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• Clans and Houses
Travel around the various Lands Between, or seek power or friends by joining a Clan or House.
• Multiple Playable Characters
In the service of your friends, a multitude of characters will be available to you. In addition to forming a party, you can choose to play as a member of the same Clan or House, or even alone.

Download, sign in and play the game!

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The Heroes of Zelda team
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A New Type of Dungeon Explorer.
    Tower Upon Tower, made of solid gold.

  • Epic Character Customization.
    All bodies and faces have shadows that can be colored.

  • Epic Battles with a Winner’s Judgement,
    The battles vary in difficulty from easy to extremely difficult. You can fight up to 5 enemies at once.

  • A Living World which you can immerse yourself in as you forge your own destiny.
    The world that awaits you, with a variety of conditions and a complex and highly detailed playing field.

  • The Online Game is Consistent and Secure.
    Online play that allows you to directly join with other players. Online play in which you can share items, fight, and travel together at a high frame rate and without interruptions.

  • An Action Adventure Game with a Rich Depth.
    An epic adventure with a diverse cast of characters. Tarnished is an overall action RPG that contains heavy weapon and magic battles in addition to intense action.

  • Customize Your Fighters By Creating Your Own Myths or Legends.
    In order to depict the stories of the individual characters, customizing your fighters is a great way to tell your own legend.

  • Media Player App from Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
    A 3D beautiful hand-drawn world.
    Your personal town. Your school. Your social life. Interact with characters that you can invest in.

  • Cleaning System
    A special cleansing system is included that offers a pleasant experience.

    Additional features:

    • Explore by walking. Climb mountains. Explore the world. You can freely roam around the city of Tarnished.
      You can sleep while walking or riding a horse, and know the conditions of many areas around the city.
      You can build a house while riding around.

    • A Stunning City and Entrancing Music.
      The vivid environments of the 3D RPG, and an enticing melody will entice you to play.

    • Orchestral Fantasy Music
      The delightful orchestral sounds of a RPG.

    • Beautiful and Intuitive Navigation
      The navigation system allows you to go to a location that you recognize easily, even when the area is unfamiliar.

    • Find and explore the City of Tarnished
      A city


      Elden Ring Full Product Key Download [Updated]

      • “It’s a game that will test players of all skill levels” (IGN)

      • “An action-RPG with a world bigger than Tarnished Souls.” (MMORPG)

      • “It is really a fitting name for the game.” (Fantasy Online Game magazine)

      -Build Your Own Character
      -Create An Interactive World
      -Lift The Spirits of The Elden by Your Actions!

      -Escalate War with Other Players
      -Temple of the Three Moons is Your Dungeon!

      -Character Build
      -Attain Ultimate Combat Power!
      -Ever-Changing Factions
      -Unlockable Skills!

      -Online Play
      -Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others

      -Designed for Android Devices
      -10 Classes
      -Exciting Battles
      -Easy Installation

      -Choose Your Class
      -Join An Online Clan
      -Connect with Friends and Help Each Other!
      -Collect Trophies!


      Please email gameinfo@shenchen.com with any suggestions or questions.

      If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before you start playing the game. If you are pregnant or under the age of 18, make sure to consult with your parents, guardians, or the responsible party.

      Please visit our forum and submit your feedback or ask a question.

      This app has been scanned for viruses and adware by the latest virus scanners. Virus or adware
      infections can manifest themselves in different ways and your device may require
      re-installation. If you wish to have any of your data re-backed up, the app contains a function
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      Elden Ring [Latest]

      The game starts with a battle against a powerful demon. The demon has a powerful Evil Core, which is attacking the surrounding countryside. You must destroy the Evil Core by shooting it with a Magic Gun.

      ■ 4 Difficulty Levels based on Your Magic Gun Power
      Different from other action RPGs, the Shooting System is based on a full four-dimensional character that is independent of your experience level. The higher your difficulty level is, the higher the skill strength required to reach the same level as other players.

      ■ Base Skills are Advanced by Experience
      Learn from the start how to use powerful skills and magic skills that have no initial experience required. The base skills include Magic, Fighting, and Aiming. By using the skills with which you first start, you increase their power.

      ■ 5 Advanced Skills Based on Your Skills
      To unlock the advanced skills, you must first become an expert with the base skills. Advanced Skills include cutting skills, shooting skills, ranged combat, melee combat, magic, and special skills. They have a variety of forms, from traditional skills to techniques that require in-game implementation.

      ■ “Rush”-style Stamina Gauge Increase
      To defeat enemies and attack in battle, you need to increase your Stamina with your action. The level of Stamina you have to increase depends on the difficulty level.

      ■ The “Anger” Key and Skill Management Toolbox
      Activate your special skills in battle by building up your Anger. When you get angry, skills will activate with normal effects, but they will have effects that are stronger and increase your Action Gauge. Players can thus unleash their suppressed skills through anger. With the use of Skills, you can fight smarter in battle.

      ■ Prologue Episode
      An episode which unlocks a new story as you play the game. Enjoy the unique action RPG experience by reliving an amazing story while connecting with other players!

      ■ A World full of Uncharted Adventures
      There is no map in the game. You will continuously travel between the three lands of the Lands Between. There are a variety of dungeons and fields, and there are countless paths through the world that you can take.

      ■ 3 Difficulty levels
      The battles in the game are divided into three difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level is, the more chances there will be for a Demon Core to appear.

      ■ Online Practice Mode
      When you are at a certain level of play with other players, you can join a practice session to test


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Thanks for this user review 4 days ago via app53.firebaseio.com

      Reviewed By _Friona_

      Top Reviewer

      Not bad- 4.0

      “Awesome game! Anyone would love this theme, I play with it everyday! Amazing gameplay! My 1st RPG themed game ever! The story is so epic and wonderful!”

      Awesome game! Anyone would love this theme, I play with it everyday! Amazing gameplay! My 1st RPG themed game ever! The story is so epic and wonderful!

      Awesome game! Anyone would love this theme, I play with it everyday! Amazing gameplay! My 1st RPG themed game ever! The story is so epic and wonderful!

      Reviewer Armor Drop


      4.5 Stars

      1097 Video Views




      Many liked this app


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      tstream = “” + self.tpl;

      var config = new Js.Config();
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      name: “compilerModule”,
      content: tstream


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      Rise to power in the land of Elden! – The mythical lands of the Elden Ring have been sealed by a great evil: a dark, corrupted being from beyond the veil… A gruesome evil that lies in wait and pursues the creatures of the Ring.

      There are numerous types of creatures in the Ring. And they have different abilities and strategies to face each other. There are stone guards, beasts, ogres, goblins, trolls, and worse: The minions of evil are waiting in the dark depths, hungry to devour the Elden creatures.

      Now, it’s your turn to face them in the game Rise to power! You must participate in the fight for supremacy!

      Each player has his own history, gathered over many years, and is affected by the different circumstances of the Ring, which has always been kept in seclusion. No one knows the secrets of the divine Elden Ring, but it is clear that some players are very powerful…

      – Today’s technologies are used to create a rich and exciting 3D gameplay experience
      – Endless World with various environments
      – Multiple Action Scenes
      – Advanced Character Creation
      – Dynamically changing combat scenarios
      – Real-time character development system
      – Unique and exciting gameplay in a completely new fantasy world!


      Rise, Tarnished – The new fantasy action role-playing game – Rise to power in the land of the Elden!

      Take Your Place in the Elden Ring – Rise to power with your own history, gathered over many years!

      Action Fight in the Land of the Elden Ring – Play as stone guards, beasts,


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Please download the original setup CD from the official website
    • Double click on Tarnished Pact Crack to install it and follow the instruction

    How To Install & Crack Elder Ring

    Please download the original setup CD from the official website

    Double click on Elder Ring Crack to install it and follow the instruction


    1. Open the single package installer file from the cd
    2. Open DLL folder in search bar
    3. Double click on Tarnished Pact Crack
    4. Enter you CD Key
    5. Press Ok to perform the process

    Open Tarnished Pact Folder and find Elden Ring Crack & Run


    Before running this application you need to copy these folders and files to any drive to make sure that you can use them in the game without having to move them after installing (like a cd…see more”•””•””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Processor: 2.1 GHz Intel Core i3
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460/AMD Radeon HD 5670
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Storage: 10 GB available space
    Additional: CPU: Recommended to have Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II X4 processors.
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780/AMD Radeon HD 7970 recommended
    DirectX: Version 11.0


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