertwined.
    ◆The Character Building Experience
    Many players have previously felt that the character building experience was weak with earlier RPGs. You can also gain the feeling of being connected to your character.
    ◆Strategy and PvP Battles
    There is no random play where you have to run around for hours for a play. You can also choose a play method according to your preference. It is a battle game that focuses on strategic thinking.
    Players who want to play the game as a battle game can also choose the story mode, which makes it easier to gain a full understanding of the mechanics.
    ◆Weak Attack When a Character is Low on Health
    It is often the case that an attack is blocked, and an enemy then comes from behind and attacks you. You must be careful. If your health is at 0, the battle will end.
    ◆Complex Moves That Have the Same Effect as Simple Moves
    The complicated moves are also ones that have an effect. Even when the character hits the enemy, it will perform an action that has the effect of a simple attack, and even if you fail to hit the enemy, the


    Elden Ring Activator Download [Mac/Win]

    The ELDEN RING is a fantasy action game where you control the protagonist in a world characterized by omnipresent threats. The title is inspired by the Elder Sign books, which have a narrative in which characters wield the power of the Elden Ring and wield the power of the Elden Ring in battle. Both in game and literature, the protagonist alone decides his or her fate and resolves the conflict while fighting countless numbers of enemies. As you advance, the story of the Lands Between unfolds in a myriad of directions, and you can freely decide the course of your destiny.
    THE ELDEN RING is a fantasy action game where you control the protagonist in a world characterized by omnipresent threats. The title is inspired by the Elder Sign books, which have a narrative in which characters wield the power of the Elden Ring and wield the power of the Elden Ring in battle. Both in game and literature, the protagonist alone decides his or her fate and resolves the conflict while fighting countless numbers of enemies. As you advance, the story of the Lands Between unfolds in a myriad of directions, and you can freely decide the course of your destiny.

    THE ELDEN RING story

    Based on the Elder Sign Myth, you are a young man who is a carrier of a powerful Old Gospel. You are now facing a crisis, which will test your morality and resolve as you bring forth your own fate. As you advance, the story of the Lands Between unfolds in a myriad of directions, and you can freely decide the course of your destiny.


    Starting on the 18th of the Fourth Month, the age-old conflict between the heroes and villains of the Lands Between is nearing its end. In the city of Holosseum, a boy named Demi, who is the son of a wealthy man, suddenly disappears. A man named Madelgar — a wizard who wields the power of the Elden Ring — appears in a neighboring town, and a mysterious girl, Greta, who is a demigod and wields the power of the Elden Ring, appears in the surrounding countryside. You have been chosen to find Demi. A friend of Demi, an old friend, appeared on the road leading to Madelgar’s hometown. The old friend asks you to meet at the crossroads between Falde and Holosseum, and you must search the surrounding areas together.

    As the story unfolds, you learn what happened to Dem


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Become the Lord of the Elden Ring! Create your own character, play freely, encounter new people, and enjoy the grand epic adventure!!


    For the first time in Japan, you can use your mobile screen and face as a ‘physical’ face to express the mood of a scene.
    TURN-BASED EXPRESSIONS™ is a camera technique that combines animation with your mobile screen.
    The camera captures a dynamic scene, figures the changes of your expression, and plays back as an expression animation. After capturing your facial expression, the camera will hide the screen to preserve your privacy, and reveal a photo of you instead. All you need is to select the mood and range of expressions, and enjoy the ‘dynamic’ that plays on your mobile screen.
    *On smartphone screens with 1280 x 1024 resolution or below, the out-of-scope area around the smartphone is re-collected by the mobile camera. This is the reason, there are some boundaries on the lower edge of the interface.
    *Items on the upper right side of the screen cannot be captured.

    Explore an open world full of adventure!
    A new fantasy world awaits you!
    Explore an open world full of adventure!
    The motive of the game is to strengthen your strength by exploring a new world and fighting through dungeons. By allocating your strength to your character and attaining the Order of the Elden Ring, you can apply your unique skills and become a powerful hero. 
    Every town you encounter will provide you with quests.
    Every town will offer a variety of useful items.
    A large variety of skills will also be offered.
    You can combine your own skills with the skills offered.
    Gain new the the mana of


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    How To Crack:

  • Download and install the protected setup as usual. Run the crack and install “Elden Ring” without interruption.
  • Enjoy!
  • and show you some beta images on their website. So, we can now start to see the game in action, including environments, characters, and some very interesting power ups:

    Environment Exploration

    As can be seen in the screenshot above, the game is set in a reality that we may have a hard time to accept. Instead of a Planeswalker watching over their Inn (something that would be normal in the Lands Between), the game instead starts off with the player character walking out of a cave. You can also look up a few pictures in the environment, look around for hidden areas (you can do this by picking up orbs and interacting with them), and explore the environment.

    Dealing with Enemies

    On the top screen, the score is shown above the health bar (which also shows number of available resources and points), the abilities are shown below the health bar (Magic, etc.), the Auto Lock is shown below the abilities (so the AI can’t take advantage of you), and at the bottom left corner (placed below the counter of experience points used) is a grid which displays which direction you can go in order to find any hidden things. There is also a picture to the right of the grid which displays what you can pick up and interact with.


    By interacting with an object, you will earn a new orb which let you explore up to the next level. If you complete a level, you’ll receive some points based on your score which can be used to enter a secret room (score and health bar will appear on the bottom-right screen). If you die, you’ll lose any orbs you obtained, and also any points



    System Requirements:

    Minimum Specifications:
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz or faster
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS or ATI Radeon HD3850 with 1GB of Video RAM
    Hard Drive: 25GB of available space
    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit (for Windows 7 users, you must use a 64-bit version of Diablo III to be able to use the Windows 10 upgrade)
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Requirements:


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