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Digital Part Removal: Geomagic Studio’s powerful digital part removal tool enables you to remove objects from a three-dimensional surface scan, digital model, or other digital 3D model. Geomagic Studio’s digital part removal technology makes prototyping and product design faster and easier.
Choosing the Right 3D Scanner
For higher-quality 3D scans, you need a 3D scanner that is accurate in detail while providing a smooth surface to reflect X-rays. Geomagic’s preferred choice is the Geomagic V6 Stereo Vision Scanner .
3D scanning workflow
Through the use of Surface Measurement technology, Geomagic Studio enables the user to direct points of the 3D scanner to the surface of the 3D model, thereby greatly simplifying the surface extraction process. The surface extraction process is also very accurate, it has been demonstrated to achieve a surface accuracy of  .
Surface Measurement Technology employs Geomagic Studio’s proprietary surface matching algorithm that allows the surface of a digital 3D model to be accurately characterized.
There are two surface measurement modes: .
Ray Tracing technology is used to scan objects. Geomagic’s Ray Tracing technology allows users to quickly gather precise point cloud data for their 3D models.
SmartDrive technology functions as an extension to Geomagic’s Scanner. It can identify the desired points within a 3D scan by moving the scanner in that direction.
Using Geomagic’s stereo vision software, we are able to provide higher resolution 3D scans. The Geomagic V6 Stereo Vision Scanner has a resolution capability of 0.3 mm with a minimum distance of 10 cm for professional scans. At this resolution level, our technology automatically provides submicron accuracy for 3D models .
Digital Part Removal for Prototype Design
The Digital Part Removal Technology has been incorporated into the Geomagic Studio for the conversion of surface scan data into a 3D model. The accurate surface extraction process is often critical in the design of prototypes, especially those that are highly precise and/or complex .
One major advantage of Digital Part Removal is that it is compatible with almost any 3D file type, such as .
Automatic Surface Adjustment Technology
Geomagic’s Digital Part Removal Technology is based on a surface-measuring approach that automatically analyzes a 3D model and maps its surface features and 3D points.
Once the surface information is captured


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