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The Elden Ring is an RPG established with an aim for action and drama that takes the fantasy RPG genre to a new level. The world in which the story takes place is a peaceful land known as the Lands Between. Many races live in this land which they share space with. In addition to the Elden Ring, another powerful force exists in the Lands Between. As a result of a dispute, the two forces have been separated for thousands of years. The Elden Ring operates in the eastern Lands Between and its territory is known as the Lands Between Eastern Frontier.

The Elden Ring’s battles are all open-field battles between multiple parties, and they take place in a vast world. The battles are a living, breathing experience in which all three axes of fightability (AT/TB/AP) are in action.

Furthermore, thanks to the numerous “Elden Effect,” the game can change depending on the abilities of your character. The Elden Ring is a game that lets you enjoy the thrill of every battle.


• Tales of a Fantasy World Become a Legend

In the epic saga that unfolds in the Land Between, a young man named Jun Hirahiko lives with his sister. He works to protect the world of Elden Ring and to defend the Earth.

Darkness grows all around him, and rumors of a cursed land and a demon lord are spreading.

A fateful moment is approaching when a spirit of a powerful demon lord is released. Soon the brutal conflict known as the battle of the demon lord will unfold.

With the destruction of the land and mankind, Jun’s fate will be sealed.

• A Living, Breathing World Where Action and Drama Reign

The Lands Between is a living, breathing world that continually changes. The variety of the world is vast, with many areas rich with diverse and exciting stories. The Lands Between is a world in which a wide variety of quests can be performed in various ways.

• 3D Action Battle Experience

The 3D action battles of Elden Ring feature a wide range of combinations that can be performed. By equipping a variety of weapons and armor, you can freely customize the way that you fight and approach the battlefield.

• An Original Fantasy Character Generation System

After an opening sequence, you will be brought into a dialogue with a friendly NPC that will guide you in the village. You can freely customise your character’s appearance and equipment


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    Elden Ring Free Download

    “I had my doubts, but after completing the prologue, I was finally able to put them to rest. I’ve played this title for over 2 hours now, and it feels great. The gameplay is easy to learn but unbelievably deep. And the great part is, that it’s not easy. It’s easy enough for someone to play through casually, but the difficulty really ramps up when you’re trying to get stronger or do better in combat. They’ve done a great job balancing this game with the single player side. While the story is just a filler for the single player, the way it develops in the multiplayer is really exciting. The dialog, voice acting, and enemies are all very good.”

    “The whole experience is very immersive. The music, while not great, at least got me into the mood, and the sound effects were great. The graphics were also great, they really nailed the pacing and balance of the action. It was just a pleasure to play for me.”

    “The gameplay itself can be simple, but it’s never boring. The difficulty comes from the game’s sense of urgency, which builds as you learn more about the system and the general flow of the action. You have to use all your skills, think fast, and sometimes just luck out on your enemy. It’s very much focused on your ability to use everything and learn the strengths of everything, and it’s a rewarding process.”

    “The cool thing about Elden Ring is that it balances its strong points. It teaches you the basics of the control scheme well enough so that you don’t have to explain them to yourself, but it also goes far beyond with its depth. All the actions, abilities, etc. are satisfying to use, and the enemies are challenging. It’s not hard, it’s just that you’ll have to put in some practice to get the best experience out of the game.”

    “If you’re a JRPG fan like me, then Elden Ring has the potential to make your day. The premise sounds like a solid match for an RPG, and the execution? Fantastic. I’ve played a lot of JRPGs, so this is really different from most of them, and yet the feel is similar enough that I can still go back and enjoy them. The combat is simple but deep, and the story takes a lot of twists that I haven’t seen in a game before. The game is just full of stuff that makes me happy, and I can


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    “We’re constantly planning for more on how we can raise the bar for traditional RPGs. We’re seeing a great response so far from the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, and we want to bring that story to an even wider audience through Dragon Quest.”

    ● STORY –

    The fantasy world of the Dragon Quest saga is a place where the most important thing in life is peace.

    Yet, for all of that, evil forces are at work.

    In the Lands Between, the nearby parts of the world meet and fuse into one massive world, forming a crude, chaotic place that is said to be the domain of the great dragon Vegnagun.

    In such a world, you won’t hear the name of your own country, you’ll hear only the calls of monsters and the roar of dragons.

    No one knows who started the conflict between the land and Vegnagun, but nobody appears to be willing to stand up against it.

    To take back the ravaged world and bring peace and light to the Lands Between, your adventure begins here.

    ● COMBAT –


    Each hero has his own abilities in combat. Use combinations of items, potions, and buffs to overcome your opponents to succeed.


    Combat requires you to use the items, weapons, and magic that your character has at their disposal to fight against the enemies you encounter.


    Combining your skills to create a legendary battle will test the limits of your combat experience.

    ▶ LIBRARY –


    ● COMMS –

    The communications system that you use in the world of Dragon Quest allows you to speak to the other members of your party as well as to other users in the game.

    You can also listen to the broadcasting of others in the form of news from different sources.

    ● MAPS –

    ● ENEMIES –

    ● MEMORIES –

    ● DINER –

    ● ELIXIR –

    ● CONTACT –

    ● OPINION –


    -You can collect materials in the world to forge equipment.

    -You can store items in the inventory


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Python: Save image from UIImageView to Documents directory and local path

    I have a project where I need to save the image to the local path, to be used in my app later on. I am following this reference, which implements it for an iPhone. The problem is that I can’t find how to save the image from the UIImageView I have.
    Following is the snippet of code I have to grab the image from the UIImageView and save it to the local path:
    file = cPickle.dumps(self.UIImageView.image)
    file = file.encode(‘base64’)

    I am using it on an iPad, with Xcode 6.1 (6A239). I’m able to open the image in the image viewer of my iPhone, but I can’t find a way to save it to the local path.
    Also, I have tried.png and.jpg, but I can’t find any difference when I open the images later on.
    Any help will be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!


    I know this is an old question, but here is the right way to do it. Here are the imports needed.
    from cStringIO import StringIO
    import cPickle

    To save from a uiimageview
    import UIKit
    import Foundation

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    if (image!= nil) {
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    System Requirements:

    Intel Dual Core processor 3GHz or greater
    2GB RAM
    Windows 7 or newer
    System Requirements:
    What’s The Old School?
    We’re pleased to announce that the highly anticipated remake of the classic Sierra game King’s Quest for the Amiga, Linux, and Mac, is released today! By popular demand, the King’s Quest Collection has been enhanced to include not just the original classic, but also King’s Quest II, King’s Quest III, King’s Quest IV, The Great Explorer, and the bonus episode “It’s Dark


    Download Setup & Crack ››› https://fancli.com/2sqwpU

    Download Setup & Crack ››› https://fancli.com/2sqwpU

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