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Collect, Customize, and Feed All Your Favorite Games With WISHLIST SIMULACRA 3!

Old games are the new trend, so get a taste of them all with this collection of arcade favorites!

With WISHLIST SIMULACRA 3, select, combine and customize one of over 100 games into one game! More games will be added so you can customize more games to any theme you choose!

Key Features:


Select and combine over 100 unique arcade games to create your own arcade favorites!

Customize your favorites with skins and brand new games!


Customize your favorite games with skins, voice changers, and feedback!

Play with friends on the new Local Console option to save, give, and receive gifts!

Full Powered Controller Support!

Engage in epic battles on your favorite games with a controller!

This update will only be available for PS4 in a few weeks.

Please be aware that this update will mark the end of what has been a two year long project.

We want to thank everyone for the feedback and support we have received throughout this entire process!

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Features Key:

  • Play all 505 real radio voices / dialogs including Blood Cinereal
  • Play all non-radar dialogs (aka VOIP) including your “Terminating Execution” and “Commander Talks to Staff”
  • Play all mission maps and cutscenes including Boss Fight #0
  • Play all 7 Objectives in Campaign
  • Customize your Campaign
  • Play all arenas in Campaign
  • Play all secret areas in Campaign
  • Look behind the walls. The Helicopter!:

  • Copy Keys

    0D 0F 02 01 00 0E 3F 51 9A 66 2D
    59 92 9F 83 9C AA 0E 5C A6 AF 15
    C4 40 47 B1 58 08 81 E1 87 66 02 90
    96 22 85 74 93 A3 2C DE 5C BC DD
    BD 63 71 FC 93 66 B0 57 37 17 25
    5A 22 98 C0 49 6C 9E 9A D1 90 9A
    8B 95 EA DF CE EC 6D 84 32 86 02
    B1 5E 2E 51 A9 47 E2 D1 BF 80 BF
    25 25 53 72 4C 7F 9C 27 38 39 27
    25 25 50 07 63 A6 50 A7 C4 62 F4
    05 00 09 16 D0 E4 76 B0 B9 08 F4
    1C 19 C1 AA 52 19 4A 93 2F D0 5F
    70 DE B2 A2 29 5E 9E 45 24 4C BF
    F6 F0 F8 15 B2 E4 45 40 5B 4C DE
    09 11 4E 6F 11 F3 7B 8F 5D 01 06
    53 16 68 11 41 45 F1 9C 73 0A 0E
    42 84 E3 BB 15 71 24 81 2A FF D1
    9E FA 3F 8D 24 64 57 40 71 1D CA
    32 06 A1 99 66 6A 89 29 62 C7 D1
    15 A3 E


    Hell Blasters Original Soundtrack Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download X64 [2022]

    Hell Blasters’ Original Soundtrack explores the signature gothic horror of The Aftermath, inspired by the music of late great composer Akira Yamaoka. Featuring nine chiptune tracks produced by Isaac Abrams and featuring lyrics by Marco La Re, this soundtrack is a dark and satisfying sonic companion to Hell Blasters.
    Play Trailer:
    Videos for The Aftermath Season Pass:
    Visit the PlayStation YouTube channel at
    The Aftermath Original Soundtrack:

    Hell Blasters Original Soundtrack Cracked 2022 Latest Version:



    Build The Fallout The Aftermath:

    Welcome to Survive the Aftermath:

    Aurum Terminal:



    Hanger Two:

    Andrus Kühling:

    Cluster Junkyard:



    Data Core:



    Send us your feedback:

    Email us:
    [email protected]



    Hell Blasters Original Soundtrack [Latest-2022]

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