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Haunted Shores is a visual novel that is being developed by a small team of horror fans for horror fans. Once the original team was complete (see “Development History” section for details), a developer with a proven track record of horror visual novels was brought in to deliver a high quality visual novel with the passion for horror storytelling that was clearly being conveyed by the original team. The team is living in a bubble of misery, but soon the world will know their pain.
1) Each level is a free roam narrative-based game which sets you out at locations selected by the author. These locations are designed to give a heightened sense of presence, while providing the horror content that is currently lacking in horror visual novels.
2) Level Specifics: Every location is designed from the ground up to be both beautiful and terrifying, while also being logical, realistic, and filling their role within the story. You will need to make use of your wits, patience, and logical thought processes in order to survive.
3) Haunted Shores includes several hours of gameplay, with over 100 unique locations and over 50 unique events. There are over 22 different endings, with many more on the way. There are also 2 sub-games accessible within the game: “Kill The Light” and “Fade Away.”
4) All voice acting in the game has been provided by professional voice talents.
Development History:
February 2015 – Early Access Release.
February 2016 – Added 1 more chapter that completes the next story arc in the story.
6 chapters completed. Here is the complete list of chapters in the storyline so far:
Black Isles (chapter 1)
Sea Reach (chapter 2)
City Below (chapter 3)
End of the Road (chapter 4)
Fogbound (chapter 5)
Druid’s Valley (chapter 6)
Future Chapters
We are currently working with the book cover artist to create a physical product. This is scheduled for July 2017.
Haunted Shores will have one update per month. Updates are scheduled throughout the year, and will include new locations, soundscapes, and content. The current status of the story is:
1) Added chapters 2 and 6 that complete the next story arc in the storyline.
2) Added 11 more unique locations in the game.
3) A number of unique events have been added.
4) New soundscapes have been added that will accompany the new locations


Haunted Shores Features Key:

  • the laws of physics
  • the complete darkness
  • the blood-curdling howls
  • horrifying melodies
  • adrenaline
  • unsuspecting victims

Haunted Shores


  • 2 players
  • 4 Investigators (2 on each side)
  • a town besieged by all kinds of weird apparitions
  • a furnace glowing
  • a bulwark manned by men with chainsaws
  • a series of doors

Haunted Shores


  • no electricity
  • a flickering torchlight
  • bright blue play/pause buttons
  • super smooth controls
  • glowing skulls
  • abandoned buildings
  • tangible monsters
  • razor-sharp pipes
  • sweatshop conditions
  • air of mystery
  • confronting horrors
  • the mystery of the still-smoldering furnace
  • there’s no way out
  • Faster difficulty is unlocked in the first Act of the game


Haunted Shores Crack + [March-2022]

Haunted Shores Serial Key is an investigative horror horror game with a strong focus on progression and challenge. It was developed in Unity and is targeted at users with either a degree in computer science or with previous game development experience.
Release Date September 2017
Price Early Access $14.99
Platform Windows PC
Visit Game Website at for more information.


You may be interested in “The Sky of Dreams” developed by the same company as your game, courtesy of the user Disofy on Steam.
“The Sky of Dreams” is a story-driven top-down 3D first-person perspective horror that takes place in one continuous, freely roamable huge space.

The story follows a collector who goes on a mysterious trip collecting antique trinkets.

The creators of “The Sky of Dreams” are clearly talented, and the game is definitely worth checking out.


Here’s another dark walking sim that you might like. It’s a fully 3D game and has been in development since 2014. It’s called “Fragments”. Here’s some info on it from a developer blog:

“We have entered a new milestone. Our 3D game, Fragments, is now released and ready for some players to play.
After four years of “pre-production” and 8 months of “production”, we have finally arrived. A game that we have been working on since 2012.
For those of you who don’t know, “Dark Travel” was the game that Paul and I started during our university studies. We worked on this project for 4 years and even completed our internship. That was 2011.
This game took two more years of development. Although we didn’t finish it at that time. We were able to finish the engine, which was the core of the game, and transfer it to Unity.

The above video is a bit more recent. It’s a gameplay demo featuring characters. And of course, there’s a screenshot and three-character portrait of the lead character.
All rights to the footage, and the game’s screenshots, have been retained by the developer. I found the game on Greenlight, and it wasn’t there any longer when I looked. It still doesn’t have a publisher, but I did see someone on Twitter mention paying real money for early access.
I’m thinking that


Haunted Shores Crack + [Latest 2022]

Disclosure of this new title is always a big moment for a studio, especially for a new indie studio. As its been pointed out in the past, the horror genre has seen a boom in recent years with titles like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: The Dark Descent continuing to gain wide popularity. So is Haunted Shores all the same? We asked the developer Aaron Haag as he prepares to set sail with the single player tale.

Interview With Aaron Haag, Creator of Haunted Shores

The Year AheadAaron Haag, who has released music with the acclaimed alternative rock band Breakthrough, but prefers being left alone in a comfortable space to play music in, is currently enjoying the Indie/Horror revolution. As the lead developer of Haunted Shores, Aaron is poised to make history as the first independent developer to release a horror game for Playstation.

GamenGuide: As a new indie developer, what has been the greatest challenge of creating the game?

Aaron Haag: The development of Haunted Shores has been an amazing journey! It’s been a great learning process. There have been times when I thought, “I don’t know if I can do this.” I’m excited to continue building this game and seeing it in the hands of players!

G: How is the horror genre growing in popularity now? What’s your take on the current climate?

AH: My opinion on the state of horror is: It’s better than ever. It’s easy to see more horror games coming out than ever before. Sure, there are a few issues. The marketing machine works much better for the AAA games, so the horror market is skewed toward big budget games. Also, developers are still very skeptical of making horror games. One of the reasons for that is the horror genre is still a novelty for the industry. It’s like any other genre; we have to prove to the industry that horror games are not for wimps!

G: What can you tell us about the future development of Haunted Shores? Do you have plans to expand into other genres?

AH: I would love to expand into other genres. We’ve had some ideas of things we would like to do that fit into the horror theme. For instance, we would love to make an adventure game in the style of Indiana Jones. We’ve got a whole list of


What’s new:

Haunted Shores (also known as Haunt or The Hole) is a haunted attraction located in Bowie, Maryland that, like a movie, lives entirely in perpetuity between reality and the supernatural. Combining theatrical aspects with a journey into the underwater caverns, the attraction was formed in 2006 by members of the Haunted Mines attraction at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. As of , it was the fourth largest attraction in North America according to International Business Times.


The first show is called The Hole. The assemblage of people and props to form the cave takes place on the entry level at the only fixed area. All of the objects in the cave have been built to look as if they are under the water and there are two high intensity light displays about seven feet high. There is also the sound of a ship’s bell and a muffled underwater sonar, although these aspects of the attraction are not persistent. Once people enter the cave, the two sides are separated into “night” and “day” with the use of temporary lighting.

A second attraction in The Hole, guided by actors, deals with a lost treasure. The actors play the roles of the archeologist, pirate, and millionaire who have found the boat that took the treasure to the bottom of the sea. The characters are part of a “credible” (and lively) script, and as the scene plays out they draw a map of the ship, located the treasure, and sort of race out the “treasure room”, where the actor who plays the archeologist is bashed over the head with a wooden pike and killed by a guillotine. It is a brutal maze, with over 100 stations during the bulk of the 20-minute show. The “killer”, a cardboard “pirate” who knocks you on the head, runs through sections at a difficult pace. The audience becomes part of the action as a large number of people have been knocked to the ground and have their heads covered with white glue before supposedly being killed. At one point, a group of visitors hold back the group as other members of the audience fell to the ground, and the group enters the same room as the archeologist to aid him. The archeologist and a few others escape the room by jumping over the group, which ends the show.

The attraction features a number of masks, too many to be counted, and many props including life-sized versions of the stuff that repels vampires,


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How To Install and Crack Haunted Shores:

  • Open the downloaded and installed setup
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System Requirements For Haunted Shores:

Windows – Windows 7 or later
Mac OS – 10.10.x
Linux – Ubuntu 16.04 or later
SteamOS – Steam
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