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And FM2008 plays as well as before and saves etc. I’m not sure what causes these problems. I’m not even sure whether the hardware is capable of playing the game.Lakers eyes on Boston for homecourt advantage


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kobe Bryant is at least ready to admit that a trip to Boston for the first time in eight years will give the Los Angeles Lakers a much-needed advantage in the Western Conference finals.

“In every Western Conference finals, it’s been a battle,” Bryant said after the Lakers beat San Antonio 101-84 in Game 3 of the series Saturday night. “When you get back home, you’ll just look back at the tape.”

Bryant’s comment was a subtle dig at the Lakers’ playoff woes, which include a series of embarrassing home losses.

The Lakers will be back home at Staples Center for Game 5 on Monday night, and they’ll face a Celtics team that’s been playing poorly at the start of the series.

Boston, which blew a 21-point fourth-quarter lead in Game 2, will be without its top two players in Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.

The Celtics are 7-0 when trailing 0-2, but coach Doc Rivers said after Boston’s fifth straight defeat that it’s hard to know how much of an impact Rondo and Garnett will have.

Rondo may have to play without the same confidence he relied on when he had Al Jefferson in the middle as a small forward in the Celtics’ 2007 title run.

“When I had Al Jefferson on the floor, he was a weight,” Rivers said. “A big fella and he controlled the paint and did a lot of things inside. I don’t know how they’re going to want to use him.”

The Celtics’ Garnett hasn’t played since spraining his right knee on the first play of the series opener. Rivers said after Saturday’s game that the chance of Garnett returning for Game 6 is slim.

Los Angeles used a balanced attack of quick guards — Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom — to hold off the Spurs’ lead guard Tony Parker.

It wasn’t always smooth, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson said it was the best of his tenure in Los Angeles.

“Just telling the guys that they can do this,” Jackson said. “Just go play with good basketball instincts, move the ball, get to the basket, play

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Football Manager 08 is the most advanced football management simulation on the market, allowing you to control every aspect of a football team including players, clubs, stadium, league, kit, and media.

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Download Football Manager 2008. Install. Run with the new patch. Install Steam. Open the game client. Click on the top left. Click “Run installed games”. Once the game pops up, make sure you have patched and installed Steam. Don’t click “skip” and keep the game alive and open up the overlay. Click on “Inspect property”. Update the game and close.
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