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The game told in a comic style, is an action game aimed at 3-5 players, as a sequel of the original “Vampyr”, but will raise the thrilling vampire experience to a whole new level.
Based on the original script from Guillem Balague, he returns as well.
You will be able to choose between four different characters: the hunter Vladimir or the necromancer Violet. You will be able to decide on which one of them to play. For example you can choose to play as the vampire hunter, or to become the vampire,…
You can also compete with your friend in local split-screen mode.
There are three main gameplay modes, which differ in level of difficulty:
►- Single-player mode: where it is possible to choose the character to play, as well as the game mode, as the classic mode with or without vampires. The first campaign is planned for five chapters. Each chapter has three modes of difficulty:
►- Easy mode: ideal for those who have not played “Vampyr” yet.
►- Medium: it is for those who already played “Vampyr” and want to try something new.
►- Hard: it is for those who are more experienced and want a hardcore experience.
►- VR mode: it is for those who want to experience a unique gameplay of the game.
►- Versus mode: where two people can play against one another in local multiplayer mode. It is possible to choose one from the four available characters: the hunter Vladimir or the necromancer Violet. If you choose a vampire, then you will be able to use the vampire powers, such as teleporting, hiding, etc.
There will also be a free roam mode, in which it is possible to play and explore the map without any kind of objectives.
In order to perform different actions, the vampire must use his Blood Cache, which is for example accessible by killing the or drinking blood of the victim, allowing them to heal and other actions.
There are also the Bleeding time, where the vampire can recharge his blood cache, as well as the Blink, allowing you to move immediately to a different location.
And also weapons such as a gun, a cross, a pocket knife, a fire extinguisher, a bat, a broken flag and an axe.
Puzzles, traps, obstacles, complex rooms and kill scenes, will test your strategies and the integrity of your characters, the difficulty will depend on


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The main goal of this project is to present to the audience a new type of experience by pushing the boundary and conditions in the Android App and the PS4 game design.
The idea here is to make something better than what we know today: why using only the core ideas in game, design, and development.
We spent a lot of time in focus groups with Android players. They loved the idea of using a remote control that “got out of the way” of their gameplay and while playing, would be more intuitive and natural.
We took that idea as our starting point for this project.
Using a remote controller on the video game would have technical and commercial reasons:
– Battery: In the video game, the battery drains pretty fast
– Maybe the player doesn’t know how to use the remote; with a phone, it’s easier
– Fun Factor: When you play the game, you sometimes skip time to time
– Or maybe you don’t feel like interacting with the remote
The idea here was how to work around these disadvantages: make the player learn a new way to control his character (both in the game and in the real life) even while playing.
We knew we needed more than the usual, so we took a step further by thinking in a way different from what the phone was actually used to.
The idea was to make a remote for the remote: using the smartphone as a remote.
In the end, we worked with a native Android application that makes the user feel like he’s using a remote, but in fact he’s using his smartphone.
Extra Features:
– Original song by Hatus Quemuel: (Walking in Dark, Run Boy, Run!, To Back Home, Thriller Room, Cutscene_intro)
– PS4 Game: 5 Original Songs
About the Music Composer:
Hatus Quemuel is an independent composer based in Tarragona, Spain. His specialties are video game soundtracks and film score.
Artistic Highlights:
– Cabeza de Gallo (Walking in Dark)
– Saltwater (Run Boy, Run!)
– I’m on it (To Back Home)
– Fezl (Thriller Room)
– Enero (Cutscene_intro)
Hatus Quemuel’s artistic work consists mostly of soundtracks for interactive games, but also for


In Game Adventure: € Original Soundtracks [April-2022]

Inspired by the adventure games genre of the 90s, my Game “In Game Adventure: — Original Soundtracks” is going to be a new step in the genre of stories with interactive adventures. What that means is that you, the player, will have a choice and consequences depending on your decisions. This is a game experience that is sure to be a completely different one each time, and the ultimate reward for it is that you’re allowed to explore it with your friends.The game is divided into 5 main adventures, the map of which you can get from your GA symbol.Each Game of Life map has various main objects with the goal of getting to as many as you can, and will feature your character’s path in the life map.- In the Game of Life — Life’s Adventure- The Game is over — The Game of Life — Four Minutes Game.- Kill a monster — Another Game of Life — Alpha Life.- Do something good — The Game of Life — End Game.- Goal achieved — That is it? Nothing. Game over.Game “In Game Adventure: — Original Soundtracks” will have an inner narrative, and the characters will not necessarily be the same that appear on the map.2016 11 – The 2015 10 – The 2014 09 – The 2013 08 – The 2012 07 – The 2011 06 – The 2010 05 – The 2009 04 – The 2008 03 – The 2007 02 – The 2006 01 – The 2005 01 – The 2004 01 – The 2003 01 – The 2002 01 – The 2001 01 – The 2000 11 – The 1999 11 – The 1998 10 – The 1997 10 – The 1996 09 – The 1995 09 – The 1994 09 – The 1993 09 – The 1992 08 – The 1991 08 – The 1990 08 – The 1989 08 – The 1988 07 – The 1987 07 – The 1986 07 – The 1985 07 – The 1984 07 – The 1983 07 – The 1982 07 – The 1981 07 – The 1980 07 – The 1979 07 – The 1978 07 – The 1977 06 – The 1976 06 – The 1975 06 – The 1974 05 – The 1973 04 – The 1972 04 


What’s new in In Game Adventure: € Original Soundtracks:

, Vol. 3

By Theme

By Cast

By Artist

Intermission: — Original Soundtrack, Vol. 4

The Game Master

Theme Song

In the first minute, you want to sit down and watch an exciting episode of the lead-in show. Then, mid-way through, you’re hit with the idea of playing the actual show. This is a short-cut, something to bypass the middle of the disc and get to the song right away. This basically represents when your controller/gamepad misses a button key-press. The menus are just as busy but you’ve been granted the ability to jump straight to the end-game music, should you so desire. Your “Breakpoint” has been reached, and it’s time to speed-up your game into hyper mode. The lipsynching to the game music seems a bit trite, but if your character is above level 20 or so, you’re likely to consider the fairly melodious Sampling just an amusing little intermission. One of the best cuts on a disk with a lot of great songs, this is a solid contribution to the “single-playing” culture. The track is so lucid in its theme, you actually picture the game characters as if they were real people larking across the plains. You imagine the horse as large, bloated bodies. David Gilmour’s vocal delivery suggests speed and mobility as the horse surges across a field. It’s incredibly suspenseful to imagine the expression on the face of your horse, but if you’ve never played you’ll miss the unfortunate phrasing of the narration, which essentially says “more cowbell.” The guitar solo doesn’t match very well to the heavy beat sampled by the voice, though it’s careful enough to sound like Dixie Dregs. This track is an absolute gem, and it’s the only reason to play this disc again once your single-player game has ended.

Theme Song

Without scrolling up to read the complete version of this track, it sounds like the opening of a Nirvana tune: the drums pound, the bass rumbles, and the lead guitar stitches its way through like stone. The main stereo track is actually a mix of the song’s lead and chorus played over the bass track. Split decently, you can see David Gilmour’s finger picking with the guitar solos and Chris Thomas’s booming bass solo. The bongos do their job of driving the song


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