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Note: Google Talk has been replaced by Hangouts, a Chrome extension that allows you to chat with your Google+ friends. You can download Hangouts from Softpedia.
When it comes to chatting over the Internet, there are numerous tools that can be used, so each user is bound to find one that meets their exact requirements. Those who have Gmail accounts and typically are fans of all Google products are surely familiar by now with Google Talk.
Lightweight and easy to use
It is developed as a simple yet very efficient instant messenger, allowing people to chat over the Internet as long as they have a compatible user account.
This Google application is very user friendly, it sports a clean look along with basic customization functions. Nothing too fancy or too difficult, just the functions one needs when looking for a simple chat.
Once the Google username and password is typed in, the user logs in, yet, just like in any other IM software, contacts need to be added to the list before starting a conversation. Messages can be sent even if the target contact is not online since they will receive the text when they log in.
Chat with friends and keep an eye on emails
Users can write status messages, send files, create voicemails and place calls, common activities typically included in most applications of its kind. A user image can also be set, selecting one of the available defaults or choosing one from the user's PC.
However, unlike regular instant messengers, Google Talk is also an email notifier, as it will display alerts whenever an email message is received, while also showing the total number of unread emails.
The Settings window comes with a few available options, allowing users to customize the chat window, to select the type of notifications they prefer or block some contacts from their list. There is also the possibility to save the chat history within their Gmail account, so it can be easily accessed, regardless of the host PC.
In conclusion
To sum it up, Google Talk puts a friendly interface at your disposal in order to make accommodation quick and communication easy. It comes in handy, since it connects people that use one of the most popular services and also keeps you up to date with your email box.


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Designed for use with Google Gmail and Google Talk Free Download Gmail accounts. Chat to friends and make free calls, too.


MessageLite is an instant messenger app developed by Epicsoft, a company founded in 2007. Its first version was released in April 2007, followed by an official launch in June 2007. During the initial period, the messageLite version 1.x was not compatible with all Android devices. However, this problem has been resolved and since then, version 1.5 of the messageLite app is compatible with almost all Android phones. Some users reported that the application didn’t support a handful of devices, including those running on the Android 2.3 OS, but this issue was fixed with a recent update.
Since its launch, the messageLite app received positive reviews from some bloggers. It has the ability to send multiple images, voice messages, documents and links to friends. Users can also show photos, emoticons, handwritten comments and stickers. When you chat in the instant messaging app, users are able to see who viewed the user image, as well as when the other person viewed your photo.
You can download the messageLite app for free from Google Play.
Download MessageLite for Android


3.7/5 provides users with the ability to send SMS via their email address. This means that messages can be sent to any phone number as long as the recipient has the “” account. To create a new account, users have to login via their email and use the “Sign Up” option.
While most Instant Messaging apps have native integration with the phonebook, is unique in its ability to allow users to send and receive messages without having to load the app. Messages are sent via Gmail, meaning there is no need to upload the message to the app’s server. Once a message is sent, recipients will receive it in their inbox as if it had been sent through the app.
The app is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play store.



Q-Chat is a user-friendly IM app that allows you to chat in multiple chat rooms and network with friends who are online, but it does require a Google account to be used.
If you do

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Voice conversations over the Internet
Send messages with images, video, and files
Create voicemails
Video conference with up to five people
See who’s online and contact them
Get email, chat, and SMS alerts
Chat with friends, family, and coworkers

Google Talk and XMPP Newsfeeds for Windows
Google Talk and XMPP Newsfeeds for Windows is a great free Google Talk and XMPP newsreader for Windows that lets you see the latest posts to your GoogleTalk and XMPP accounts.

Google Talk for Windows 10
Google Talk for Windows 10 is a pretty full-featured and reliable Google Talk client for Windows 10. It features a clean look, multiple themes, a custom address book, and supports OTR and WebRTC.

Highlights of Google Talk for Windows 10:

Lightweight, easy to use

Broadcasts and invites to chat from the Web or email

Multiple themes

Styled user interface

Support for OTR and WebRTC

Complete video chat

Outgoing notifications and status messages

Typing indicators, bubble and outline views


Custom URL shortcuts

Google Talk in Windows10
Google Talk for Windows10 is a pretty full-featured and reliable Google Talk client for Windows 10. It features a clean look, multiple themes, a custom address book, and supports OTR and WebRTC.

This is a client to manage your Google Talk account. It provides an easy and efficient way to create an account, manage the accounts you have already created and to communicate with your friends and business contacts, whether you are online or away.

The main features of Gtalk are:

* Fast, streamlined and easy to use.

* Great power with flexibility.

* You can organize your contacts into folders.

* You can easily add several accounts from accounts you already use.

* Ability to modify your wallpaper from your Google Talk profile.

* Add multiple image sizes for your profile.

* Send messages, files, voice, and video to your contacts.

* Start or stop recording chat history.

* Add Google Talk numbers to contacts.

* Manage groups.

* View account status.

* Customize your Web browser to view your Google Talk profiles.

* View groups.

* Use Google Talk as a virtual IP address

Google Talk With Serial Key

Google Talk is a web-based instant messaging tool that requires a user to download the Chrome browser. It uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) technology in order to connect users. However, unlike other instant messengers, it is not only limited to Facebook and Google+ users, but also people with Gmail accounts.
The following features characterize Google Talk; it allows users to create video and voice calls, it also supports multimedia files and it can be used for live chats without any registration. Despite this, not all of the above features are available to all users at once, as Google Talk uses P2P technology to connect users.
• Create calls and video calls
• Transfer photos, videos and other multimedia files
• Keep a live chat history
• Notifies about new emails
• Works with Gmail and Facebook for faster log-ins
• Change the appearance of the interface
• Manage Contacts
• Select one or more types of notifications
• Optimize for touch
While Google Talk is free, some features are only available in paid accounts.
The paid version of Google Talk offers the following features;
• Create calls and video calls
• Transfer photos, videos and other multimedia files
• Keep a live chat history
• Notifies about new emails
• Works with Gmail and Facebook for faster log-ins
• Change the appearance of the interface
• Manage Contacts
• Select one or more types of notifications
• Optimize for touch
• With the paid account, the saved chat history can be saved within Gmail
• With the paid account, users can choose to display the new email message in chat windows
• With the paid account, the user has the option to block or unblock contacts, notifying them about a newly received email
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System Requirements For Google Talk:

* Mac OS 10.7 or later
* OpenGL 2.0 or later, Shader Model 3.0
* 1 GB of RAM recommended, but capable of running with a good performance on systems with 256 MB of RAM
* 30 MB of free disk space required, to install the tool
About the tool
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