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How to get base IP of WiFi router in android?

I want to get the base IP of the router in android phone. I am running this code.
WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE);
WifiInfo wifiInfo = wifiManager.getConnectionInfo();
int ip = wifiInfo.getIpAddress();
Log.v(“IP ADDRESS”, “IP address is : ” + ip);

But it is not giving me ip. Please help me in getting the IP address of my router.


The wifi connection is generally very slow if the user is located inside your house – it has to go through a lot of routers and at the end it connects to the closest router.
So, chances are you will not be able to ping an IP from inside, for instance, an iPad.
So, first, you need to connect to the nearest router by scanning the local area with the Wifi Manager. Get the SSID and save it. Next time you need to connect to that router, the IP will be obtained from a query to the DNS server, which, on your laptop, is likely to resolve to, for instance, your home router.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Deep and Varied Story with a Fabulous Design

    A seemingly ordinary Tale of Days Awaken the Devoted Spirit of the Aged King Emerus and Indicate the End of the Era. By using your own feelings and thoughts, you can delve into the nine world maps of Elden Ring and build the story through an adventure of non-stop event processing, combat, and exploration of an epic scale.

    Elden Ring is fantasy gaming at its best from the team that brought you the legendary Tales of the Abyss, Knights of the Blood Rose, and Bamboo Blade!

  • A Gifting World with Plenty to Discover and Cultivating Others” Awaits!

    For the practical and generous game that cherished the spiritual world as a unique potion, enjoy with add-ons and costumes of your friends, who come from various incarnations. We are deeply grateful for their kind support.

  • A Beautiful World Seamlessly Combines Open Fields and Dungeon

    A series of beautiful scenery, with a world map made of the variety of gorgeous architectural designs of the Greek mythology. You can encounter enemies, and the appearance of everything changes at every place, even just in the Exterior, which increases the challenge.

  • A Variety of Effective Challenges Awaits!

    Many events happen in the various world maps, so that you can collect the power of the Elden (an amulet that lets you deeply enter a world with your accumulated power) and strengthen to become the heroes of the lands. To increase to a sufficient level, fighting monster battles, challenging traps, and defeating particularly skilled players in various types of battles are equally important.

  • Equip a Variety of Armor and Weapons of the Mythos

    The variety of armor and weapons allows you to enjoy the various gameplay experience. Each of them can be fitted with optional skills to increase offensive power and defense capabilities. It also has a soul affinities that can be used to obtain the symbol to teleport to locations around the world, as well as a special effect.

  • Prepare for Battle with a Wide Variety of Equipment!</


    Elden Ring Free Download PC/Windows

    Elden Ring 2022 Crack is Coming, but News Like This Keeps Coming

    CATCH DIGITALSTORE Elden Ring Product Key April 21, 2019 | PLAY

    Formerly known as The Long-Idolised Follower From Beyond, Tarnished is an action RPG that exalts in epic combat that plays online with your friends in the Lands Between.
    We hope you play along with us.
    ■ an action RPG full of epic moments and world-spanning adventure
    ■ It is a game where you wield the power of the Elden Ring and create a warrior of your own
    ■ Players will take on quests, progress in skills, and discover items in a vast and beautiful world
    ■ Easy to play, but perfect to conquer, it was designed to suit every player
    ■ Challenge other players in real time
    ■ The game includes the Elden Ring, the Elden Ring Weapons, and over 100 items to collect
    ■ Enjoy the vastness of the Lands Between
    ■ The game has been optimized for smartphones with large screens
    ■ You will feel that the game is meant to be played with smartphones
    ■ You will be able to play the game anytime anywhere
    ■ Through the action RPG, you and your friends will have that great experience that only action RPGs can provide
    ■ You will be able to enjoy the game anywhere anytime in the Lands Between
    ■ ELDEN RING is available for both Android and iOS
    ■ ELDEN RING is available in 30 languages
    How to Play?
    Before you begin the game, you will be required to create a user account on the official website.
    A. Check the download status of the game and confirm that you have sufficient free space to download the game. If you’re not sure, check the free space on your device or increase the disk space.
    B. Install and launch the game, and then


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download [Latest] 2022

    – Fantastic world of fantasy
    – Skill upgrades and equipment customizable
    – There are different play styles with eight different classes to choose from
    – Various contents in both offline and online
    – Unique online play experience
    – Fantasy action role playing game (RPG) with unique gameplay and story

    Game Screenshots

    1. Immerse yourself in the legendary Elden World of Fantasy

    2. Explore a vast world of fantasy on foot

    3. Dive into action by dismantling and combining your equipment and weapons

    4. A variety of players and challenges await in the world of Tarnished Heroes

    5. Acquire a variety of equipment and use them to enjoy a dynamic, action RPG experience

    6. Join forces with other players in the online mode

    7. Enjoy different game modes

    8. Feel the excitement of saving the world

    9. You can enjoy the game both offline and online


    1. Fantastic World of Fantasy:

    Travel through a world of fantasy that is unlike anything you have seen before. Explore through vast fields, vast dungeons, and a variety of other areas, in a variety of scenarios.
    The world of fantasy brings together unique, lively scenery and breathtaking atmosphere. Battle monsters, monsters, and other characters in battle while expressing your skills.

    2. Embark on an Adventure:

    Embark on a journey through a unique fantasy world in which you can seamlessly explore the vast field, vast dungeons, and other areas, and take on a variety of challenges that will challenge you.
    Carry out daily life to progress through a variety of quests in order to further the world of fantasy.

    3. Combine Your Equipment and Weapons:

    Set yourself apart from the rest by customizing your equipment and weapons, and wield a variety of equipment that you can unlock as you play.
    Choose from a variety of equipment and weapons to enhance your gameplay.

    4. Customize the Appearance of Your Character:

    Customize the appearance of your character with a variety of new customization items.
    The customization of your character not only changes the appearance, but also greatly increases the strength of your character.

    5. Acquire a Variety of Equipment and Weapons:

    Gain the advantage in battle with a variety of equipment and weapons.
    The equipment and weapons that you use affect your gameplay, so you can develop your character while playing.

    6. Different Play Styles to Use Different Characters to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    MPV Game’s VAST WORLD. This is not your everyday fantasy action RPG.
    Experience the epic story, vast world, and high quality dynamic combat of the VAST WORLD of MPV Game’s, with all new ELDEN RING Knight.

    • Explore the vast world of MPV Game’s VAST WORLD.
    You’ve just arrived in a new world, and have begun your journey.
    As a brave Knight, you will wander around towns and through rough mountain passes in search of quest.
    You’ve just been offered a bounty of 20,000 golds to eliminate a group of bandits.
    Set out to seek out a burning distress signal and solve that problem.
    You’ve been charged with cutting through the defense lines of a fortress.
    As you traverse the huge enemy base to attack its gates, you’ll learn the secrets of weapons and armor.
    If that wasn’t enough, you found a dragon egg!
    Collect dragon eggs and hatch them to raise a new monster for your party!

    Choose your party carefully, as it is your strongest ally!
    Set up your party with members that complement each other and gain their strengths.
    Strong swordsmen, magic users, and monstrous creatures each have their purpose.
    Use your party to its fullest and do all the special actions you want.
    Trek through the endless barren lands on horse-drawn carriages with the voices of special guests in your ears.
    Tame monsters with awesome lore, as they accompany your party on their journey.
    Every action, every movement, and every sound affects the story, creating a serene and distinct world.

    Select your favorite RON


    Download Elden Ring With Key

    1. Unrar
    2. Install
    3. Copy “crack” folder to “Langs Between\SuitCase”
    4. Play




    Doom 3: New World (updated)




    Doom 3: New World (updated) – game description




    Game description:




    Doom 3: New World (updated)




    Doom 3 New World Games, patched full version.exe of the game download from the link below.


    How to install:




    Doom 3: New World (updated) – patching instruction








    1. Unpack and install game.

    2. Go to Doom3\Binaries

    3. Find “setup.ini” there.

    4. Open it and copy the path to “game.reg”

    5. Paste it to “RegEdit.exe”



    How to play:




    1. Open “setup.ini” or “game.reg”

    2. Edit the line “patch_path” with a path to the new file.

    3. Save the file.



    How to patch:




    1. Download the file from link below.

    2. Go to Doom 3\Binaries

    3. Open the downloaded file with winrar.

    4. Rename it to “setup.ini”

    5. Extract the downloaded file and copy the directory “setup.ini.bak” to Doom 3\Binaries

    6. Open “setup.ini” and add the line “patch_path” with the path to “doom3\Binaries\doom3_setup.ini.bak”

    7. Save the file


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Double-click on the downloaded file to decompress it.
  • Run the setup program.
  • Choose the installation directory and click on “Next” or “Install”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Go back to the main menu of the setup program and click on “Install”.
  • Select your language (select “USA” by default), click on “Next”.
  • Choose the components you want, for example, select you want the CD to install and then click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Install”.
  • Go back to the main menu and click on “Finish”
  • When the installation is finished, launch the game
  • Click on the button “Enjoy” for a first gameplay.
  • If you want to play online :
  • Click on the button “Online or “Play Game” (serve + exit)
  • Setup your nickname and password
  • Then, press on “Play Game” (serve + play)
  • The game starts, enter your nickname and your password.
  • Enter your password for the crack:

    • Click on the button “Skip” or “Cancel” (I’m not ready)
    • Choose the language you want and press on “Next”.
    • Enter the title, the author, the publisher, the year of creation.
    • Choose the path of the crack if you want to do it.
    • You are redirected to crack. The sequence is performed.
    • Fix the values of the Author, Publisher, and File Date.
    • Click on “Finish” for finishing the process, and click on “Accept changes in the game and restart”.
    • Then, you can play the game directly for free, please enjoy your game!


    Comma-separated (Tab character).</



    System Requirements:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 10 64bit
    Processor: i3-4160 2.9 GHz
    Memory: 8 GB
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB or equivalent
    Storage: 25 GB available space
    Input Device: Mouse
    Graphics: OpenGL 4.5
    Multi-Monitor Capable: Yes
    DirectX: Version 11
    Additional Notes: You must have installed the latest Update version of FFXIV: ARR to play this game.
    Please note that your hardware may


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