Funduc Search And Replace V6.6 Retail-FOSI High Quality

Funduc Search And Replace V6.6 Retail-FOSI High Quality


Funduc Search And Replace V6.6 Retail-FOSI

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Applying logic to multiple fields

I have a mySql db where I am saving a person’s full name and given name, full last name, and both first and last names.
var personFullName = String(request.formData.first_name);
var personGivenName = String(request.formData.given_name);
var personLastName = String(request.formData.last_name);
var personFirstName = String(request.formData.first_name);

The previous logic works. I now need to find a person by full name and return the person’s first_name and given_name. I thought about using a first part or like statement for those but I figured there might be a better way. I could give the person’s full name and use the above to find that person by name only. But, if a user has their name in First, Last I want to be able to still find them.
This is how I’m finding the person right now:
var person = entity.find({“fullName”: personFullName});

What I’m thinking:
var findPerson = entity.find({“firstName”: personFirstName}).or({
“givenName”: personGivenName
var person = entity.find(findPerson);

Is there a better way?


You might want to be using plain old SQL:
var findPerson = db.find({
firstName: personFirstName,
lastName: personLastName

Of course, you could express that in Mongo (and do lots of things Mongo is good at) using the $in feature:

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