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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 8882 votes )
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1. Online Multiplayer Mode

* Without the prerequisite of an internet connection, you can play the game through the cloud-based online functionality.
* Users can log in to one of the many rooms to play with their friends.
* Users can enter and exit a room.
* Users can play with other users, but cannot interact with other rooms.
* Each room has one or more players and one or more spectators.
* Spectators can view the actions of the players with only the ability to view, not take action.
* Players cannot see the names of the players in the room.
* Players cannot call out to spectators and take part in the room.
* When you log in to a room, a screen will open that resembles an in-game room.

2. In-Room Battle Mode

* A seamless online battle mode with almost zero loading time.
* You can play with up to four users at once and can choose to play in a single player setting in the case where you are in the lead of the four users.
* Up to four players can battle in single player mode.
* Players that are in the lead of the four players win.
* The match will be canceled if the server cannot handle more than four users.
* You can play offline.

* You can load/unload other files.
* You can move freely between your own load file and other files.

3. One-on-One Versus Mode

* Characters are all-new and original.
* A uniquely fun experience where you are forced to race to attack the opponent.
* Freely select characters and grow them to your own style.
* Playable, but prevent others from challenging you until your character is in the lead.
* The characters that you play are not granted transferable items.

4. The Clear Nodes Game

* Based on the game “The Garden of Words,” which is based on a Japanese novel, “The Tale of the Heike.”
* Each game is divided into several rounds.
* When you attack an opponent, you will win a point.
* If you win the match, you will win and the game will end.
* The game ends when one of the parties ends.
* The characters are a powerful fantasy hero that is a powerful and playable fantasy hero.

5. Xbox Live Advertisement

*When you play the game, the advertisement


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 8882 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Top down 3D – The game uses a modified engine of the game ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’. As a result, 3D models are developed and rendered in a high-quality artwork by specialized developers. The immense scale of the world is clearly conveyed through the numerous features and unique artworks that are provided.
  • High-Quality Tiles – The game uses unique graphics technology that employs unique gaming practices, such as setting the screen tiles in a grid format, using a simple yet effective gameplay rule, and using a method of tile combination to enhance gaming according to the data of the game.
  • The Endless Frontier of Fantasy – The Lands Between are an empire filled with fantasy creatures and world transition events that tell an exciting and enchanting story.
  • Epic Versus Battles – As an action RPG, the game supports both multiplayer and online elements, allowing you to enjoy diverse content, such as Versus battles between the players, Raids, PvP on the Guild Tournaments, and more.
  • Creating an Experience that is Worth Playing – The advanced graphics engine and unique gameplay features were developed with careful consideration to realize the gameplay of this game, such as not displaying parts of the surrounding area, and having an ideal battle rate under high requirements.

    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2013.


    This is the first game in the Tarnished World series that uses Bethesda Game Studio as a content provider. Content that is unlocked through gameplay is mapped according to the game, and no content that has been agreed upon with the player can be shared. The size and contents of the maps, the features, and the contents of post-apocalyptic towns are supposed to be completed before the final service is provided to the players as agreed upon with the content provider. However, the content that is shipped becomes available to the players without regard to any inappropriate content regardless of the size or contents of the data.



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    Elden Ring (2022)

    ■Character creation and customization
    ■Three-dimensional, detailed graphics and character designs
    ■Various equipable weapons
    ■Various attack modes
    ■Various bonds that change your character’s battle strategy
    ■In-depth item management feature
    ■Equipped gear is automatically upgraded as you progress
    ■Three difficulty levels
    ■Incredible variety of quests that appeal to all play styles

    • The Dragon Appearence System
    ■The appearance of monsters is determined by the equipment you are wearing.
    ■The game automatically calculates the effects of the items equipped and allows you to customize the appearance of your own character.
    • How to Customize Character Equipment
    ■There are three appearance slots and three equipment slots. The total equipped amount is defined by the amount of equipment equipped.
    ■A high-quality appearance is more effective in battle, but a low-quality appearance is more pleasing to the eye.
    ■If you equip a weapon that is incompatible with your equipped equipment, the appearance will not change.
    ■Equip and unequip items by right-clicking and then pressing the button you want to equip or unequip.
    • Basic Battle system
    ■The battle system is turn-based, with the exception of specific items that are based on real-time.
    ■You can attack an enemy or their allies only if you have been called to battle.
    ■You attack from the right-click button on your targeted enemy. You can use attacks to attack enemies, allies of enemies, and your own enemies.
    ■You can attack by tapping the attack button multiple times. You can also cast multiple-target magic spells.
    ■You can direct the attack trajectory and enemy turn toward the direction you are pointing with the left click.
    ■The computer adjusts its defense to your attacks.
    ■Depending on your equipped items, you can either sacrifice your health to deal critical damage to the enemy or make enemy attacks miss.
    ■You can also use items that have a strong attack effect on a single enemy or that can counter their own passive effect.
    • The 2.5D System
    ■The battle is fought in a 3D environment, but some enemies and special effects are displayed on a 2.5D plane.
    ■This is intended to let you enjoy 3D battles using 2D graphics.
    ■Some enemies cannot be defeated with a single hit.
    ■The 2.5D system can be turned on/off.
    • Item Use


    What’s new:


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    Finally, an update on the game…
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    1. Please download all of “setup.exe” files from links below.
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    How to play:
    General rules
    1. First, you must choose one of the fighting style.
    The fight style in the game will affect how your character perform in battle. It will influence your defense, speed, and attack.
    A character will fight using a specific fighting style. Choose one from 6 different styles:
    • Barbarian – Using strong power and force of the fist
    • Fighter – Using multiple weapons and strength
    • Monk – Using meditation to increase his power
    • Summoner – Summoning magical spirits and performing dance moves
    • Wizard – Using magic spells and using his body as a weapon
    • Wizard (Fighter) – Using attack spells and using a weapon like his fists.
    2. Before you start the game you must create your character.
    Choose a race from 6 different races: Human, Orc, Elf, Dragon, Orc, and Undead. Each race has different stats and features. You can choose how tall you want to be, what gender you want to be, how much strength, and what kind of magic you want to use.
    3. The battle screen has a tutorial on the upper left, and the “Fast Forward” button on the bottom right. Use these to help you quickly grasp the basics of the game.
    4. The main menu will appear at the top left, where you can select the battle interface and change your game world. Here are a few options:
    – Play: Play the game
    – World: Lets you enter the world and choose your starting location
    – Quest: Lets you start a quest
    – Help: Gives you access to the “Help” screen
    – Game Settings: Lets you edit your game world
    – Change Race: Lets you change your race (also, the changes are permanent and can’t be undone)
    – Change Control Style: Lets


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install the Game before installation. On the [Open with] screen, select
    Replace if The Game is currently installed. You may need to
    disable the protection of The Game to replace it. Make sure [Select All] is
  • Extract the installer in
    Program Files. However, if you are running Windows 64-bit, it might be necessary to change the Program Files location to C: \
    Program Files (x86)
  • Run the setup.exe icon. After the installation completes, run elden ring.exe to start up the game.
  • Download Links:

    elden ring official site

    How to play: 

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