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The original fantasy action RPG series finally comes to USA!

Cresting a form of mythical power, the new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring, will be released on iOS worldwide from September 27, 2016!

Elden Ring is a unique RPG game of creation. It’s a fantasy action RPG that can be both played alone and with other players.

In this game, a mysterious artifact known as The Elden Ring floats in the sky of the Lands Between. In order to use this artifact, you must first Tarnish it and then conduct purification rituals, evolving the artifact into a unique fantasy myth.

This game has a free-roaming structure in which you explore a vast world through an endless map. In order to explore it thoroughly, you can freely combine your attacks with other magic and items to create your own character.

The story of this game is filled with mysteries, with the various thoughts of the characters interacting in the Lands Between.

Feel free to connect to various players both in online and offline, leaving a path of your own story.


▼ Over 500k Words of Story(+ Audio)

Discover the long-hidden secrets of the Lands Between while playing an epic fantasy action RPG.

▼ An Epic Story Full of Mystery

You can witness the thoughts of the characters from the second they meet to the moment they die.

▼ Characters that Live and Breathe

A multitude of characters with different personalities form the original fantasy action RPG. Each character has their own unique story that unfolds in the Lands Between.

▼ Powerful Characters and a Variety of Skills

Developed by GungHo Online Entertainment the original fantasy action RPG series with an estimated game value of 9.6 billion yen.

▼ Unique Online Play That Loosely Connects You to Others

You can connect to other players on the worldwide iOS platform and experience the uniqueness of an action RPG.

▼ A Variety of Items with Unique Abilities

Prove your proficiency with over 300 items and gain strength for your character through equipment research.

▼ An RPG That Supports Customizable Magic and Equipment

With the addition of Strength Magic, Equipment Research, and character specialization, Elden Ring has changed the rules of the original fantasy action RPG.

—How to play

▼ Control

The left stick controls movement while the right one controls skills.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Graphics:
    • A world open with a variety of exciting environments.
    • A vast town that is full of life, where you can chat and buy equipment.
    • An airship that you can take to the top of a mountain range and enjoy beautiful scenery.
    • Breathtaking effects and great animations.
  • Equipment:
    • Equip various armors and weapons to create your own play style.
    • Equip two different types of mage’s staffs. One staff increases your magic power, while the other boosts your intelligence.
    • Equip varying rings such as enchanted rings and rings that grant effects.
  • Magic:
    • A mage’s staff allows you to control the elements with a variety of effects, such as healing. Through the use of a staff, you can enhance the effects of your equipment.
    • Magic quests that let you build experience as you battle enemies and earn special effects.
    • Customize your magic skills to increase effectiveness.
  • Economy:
    • Travel across the world with the help of an airship.
    • Inventory cards that boost your battle power.
    • Craft various different weapons through the use of items and equipping weapons.
  • Story:
    • An epic story, expanded with layered elements.
    • The


      Elden Ring Crack + License Code & Keygen Download

      ―There are many that prefer time-consuming games with less playability to those that are infinitely resolvable. I myself have always regarded games that allow me to freely fly in and out of challenging situations as lacking replayability.

      Having said that, I can assure you, Tarnished, that you will be able to freely reach the end, allowing you to enjoy the replayability. After all, the game revolves around Trial Play. Trial Play is a mode in which players play while receiving constant and detailed feedback on their actions. If the player is able to overcome the difficulty level of the feedback and obtain a reward, their level will rise and allow them to enjoy the game even more. I believe, in fact, that the Trial Play is what turns this game into a timeless classic.

      Trials are possible in all parts of the game, including the areas with the highest levels of difficulty. If you go on Trial Play and achieve a reward, the level of your character will rise, thus allowing you to enter dungeons at higher levels. However, getting a reward is not a simple matter. There is a complex system of commands within the trial, which you will only realize once you have become acquainted with it.

      Actually, being able to reach the highest levels and obtaining a reward is not always just about trial and error, nor is it about brute force. The rewards and difficulty are a result of the balance of both trial and brute force. It is how one perceives and deals with the two.

      Normally, in sword game systems, we can easily assume that the characters are “good” at everything, as the game’s difficulty setting is extremely easy. However, a game that combines the action elements of sword games with magic has difficulty in balancing them out. The difficulty level is higher than that of other sword games, and when the player begins to enjoy the game, the game levels up to match his or her level.

      ―Ah. This is a challenging game. The Tense System is a system in which you immediately receive a signal after an enemy is hit, and you must quickly press an action key in response. This system is extremely effective, but it can cause a problem at times. When you attack and evade, since your character automatically moves with the timing of the AI’s movement, the timing can be a little off. Normally, due to the condition when the player is not attacking or evading, there is a


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      Gameplay ELDEN RING Fantasy game:

      Open World Map:


      Character Creation:

      The Powers of ELDEN RING

      Dietary Data

      Dialogue System

      Combat Tab

      Ammo Tab

      Magic Tab

      Character Attributes

      Effects Tab

      Weapon Stats


      What’s new:

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      For FAQs on Google Play- >

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      DirectX 10:

      The video game will not run on DirectX 10-compliant hardware.

      All games also support DirectCompute extensions. If your hardware supports it, you can use that extension to get better performances.

      DirectX 9:

      Below, you can find the operating system requirements for the version of DirectX supported by the game.

      Minimum hardware requirements

      OS: Windows Vista/Windows XP

      CPU: 1.7 GHz

      RAM: 2 GB

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT / AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT

      DirectX 9-Certified

      System requirements

      OS: Windows 7/Vista/Win XP

      CPU: 1.7 GHz

      RAM: 2 GB

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT / AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT

      OS: Windows 7/Vista/Win XP

      CPU: 2.3 GHz

      RAM: 2 GB

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or Radeon HD 5850 or better

      OS: Windows 7/Vista/Win XP

      CPU: 2.3 GHz

      RAM: 4 GB

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 / ATI HD 5650 or better

      OS: Windows 7/Vista/Win XP

      CPU: 2.8 GHz

      RAM: 4 GB

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 / ATI HD 5770 or better

      DirectX 11:

      The video game will not run on DirectX 11-compliant hardware.

      All games also support DirectCompute extensions. If your hardware supports it, you can use that extension to get better performances.

      DirectX 11-Certified

      System requirements

      OS: Windows 7/Vista/Win


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the trial version of Elden Ring & copy the crack files on your PC
    • Download the cracks
    • Wine Setup (L'arrivee)
    • Wine Install
    • Launch the game
    • Install SAV If Needed. Close the game and download and install the game again. Then open it.



    Jun Wakamoto

    Wota Kumazaki

    Kazumitsu Murakami

    Sapio Ono

    Tatsuya Minari

    Tomoyuki Yamada

    Tazuka Shimotsuki

    Toshiyuki Irimura

    Kazuki Nagahara

    Shigefumi Akiyama

    Masayuki Mima

    Kazuto Sawada

    Hitoshi Kobayashi

    Takanori Takeshita

    Wataru Tamai

    Takuya Satou

    Satoshi Taku

    Seiji Toriyama

    Koji Homma

    Marika Kamikawa

    Toshinori Kanazawa

    Keizo Morikawa

    Yasuaki Omori

    Koji Narasaki

    Marika Yamamoto

    Yoshihide Yamaguchi

    Leee Yamamoto</



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 SP1 (32/64 bit)
    Intel Pentium 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon 32 or 64 bit
    2GB RAM
    Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
    Intel Pentium 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 32 or 64 bit
    1GB RAM
    Windows XP (32/64 bit)
    Intel Pent


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