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The Elden Ring: A Role Playing Game of Fantasy, the Story of Tarnished

On a continent once known as Narthan, a powerful and evil force has been unifying scattered nations. Around this time, the nations were separated and the continent was called the Lands Between. During this time, we were not sure which of the various nations would come to power. In fact, many of the people were glad to see the collapse of the continent’s tyrannical power. Many of them hope to live a peaceful life. But the one who came to power was the Dragon Empire, a nation whose power laid in the strength of its warriors. This power caused them to enslave the people of Narthan and force them to fight in battles. They treated the people as beasts that must be treated harshly. They destroyed Narthan and made the continent called the Lands Between. As a result, the people of Narthan were scattered and even now live on a tiny island. No one wanted to live under the cruel dominion of the Dragon Empire. However, the cruel dragon Kaiser marauded this land for the past one hundred years. They continued to enact their cruel plans on the people without letting them escape. The entire country of Elden was troubled by the chaos of the time. The only way to break this curse and bring back peace to the people of Narthan and Elden was to liberate the continent of Narthan and reclaim the land of Elden. Thus, many people took up arms, and gathered in the main city of Narthan called Whelk’s Valley. Everyone hoped to liberate the country, and decided to fight for the liberation of Narthan. In the midst of this situation, a girl who was not from Narthan appeared in front of everyone with a smile. Her name was Eresh, and she said, “There is no one here who will not fight.” Using her sharp observation, she managed to quickly gather five people, and said, “I will now lead them to Elden.” The five people included these two, Whelk, the leader of Narthan, and his son Musa. In addition, they included Alma, who had fought the dragon Kaiser and had been imprisoned for the hundred years since then, and Sebastian, who had survived the fight against the dragon Kaiser and was pursuing the evil power that destroyed Narthan. Their story begins here.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique Hero Character Creation System
  • Access to More Exploreable Worlds with a Codex
  • Massive Characters & Wizard
  • Gameplay with countless Tales
  • Gorgeous Localization
  • Gameplay that Bases on Your Story and Personality
  • Full of Roguelike Features
  • Elden Ring Release date:

    Windows versions are scheduled to be shipped in Japan and North America in January, and in PAL territories in early March.
    The PS Vita version is scheduled to release in Japan in April and will be released in America and Europe as a digital download sometime in May.

    Operating System:

    Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

    Customers can pre-order the game for PlayStation Vita on the following store. Going forward, customers can also directly purchase the title from the store (select Europe / Asia first run copies of the game will be available in the store too).


    taken from the french game website:)

    We are a company of people who very often have entertaining games at home. At the same time, we are inquisitive by nature, so we enjoy finding out what is new and what is happening.
    Well, today, on a burning hot summer day, we have something that sounds attractive…
    Should you choose to play the game, you will follow a dream about a fateful moment of destiny in a forbidden land. A moment where the loyalties that you would never let go are tested, and the bonds that came before your memories begin to unravel.
    Elden Ring is an action RPG that will allow you to experience an epic story with vivid characters and environments where the depth of the sense of immersion is manifold.
    Your final objective is a chance for the people of this land to change the tide of history forever.
    The map is immense and highly detailed. Its very many and diverse locations will let you experience an epic tale of destiny to the utmost.
    Its story is unlike anything that you have encountered before. The details of the world and its characters are exquisite, and the atmosphere made by the technological progress brought about by


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    ◆Character Creation
    ◆Basic Moves
    ◆Skill Moves
    ◆Basic Attacks and Casting
    ◆Equipping Items and Using Skills and Special Abilities
    ◆Gameplay Elements
    ◆Advanced Moves
    ◆Elden Lords Phys. Rev. Lett. [**96**]{}, 078102 (2006)

    F. Tamarit, S. Solinas, A. Cabello, J. Perdigues, Phys. Rev. A [**79**]{}, 052108 (2009)

    A. Cabello, M. Bourennane, Phys. Rev. A [**58**]{}, 4390 (1998)

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    F. Delgado, J. M. Renes, Phys. Rev. A [**79**]{}, 052110 (2009)

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    J. F. Clauser, M. A. Horne, A. Shimony, R. A. Holt, Phys. Rev. Lett. [**23**]{}, 880 (1969)

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    H. Benichi, Y. Shi, Appl. Phys. Lett. [**90**]{}, 052109 (2007)

    D. E. Brown, C. T. Chantler, D. V.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Unleash a Force of Rebirth
    Bloat a bloated body
    To go beyond the negative world and unite the two.
    -Capitalist life is a competition, but death is a death, and how does an immaculate body match a bloated body?
    -And so, return to the womb of this life to heartily drink life anew and adopt it as you will.
    -One, two, three, the four tribulations

    Come to befriend the world without condition and hurry though the treacherous paths of the world.
    -You entered the bustling world, and you’re about to emerge from it.
    -If you have the strength to leave, it’s a lot easier to return.
    -Come out with the armor on, the shield raised, the mind ready to move!
    -Who can you become? You are “The one who heads with a bit of meat, a bit of bread and dressed with lots of iron bars.”
    -Who are you? It’s up to you.
    -Become the hairbrush who sweeps away dust one man at a time.
    -Take the lot, and become the sword that shatters everything.
    -Fall to the dirt of the earth and grasp this.
    -Become the sword that is the master of all the valleys of the dirt.
    -Breathe deep and sink the blade into the valley.
    -Come, renounce your attachment to life, and take the leap.

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    05 Aug 2019 21:35:02 +0000


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    How to Play:

    1. Click the icon to access the game.
    2. Click Create Character to choose your charactor name.
    3. Click Play to enter the game.
    4. Click the square to do any task.
    5. Click the triangle to purchase equipment.
    6. Click the circle to change your class.


    – 3D dungeons
    – Rich living environments
    – Over 1000 enemies
    – Battle system
    – It all fits in your pocket


    Q: How do I access this game?
    A: The game can be accessed through the icon on your device.
    Q: How do I create a new character?
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  • How to Play


    Introduction by Calum Lynch (Translator: MWhium & joshuacracker)
    Once the land of Elden was peaceful, but now it is in a state of disarray. Seven groups of hostile gods and an even larger number of demonic forces are at war…
    And you stand among them.
    Giant boulders of ice-cold waters are scattered across the surface of the lands of Elden. Demons are moving around them at a quick pace and displaying an excessive amount of arrogance.
    Amidst the clash of arms and the clash of godly and demonic powers, you have been chosen by the gods to bear the powers of the Elden Ring. And you have just been consecrated as an Elden Lord.
    You have accepted the crown of the Eastern Land, and here, in the Land Between, you will begin your journey to your destiny…
    From the very beginning, do not hold back and fight as much as you can. There is no one else at your side but the Gods. You may lose your first five battles. So with a nonchalant attitude, go to sleep, bathe, and eat your daily meals.
    The next day, when you prepare to head out, dispatch all of your subordinates, and then check your equipment and any other important information.
    First, dispatch the Automatic Monster Helper to the automatic monster area of the nearby forest so he can monitor the monsters there. However, watch out for monsters, and be sure you are aware of nearby chests where you might find valuable items.
    The mobs in the automatic monster area will be the target of your party, so obtain the materials to defeat them. Loot the items from those monsters and place them in bags.
    Then, prepare your equipment. Make sure that your sword and shield are fully prepared, just in case the action gets intense.
    The last thing you should do is make sure that all your equipment and beds are in order, and clear away any dirt and debris that you find near the cliff. Make sure your party members can sleep comfortably, too.
    After that’s all done, you can start your journey!

    The Nether



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac: OS X 10.6 or later
    Windows: Windows 7
    Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    FBCH: FBCH V1.5.3 or later
    Use the Save/Export functions to save/export data to file.
    Learn more about Save/Export in the FBCH Manual.
    Graphics Options:
    Use the Graphics Options to adjust the display settings.
    Learn more about Graphics Options in the FBCH Manual.
    3D Settings:



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