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. GENESIS32 R15.1 EXE (32-bit). Jul 21, 2019. RIM™. Jun 5, 2019.
August 20, 2019. Windows Server 2019.
. GENESIS32 R15.0 EXE (32-bit). Jan 11, 2019.
Dec 11, 2018. Windows 10 (1803), Windows Server 2019.
Sep 18, 2018. Windows Server 2016.
. GENESIS32 R15.1 RPM (32-bit). Apr 25, 2019. Jun 19, 2018.
Dec 14, 2018. Windows Server 2019.
Genesis 32 Professional (32-bit). Sep 18, 2018.
Generate a 32-bit ICONICS Installer Package for GENESIS32. GENESIS32 Installer Package (.
. GENESIS32 Uninstaller Package. Apr 23, 2019. Sep 16, 2018.
. GENESIS32 Extractor.. With support of Windows Server 2003 & R2 (SP2).
. GENESIS32 SWF loader.
.. R15:
. Linux 32-bit Dependencies Package (.. GENESIS32 32-bit Dependency Package (.. GENESIS32 SDK..
. GENESIS32 32-bit SDK.
Genesis 32 x64. R15.2 (32-bit). Aug 17, 2019.
Genesis 32 x64. Dec 19, 2018.
.. R15.1 (32-bit)..
.. R14..
Generate a 64-bit ICONICS Installer Package for GENESIS64. ICONICS Installer Package (. ICONICS Installer Package (.. GENESIS64 R15.1 (64-bit). Nov 6, 2018.
Nov 9, 2018.. R15.1 (64-bit).
Nov 7, 2018.. ICONICS Installer Package (..
.. GENESIS64 Uninstaller Package..
. Genesis 64 R15.1 EXE (64-bit). Jun 13, 2019. Windows Server 2019. .
.. Windows 10 (1803), Windows Server 2019,. GENESIS64 R15.0 EXE (64 https://embeff.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/linwin.pdf


This policy applies to change agents, including those associated with workstation, server, and mobile .
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As you suspect (and as @PrrCotl87 is already pointing out), the nagscreen popup might be generated by the software as part of the uninstall mechanism. If you try to uninstall it (say with Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall Windows Updates), it should allow you to uninstall it completely.
However, if you are trying to uninstall it by opening a.CAB file (or.EXE file) in Explorer, this won’t work. This is because the Windows installer adds some registry entries to disable it. You can still uninstall it via the command line:
c:\> regedit

There are two locations the installer registers it’s own uninstaller:

Delete the file located at:

Then simply run the command line:
c:\> regsrv32 \?\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Iconics_Genesis_32_Platform_8_0_Uninstall

This will remove the registry entries and allow you to completely remove the software (both 32- and 64-bit).

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