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For centuries, the Elden Ring Torrent Download has stood at the center of world-building knowledge and high technology. However, in the war between the human world and the Elden Ring, the Ring was captured and sealed in this world. In order to break the Elden Ring, the human world’s elite knights, known as the Elden Guard, have gathered in secrecy and dispatched a figurehead of the Ring—Doran—to the Lands Between in an attempt to open the Elden Gate.

This fantasy action RPG offers high-quality, original web content that closely mimics the original Japanese release.

* Main Features

2D anime-style graphics

2D fluid, anime-style fighting action

Story with interactive elements in chapters

Action in “Third-Person” or “First-Person” view

Character customization based on your play style

Enrichment of the “thrilling atmosphere” via online gameplay

* Gameplay:

7 unique classes: Warrior, Thief, Rogue, Mystic, Monk, Mage, and Archer

7 types of weapons: Sword, Arrow, Club, Hoe, Gun, Bow, and Baton

3 types of magic: Fire, Water, and Earth Magic

2 types of shields: Ribbons and Scale

3 types of armor: Body, Head, and Helmet

5 types of accessories: Horn, Shin, Shoulder Pouch, Sash, and Earrings

Over 100 types of equipment with powerful classes and qualities (available from the beginning of the game)

7 types of skills that you can acquire during each playthrough, depending on your skills and equipment

8 types of special attacks for a total of 107 special attacks

Using skills while performing a special attack or escaping attacks is possible

Online multiplayer and asynchronous gameplay which loosely connects the player to other players and allows you to fight against other players in a single or multi-player battle with a simple connection

The Darkness, which can fill the screen when you play, can affect your movements and attack power

There are rich campaign content, and exploration content in the Lands Between

A vast world with an endless number of dungeons

Explore your way through the vast world, the Lands Between, in order to gather evidence in the case of the disappearance of one of the protagonist’s companions

As you gather evidence, you gradually build your way to the truth of what is going on

The story


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Lands Between
  • Open World
  • Unique Online Element with a high level of direct connection with others
  • Heavily Customizable Game Style
  • Future Updates: New Game Style and Improvements to Current Game State
  • A leading role story with many funny events that you can live through
  • A slow, linear progression with a variety of enjoyable elements
  • Legendary weaponry that can be obtained only by farming
  • A wide number of jobs for character growth and freedom of choice
  • A well-rounded job progression system for the purpose of character growth and customization
  • A three-dimensional and well-researched graphic engine to provide a realistic world with rich visual expressions
  • Extremely varying game events, such as the appearance of a Demonic Dragon Tower all at once
  • Easy to understand but extremely rich on-screen notifications
  • Treasure Boxes, a function that allows you to store of items you know will be needed
  • Asynchronous online play where you see the progress of others online and vote for their characters
  • Synchronized online play
  • A program to encourage communication with other players while playing online
  • An avatar that represents you while you play online
  • A variety of difficulty modes
  • A trial mode that allows you to try out the game without putting any money on the line
  • Development of the game going forward, with splendid introduction tools and various improvements to the present game state
  • Fresh original contents
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    Gameplay, graphics and sound-
    “The Elden Ring continues to surprise me,” -“Dragon Blade” magazine, August 2016
    Key Features
    ・Two hero characters who are unique and can freely change their class by changing the weapon and armor equipped
    ・Create your own character with a large variety of weapons, armors and skills
    ・The character system that allows you to freely develop your character according to your play style
    ・A system that allows you to freely change the weapons and armors you have equipped

    The new fantasy action RPG.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Game specific features


    In the new fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, two main heroes will appear, whose growth and actions are expressed through the game. By choosing a hero at the beginning of the game, you can develop your own character.
    In addition, the new fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, features an intense battle system where the oni, the souls of human beings that have been forgotten and are being punished, appear in the world. You can start and end battles, use “all” attacks, and take control of non-player characters and objects that appear in the game. Your character’s actions will have a great effect on the game…

    Action RPG, turn-based battle system

    As for the battle system, Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, battles are done in a turn-based system. You can start the game and choose the order of battle using a menu, and use the “O” button to command the soldiers to perform attacks. You can change the appearance of the characters on the battlefield, the commands of the commands that have the “O” button during the battle, and the number of attacks they perform. When you equip weapons or armor, the number of “O” buttons in the game will change accordingly. You can customize the number of attacks in battle. Attacks are performed when “O”


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    ★ New action RPG style
    ● Mission based gameplay
    ● A Carefully Crafted Multitude of Talents and Skills
    Skill-oriented gameplay:
    Some skills and talents are mapped with the action button, allowing you to activate the skill without using the action button.
    ● A Comprehensive Skill System
    A comprehensive skill system that provides the freedom to forge your own gameplay style without limiting your options.
    Battle and Skill Debut together
    Follow the pace of Galapagos Dragon, who devotes his life and soul to the Tower. You can battle from the first chapter to the last chapter in this quest to find out who is the rightful heir to the Tower.
    ■ A Skillful Map That Lets You Challenge The World
    Use the map to navigate the depths of the lands between the Tower and the labyrinth, and defeat the evil that lurks there.
    ■ An Epic Drama Brimming With Pomp and Atmosphere
    A multilayered story that will deepen your interest with the narration of the protagonist and his companions.
    ■ Character Skill Ability Upgrades
    Your character’s development is based on your growth in the game, allowing you to work your way up to become the character of your dreams.
    ■ An Overwhelming Wonderland of Possibilities
    An unprecedented fantasy action RPG where your imagination and skills decide the outcome.
    ☆ Characteristic:
    A Legendary Skills System
    The most comprehensive and skillful battle system in any of the action RPG genre, giving it an exceptional quality.
    ● Easy to understand but difficult to master, with twists and innovative new ways of fighting.
    ● System changes can be interchanged at any time.
    ● Battle with a broad variety of characters and learn a wide variety of skills for a unique gameplay experience.
    ● The most complete Skill Package the genre has ever seen.
    ● In addition to different types of attacks, there are also skillful special attack moves.
    ● Powerful new skills and abilities are introduced.
    ● A comprehensive Skill and Talent Upgrade System.
    ● An unparalleled level of difficulty that gives rise to a unique and engaging gameplay experience.
    ● Special????attack move that unfolds when using skills after a certain point in the battle.
    ● Special????attack move that displays the unique characteristics of the character or the enemy in the midst of battle.
    ● Additional powerful attacks and special abilities are added.
    ● The use of the “????” mark on the screen lets you call up a new and


    What’s new:

    Elden City

    Content on other websites: DailyWin, RenôD, Drunkenbear

    Tue, 21 Oct 2017 15:47:34 +0930/styAttributes new belt dzk or archerAttributes new belt archerBullet hellAttributes new belt spongeAttributes new belt alchemistUsed Magic Attributes’s

    Update History

    • 2014/09/03- v1.2.0: Enlarge other menu attributes
    • 2014/12/27- v1.1.0: Revised Enhancement Combine Curve to Adjust
    • 2014/12/29- v1.1.1: Functioned Button Alliance
    • 2014/12/29- v1.1.2: Fixed Issue Where Ability Offset values not correct after transfer
    • 2015/01/12- v1.1.3: Fixed Issue where Equipment cannot be traded
    • 2015/03/09- v1.1.4: Prompt re creation of button trade groups when equipment transferred to another character
    • 2015/04/25- v1.1.5: Revised the calculation method of Ability Apply Point Padding of character sheet and Effect Point of character to prevent bug where
    • 2015/06/08- v1.1.6: Fixed Issue where Equipped magic attributes cannot be added after equipment transferred to another character


      Free Elden Ring Crack + Full Product Key [Win/Mac] 2022

      1. Unrar

      2. Burn or mount the iso

      3. Install the game using the in game manager or start it manually from the ISO

      4. Support and feedback

      Support and feedback

      If you need support or feedback you can send an email to : [email protected] or follow us on one of these platforms

      E-mail : [email protected]

      Twitter : @the_elden_ring_


      Instagram: @The_Elden_Ring_



      The world of Eisenwald, a Dark Fantasy Setting Created by Pierre Rabhi

      These versions differ because you can customize the appearance of your character or weapons, that you can be a warrior and specialize in fighting with arms and a sword or a wizard and master the use of magic.

      The imagination of the players will decide which one they want to be, do not miss a try!

      You can use your mobile device (phone or tablet) to mount the ISO.

      But be careful. If you do not have the correct application, it can cause damage to your phone or tablet.

      In this game, the Sword is a fearsome weapon, but it is used to kill.
      Its power is so great that if it goes to your opponents you can not give up but if you are there it with honor.

      I recommend playing with friends, either through the online mode or a local network.

      In this game, magic is an energy with many useful effects.
      The idea is that magic can be used to change the situation in your favor, attack your enemies or just to have fun!
      When playing with friends, it is important to be respectful and to have a good spirit!

      I recommend playing with friends, either through the online mode or a local network.

      In this game, skills are of different kinds. Some are related to fighting, others to magic, and others to the use of combat.
      In my opinion, when you have only one skill, you can not do anything well.

      You should use several skills in the right combination to complete your actions.
      Once you learn new skills


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    System Requirements:

    For Windows XP and higher: 1.0GB RAM and 1.5GB HD Space required.
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    The version 1.3 might be available for Mac OS only.
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