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Cowboys’ discovery in Sirastamiya, Czech Republic

A team led by Viktor Oravciak of the Department of Palaeoanthropology and Evolutionary Morphology of the Institute of Archaeology, Charles University in Prague, has recently excavated a newly discovered site in the region of Sirastamiya in the Czech Republic.

Their recent excavations continue a three-year project to understand the cultural landscape of the Middle Paleolithic era, which included the excavation of cave complexes in Siberia and the Middle East, and a river valley cave in the Czech Republic.

The team investigated the newly discovered cave, located in a ravine at the bottom of the slope, and proceeded to excavate a narrow, 1.5-meter-wide passage, which they named E1310. The team describes the cave on their website as having “an entrance facing into a circular shaft from the surface. Its walls are covered with a thin layer of gray clay, the inner surfaces of which are covered by a cap of black mud with layers of white and gray layers.”

The excavation team, which consisted of Oravciak and Aneta Holubova-Kralova, plus a team of eight other students from Charles University, returned to the site twice and spent approximately 20 days in total in the cave.

They found no evidence of human occupation before the Pleistocene glaciation. Instead, they noted that the Middle Paleolithic period seems to have been characterized by “reproduction with a sheep and/or goat” in the ravine. There were three bone strata in the cave’s entrance, with two concentrations in the dark interior chamber, within which the team excavated in about fifteen different layers. Many animal bones were discovered at the top of the E1310 passage, some of which had been cut and extracted from the layer containing the bones of the animals. One of the excavated layers consisted of samples of 40 individual animal bones, which included a selection of bones from sheep, goats, bison, horses, and deer.

The team found the bones of young and adult animals in the layers that they excavated. Some of the bones had been “processed” by the breaking of their heads, feet, and shoulder blades

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