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Huawei HiSuite [Updated]

* The program enables you to:
– import and export contacts,
– manage SMS messages,
– organize calendar events and contacts,
– send and receive messages,
– manage media content on the phone (photos, audios, videos, PDFs, etc.),
– view the look-and-feel of the phone,
– sync contacts,
– manage the folders of the phone.
* The program interface is simple and has all the required information and functions of each tab.
* The program runs under the Win32 operating system, and therefore it is not a virus.
* No internet connection is required.
* The application supports mobile devices that have a connection capability via USB.
* The performance is excellent.
* The software is installed on the local drive C and requires an update of the device.
* New users find it simple to understand the program and learn to use it effectively.
* With the help of the help screens available in the program, users can get full support when needed.
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Motorola Assist with Ease

A software application that is frequently used by users who own a Motorola phone is the Motorola Assist software. It is designed to help users with basic problems that occur during daily operations, and it can prevent calls or messages from being sent automatically.
The program is well-integrated with the mobile phone’s operating system and its design is fairly simple. It features a few features that are easy to use. For example, by clicking the buttons on the home screen you will be able to turn off and turn on the various services and accessories with just one touch.
The program is designed with two specific areas: the My Assist and the Settings areas.
The My Assist area enables you to create a personal profile that will help you to manage the information you need at any time. There are also some built-in resources and tools, such as the vibrate, flashlight, dial pad, sleep and clean up tools, all of which can be accessible from the main screen. By using the application you can easily make changes to any of your devices, set up a time period for a calendar event, stop a call, and more.
The Settings area helps users to find all the necessary information when they need to configure some of the features. The user interface is very intuitive, and it is done in a way that will not make users get confused with all the available options.
Using the

Huawei HiSuite Crack+

Gets all your information from your phone to your PC. It can sync text messages, calls, contacts, calendar, notes, to-do-list and more. Once the file is transferred, it can then be managed with ease.
Good management of Huawei devices
Avoids redundant files, easily tracks current sync status, syncs settings and plugins, backups and restores media files, eliminates duplicate files, extracts files on your phone. Mobile application that suits all phone models and smartphone users.
Efficient management of Huawei devices
Highly compatible, backup and restore all files, very easy to use, compatible for any Huawei Smartphone, fully supports all Huawei Smartphones.
Supports HTTPS connections, allows you to transfer encrypted files over the Internet, protects your personal data.
No license is required for this application.

If you have a 32GB or 64GB U.S. model (any U.S. carrier), Verizon will be charging you extra to even use its LTE network (this is true for T-Mobile if you are on the new sweet 6GB plan).
That means you’re paying for at least twice as much of your data as your current carrier. Not only is this annoying, it’s also coming at a time when AT&T and T-Mobile are offering plans to get unlimited LTE data for just $50/month.
If you’re currently paying anything less than $80/month for unlimited LTE data, you should seriously consider switching carriers.
VZW is the only carrier to charge for LTE as of yet, but that’s actually not that big of a deal. AT&T still offers unlimited 4G data for only $80/month, and T-Mobile is offering a similar plan.
If you do go with Verizon, make sure you use an unlocked phone, so you can use it on other networks at no additional cost.
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Finally a new iPhone at Verizon (New Boost Mobile) with new plan.
Verizon Wireless today announced three new iPhone 5 models with new plan options.
The iPhone 5, in black or white, is the first iPhone that has been created for Verizon’s new wireless service. With the new service, which is launching in time for the holidays, Verizon customers can experience all of Apple’s iconic iPhone capabilities on a 4G network, including 4G LTE and the latest technologies.
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Huawei HiSuite With Key

Network connections
Office backup
You can fully manage your Huawei phone using the PC Suite app

Huawei HiSuite for Windows review

huawei HiSuite for Windows 8 is a PC software which contains all the necessary software applications for managing the phone and transfer files. It also provides important backup files which will save your phone in case of data loss. Huawei HiSuite packs the user interface in a regular Windows system so that the users can easily manage all the system functions.

However, the app is capable of other things as well.

Huawei HiSuite app details

Huawei HiSuite is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems. The app comes with a user friendly GUI which provides a customized interface for the users. Its most important applications are listed below.

The first important feature of the app is PhoneSync. This is a feature where the users can connect to the PC and transfer data to and from the phone. There are two ways of data transfer. Either the user can connect to the PC through USB cable or connect to the Wi-Fi network. The data exchange is encrypted so that no third party can decode the data in transit.

HiSuite is compatible with an online database named HiScheme that is connected to the local database of the phone so that the data of both can be synchronized with ease. The users need to first register to HiScheme which is a completely safe practice. However, once the user is registered, the password will be required only once.

Furthermore, it supports a native Exchange (MSG) and AllCalendar client which synchronizes the data of the exchange calendar with the native calendar of the phone.

There is also a native media player available.

PC suite allows the users to back-up the mobile data. It saves the contact data along with the text messages and voice mails.

The last important feature is HiSuite Theme Manager. The users can apply and remove the themes to/from the phone. This application is not available for all the Huawei smartphones. For others it is a useful tool that you can use in order to change the look of the mobile device.

In order to update the information of HiSuite from the update Center, the users are required to first register and then log in with their existing username and password. The update process will take an extended period of time in order to update the required applications.

System requirements:

What’s New In Huawei HiSuite?

* Manage contacts, set up calendar, manage messages and themes
* Sync files to/from PC
* Manage applications
* Setup Huawei networks
* Manage Huawei settings
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* Sync application settings
The application is capable of transferring files in several formats and sizes, although it is not able to handle media files such as movies.

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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ebc
 \ebc.exe – %1
 \ebc.exe – %2
 \ebc.exe – %3
 \ebc.exe – %4
 \ebc.exe – %5
 \ebc.exe – %6
 \ebc.exe – %7
 \ebc.exe – %8
 \ebc.exe – %9
 \ebc.exe – %10
 \ebc.exe – %11
 \ebc.exe – %12
 \ebc.exe – %13
 \ebc.exe – %14
 \ebc.exe – %15

System Requirements For Huawei HiSuite:

Windows – XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Mac OS X – Mavericks 10.9.5
iOS – iOS 7.0 or later
Android – Android 4.0 or later
Gamepad – Game controller recommended
Multi-Display – Two displays recommended
Amazon Alexa – Yes
XBox One – Yes
iOS – No

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