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A soft-spoken teenager with a love for cartoons, a passion for singing and a flair for drama.
Poverty in the context of Islam, is not the cause of all problems of the developing world; however, it is indeed a major. Hazrat Yousuf (A.S.) Urdu Full Movie Download Free HD MP4.A bus crashes into a taxi and explodes in the Tunisian capital. PHOTO : REUTERS

At least nine people died and 21 others were wounded in an explosion on Monday that targeted a bus in central Tunis.

The incident took place in the Kalaa Badia area of the capital, said medical sources who asked not to be named.

Images on social media showed bloodstains on the pavement and windows of nearby buildings.

An explosion was heard on the street, AFP reporters said, and the blast site was littered with glass and debris.

Pictures on social media showed bloodstains on the pavement and windows of nearby buildings.

A man, who works at a music club in Kalaa Badia, said he felt “a small explosion” when he heard the sound of an explosion.

“We have nothing to do with terrorism so it’s most likely an accident,” he said.

Tunisia’s interior minister Mohamed Saidi, speaking on state television, said there was no information yet about who was behind the explosion.

One person is still in a “critical” condition after suffering shrapnel wounds, he added.

Kalaa Badia is a busy area with cafes and restaurants, and also hosts the headquarters of the Ettakatol Union.

The area also has many small music venues, a well-known music school, and a neighbouring square hosting a weekly farmers market.

Tunisia, which has been in the grip of an Islamist uprising since January 2011, has experienced an upsurge in attacks since last October.

Several secular and leftist activists have been killed, and hard-line Islamist militants are blamed for the killings.Falcon Bloodline

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Publication history
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