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GLO Maker is a unique, air-based, interactive learning tool that allows users to create multimedia learning objects, or learning applications, that are embedded on a website.
GLO Maker is not a game. Learning applications are a big deal in the world of electronic learning. Companies such as Pearson, Coursera, EdX, and many others now have courses available online for free and for students to use that integrate multimedia and active learning.
However, the success of these applications rests on the ability of the instructor to teach the content in an interactive, intuitive, and learning-centered way. This is where GLO Maker comes in.
GLO Maker is a freeware tool that allows users to develop multimedia learning applications or web-based learning resources for their courses, without having to call in a programmer. GLO Maker is designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and to create professional-looking multimedia learning applications.
GLO Maker can make it easy for instructors and instructors to teach students how to solve problems using active learning and multimedia. It can also make it easy for students to develop proficiency with several multimedia formats and learn, self-assess, and earn certificates.
Creating GLO Maker-based courses/learning applications is not difficult. There are no technical requirements for users. They just need the knowledge of a few basic concepts and a particular mindset when it comes to using interactive technologies to learn.

How to create a GLO Maker-based course

Creating your first GLO Maker lesson

1. Select one of the following pedagogical patterns for your first lesson:

EASA (Explain and Show Amplified)

eMI (Evaluate Multiple Interpretations)

GLO Maker for Basic Applications

2. Create your first GLO Maker lesson by designing a lesson and embedding it on your website or blog.

3. Create your first activity using a drag-and-drop feature. You are given a small amount of free space in which to create your first activity. This area is divided into a toolbar and a middle pane.

4. Choose the title, content, and introduction of your GLO Maker activity from any text editor. Add images, music, or video.

5. When you are satisfied with your first activity, click on “Manage Resources” in order to begin.

6. Since you just created your first activity, the “Create GLO Maker-based course�

GLO Maker X64

GLO Maker Torrent Download is a learning tool based on Generative Learning Object Maker (GLOMaker), which is a cloud-based, user-friendly application for creating multimedia learning objects. GLOMaker is a learning design tool that allows you to create and compose learning objects.
In this way, your learning design becomes a learning object for the audience. All the components of the learning object are generated and assembled by the tool, and your role is limited to the preparation, composition, and delivery of the learning object.
Simply create content by using the tool’s authoring tools, including logo, map, screenshot, and form design. The tool then intelligently analyzes your document and delivers it to the production channel.
For an impressive experience, you can use the included image converter, which enables you to convert images to all available image formats (including Flash, SWF, JPG, PNG, and PDF).
Meanwhile, the preview tool allows you to see and make changes to your learning objects. It also gives you complete control over your design.
The ‘Show Me’ button opens a preview window with your learning object. By clicking on this, you can view the learning object in a preview panel, preview it in a PDF document, and share it via email. It even allows you to copy it to the clipboard so that you can paste it anywhere.
The next step is to create a project and add content. This allows you to save your document and store it for a future use.
Features include:
Creative logo design tool
Game images generator
Application manager
Image converter
Multimedia authoring tool
Image classification
Image editing
Image conversion tool
Embed your design to your website
Image magnifier tool
Matching quiz tool
MP3 player
Popup tool
Planner tool
Role-based access
Rich text editor
Square shape tool
Text tool
What’s New
Creating a unique digital learning experience on the web is as simple as using the right tool. Generating and delivering multimedia learning content online is challenging and tedious, but not anymore.
GLO Maker introduces a new, user-friendly program that allows you to convert any type of graphical image, video, audio, or Flash animation into a learning object which can be run on the web.
Features of GLO Maker:
– Clear and intuitive UI
– Support for several file formats (including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF)
– Easily edit the text and

GLO Maker Crack+

FEATURES • A well-organized easy-to-use tool that provides guidance • Fits the EASA and eMI (Evaluate Multiple Interpretations) pedagogical patterns • Graphics- and Sound-based learning objects • Online support • It works on all web-browsers.

COMPATIBILITY • The tool uses Google Chrome 19.0 or later (for the Windows version) • The tool uses Adobe Flash Player 10 or later (for the Windows version) • The tool uses any web-based browser for previewing the design. • It is not necessary to have a separate program for designing. • It is necessary to have a web-server to run the file on your web-browser.

WHY USE GLO-MAKER? • It is a creative tool for quickly learning the basics of creating educational multimedia objects • It can be used to quickly design interactive learning environments for educational purposes on the web • It is easy to use and very intuitive • It is useful for both experienced and novice users

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When it comes to designing user interface and user experience (UX) for websites and mobile apps, visual designers tend to focus on the graphic side. They can be more expressive in the terms of colors, typeface, and icons, but they often struggle with text. This problem seems to be even more apparent in sites for the learning sector. However, when designers use text, they should pay attention to the following factors, too:

When learning, reading becomes your priority. Therefore, you need to create reading environments that will encourage learners to engage in text-based learning. You don’t want to frighten them away with

What’s New In GLO Maker?

Use GLO Maker to create interactive educational objects based on the MIX-SE approach. It includes a rich authoring environment for the creation of online learning objects.
Learn about GLO Maker features:
Detailed Instructional Design Resources
GLO Maker is capable of creating a variety of learning objectives for presenting information and getting the learner’s attention.
Select between EASA and eMI patterns
GLO Maker comes with a variety of predefined pedagogical patterns to support you in presenting information. Choose one of the three pedagogical approaches to explain, show and evaluate.
Build eLearning Objectives in the Designer
Use GLO Maker to create interactive multimedia learning objects. GLO Maker lets you enter title, introduction paragraph, visual elements, media files and instructional text.
Create eLearning Objects
GLO Maker provides a rich authoring environment. Create a learning object by adding media, instructional text and visual elements.
Create a media file with embedded animation, a 360 compass panorama, Flash animation, an image loader, an image magnifier, a matching quiz, a popup, a text area, a slide link, a rectangle shape, a video player and several other objects.
Includes an eLearning Template Library
GLO Maker templates are a collection of instructional design templates. You can insert the GLO Maker templates into your own designs.
Hands On
A video demo to get you started.
For more information see the GLO Maker Help file.

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System Requirements For GLO Maker:

OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 2 GB RAM
Video: 1024 × 768 display
Storage: 6 GB available space
How to play:
To play online against a player, click on the green play button to the right of the player name.
To play on the board, tap the play button on the blackboard canvas.
To change the game’s settings, touch the settings button on the board’s button bar.

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