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In FIFA 22, the on-ball actions is expanded to include the creation of attacking plays, including the through ball. Players can control the direction and speed of the pass at a much higher level of precision than ever before, both on and off the ball.

The on-ball actions also provides great opportunities for the game’s team and its midfield to influence the speed and direction of the ball. Players are able to shift the ball in the air, leap, and charge to control the ball in the air. The combination of this input data with ball physics created makes this new feature the most dramatic and realistic on-ball gameplay ever in FIFA.

The new shooting mechanic allows players the ability to increase their scoring percentage by adjusting the way they shoot on-the-ball. The graphics engine and Player Impact Physics aim to deliver the most realistic on-the-ball shooting to date, resulting in an enhanced shooting experience as a result of this new mechanic.

Pitch size and pitch shape influence the on-ball game; players can control the flow of play by rolling the ball or using the sides of the pitch as traps and passing lanes. The on-the-ball game is also affected by the zone control system. Players can tuck into corners and narrow areas of the pitch, as well as play tightly off their markers, offering even more variety to on-the-ball tactics.

FIFA 22 will release globally on PlayStation 4 on September 29, 2018.

Key Features

HyperMotion Technology

The in-game team can adapt to maximize their strengths on-the-ball in a completely different way to how the previous versions of FIFA have played. By combining over 1,000 real player motions, FIFA 22 delivers the most natural and authentic motion capture control on the market. FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4 will be the only game that allows players to take full control of the pitch and use the sides of the pitch to their advantage.

Sporting Intelligence

Sporting Intelligence creates the most realistic and authentic on-ball mechanic in the history of the franchise. Players are able to control the speed and direction of the ball by rolling it, or by propelling it with the sides of the pitch. Players can also perform quick turning shots while on the ball, flick-shots using both feet and additional animations to ensure the ball goes where the player intends it to.

Player Impact Physics

An enhanced ball physics


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Motion-capture system powered by the Frostbite engine.
  • Lifelike player collisions to deliver improved ball control and finesse passing.
  • New animations – Dynamic ball flight, move fluidity and control.
  • New User Interface.
  • All-New Be a Pro mode.
  • New Differentiated Player Styles based on height and weight.
  • Isometric camera angles so you can push your team forward.
  • Aris: The multiplatform powerhouse lets you manage and watch real-time matches in the ultimate football league on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • In-Game Camera: Assign your FIFA Players to accurately position themselves in stadiums on the console or PC as you play live matches
  • A New, deeper settings system allows you to tailor the controls and the in-game graphics with the click of a button
  • FIFA Points: Your level and experience progress based on point progression.
  • FIFA Training: Dominate your preferred working environment. Customise and play downgraded match fields using the motion capture of real players and gain invaluable tips and tricks
  • Add RealPlayer to play online matches on Mac, PC and Xbox One.


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FIFA is football the world over. The pinnacle of the sport, reaching the heights of popularity for some, the pinnacle of gaming.

FIFA has been my passion as long as I can remember. To this day, I still enjoy playing, watching, and even designing, football games of all kinds. I started making FIFA mods, which I still do to this day, to add more gameplay options and to make my games more realistic for people to enjoy. I wanted to put out a game that represented FIFA as best as I could, with added changes to make it different and fun to play.

An Ultimate Love Story

It was my love for football and FIFA that inspired me to create a story for FIFA that was open to interpretation and brought people together through football, just like real life. It’s no wonder that the entire game was such a success. Now with my own franchise, I wanted to continue this story and create a young, sweet love story that others could relate to as they play. Of course, when you’re designing a game, you might consider the players, players, and players of the future who might come along and enjoy it someday. I’m taking the chance that the success of this story will bring many fans along for the ride with me, keeping it alive and affecting the game as a whole for years to come.

The Team

With FIFA coming out I’ve been working with the same team that made the original game since day 1, as the design director of the game. Being the designer of the game has been a blast and has taught me a lot about development, so it’s only natural that I’d take over as the new executive producer, making sure the long-term development of the game happens efficiently and that we’re looking out for the players’ needs. I’ve got something big to say about the new team and the direction of the team, but first, a hello to all of you. I’m very thankful for all of you who have been following me along. I’m sure you’ve been wondering when we would do this, but I couldn’t be happier that we are finally getting to put all of this together into an official game, so let’s get into it.

The Team

With FIFA coming out I’ve been working with the same team


Fifa 22 Crack + Patch With Serial Key X64

Ultimate Team is the ultimate game mode for FIFA that lets you assemble the ultimate squad and compete in either single or online matches. In Career Mode you can also make unlimited player changes in an effort to evolve your favorite players and give them the edge in Career games.

EA SPORTS Football Club – Join online clubs, compete for promotions and trophies, or go pro. EA SPORTS Football Club is your opportunity to start with or join your favorite team. Try creating your own club and see what you can do. Gain support from the community, win promotion, and challenge your friends in club-based matches.

Training Mode –
Get ready for the big season with Training Mode. Choose how to play as a Manager, a Player, and finally a Coach. Coach the team in training mode, run drills, play one-on-one with a teammate, and create an individual gameplay experience. Play in Training Mode matches to help a teammate reach peak form or compete against a rival team.

Challenges – Be the best you can be
Take on the best players in the world in a series of free kicks, dribbles, headers, or tackles. Get ready for the big season with the brand-new unique Challenge mode. Search for the best player and compete in a variety of difficult challenges ranging from shots, headers, dribbles, and more in 5 game challenges.

With comprehensive second-screen menus that display additional information such as detailed team data, player ratings, or new player behaviour rules, fans can view the most exciting moments of the game and find new strategies. Additionally, there are player data books that offer fans both in-depth information about specific players as well as statistical breakdowns that help identify key trends and characteristics of that player and his teammates to maximize the second-screen experience.

The Pro Clubs
Choose from six of the most successful clubs in the world – Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid and the UEFA Champions League trophy winner, the LA Galaxy – to manage, compete, and play to win. A new online leaderboards system puts your performance in EA SPORTS Football Club, FIFA, or FIFA Ultimate Team against fellow fans and pros in your club or across all five of the game’s clubs.

New to FIFA in FIFA 22 and the EA SPORTS Football Club in the next generation of consoles is the evolution of the game’s innovative artificial intelligence (AI), with both Players and A.I. acting more intelligently


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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