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Inhabit shouldn't be dismissed as another to-do list app. Yes it might look like it, and yes it's made using the Electron framework together with HTML, CSS, and JS, but there's more to it than meets the eye.
The feature that might make this small program stand out is the attention to detail. It might not be difficult to have such an app polished, but in the end, it's one of the few of this sort that integrates very well with the current esthetical modern OS standards.
Simple to understand
There's not much magic behind this application. First of all, it's portable, meaning you can carry it with you on a portable drive, creating to-do lists as you see fit. Unfortunately, there is no way of saving any of the created lists, so make sure that whenever you hit the close button, you have completed or memorized your tasks.
The app itself looks very modern. You get the rounded corners and a neat background on half of the program's main window. Each particular element you add to the list will automatically receive a checkbox. Once you're done with any of the tasks, simply check it in the list to have it automatically removed.
Basic, yet useful
This particular app, especially on account of its inconsistencies, can only be used in creating daily routine to-do lists. Seeing as they are nontransferable or savable, any sudden loss of power on your machine will lead to instant loss of your plans. Regardless, the app is great for putting your thoughts in order, and if you're after this particular aspect, then you're in luck.
Inhabit is an application that sort of tells you from the start what it's all about. It will soon be in your habit to use it in order to have a well-planned day. It might have some small hiccups, depending on what your expectations are, but in the end, it will prove useful in a couple of scenarios.








– Instantly create your to-do lists
– Make use of your complete attention to define your daily routine
– Uncomplicated to use, only help you to remember better
– Fully customizable, even on the code level
– The first and only app to integrate with the GNOME Calendar
– Works on all modern mobile devices
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From Inhabit Project: “Inhabit is a simple but powerful to-do application that helps you stay organized and aware of what you need to do. It fits on a smartwatch, home or office desktop, and mobile.”

[Changelog: September 20, 2016]
– the app is now backwards compatible with Inbox and Managr!
[Changelog: June 21, 2016]
– search filters! If you like, you can choose the status you’d like to use for each day.
– quick check list!
[Changelog: January 21, 2016]
– a new, simple & interactive UI!
– some functions are now accessed through the New -> Item menu.
– Q&A icons on the right of each todo!
[Changelog: September 13, 2015]
– improved app icon!
[Changelog: September 13, 2015]
– better flow between the actions!
– a cleaner & improved UI!
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– more detailed tutorials!
– bug fixes!
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– other improvements!
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– fixed a bug that would make some operations impossible.
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– fixed a bug with some drag and drop operations.
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– fixed a bug with some actions.
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– internal re-work!
[Changelog: August 20, 2015]
– initial release!
– thanks to all those that support Inhabit!

[License: MIT]

Inhabit Crack +

Lists and To-Dos in one quick and fun way:
* Simple To-Do list: Open a window, add your to-dos, and delete them with 1 click.
* Digital checklist: Enter your daily tasks in the same program you use to write them.
* Day view: Add your tasks in different parts of the day and make time-saving changes.

Inhabit Usage Tips:
* Set your to-do as daily tasks.
* Select tasks to complete in a list format.
* Change to-do lists when adding new tasks.
* Save your to-do list if you keep forgetting to do them.
* Add reminders to your task by tapping an on-screen button.
* Display your schedule with the day view.

Import tasks from Evernote:
* Import your Evernote to-dos in one click.
* Import tasks that contain checkboxes (currently supported in English only).
* Create new tasks for unticked items from your Evernote notebook.

Export your tasks to CSV:
* Export your tasks to CSV for printing or importing into other apps.

Inhabit Pricing:
* Free trial (no in-app purchases).
* [Support] $1.99 / month.
* [Unlimited] $2.99 / month.
* [Unlimited with in-app purchases] $4.99 / month.

Inhabit Features
* Translate to several languages.
* Add checkboxes to “checked” and “unchecked” lists.
* Daily tasks.
* Multiple lists.
* CSV export & import.
* Export to Evernote.
* Custom colors.
* Recent & completed lists.
* Complete background tasks.
* Save recent lists.

Inhabit Downloads
* Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
* Mac OS X, iOS

* Install Inhabit on your PC.
* Launch Inhabit from the desktop shortcut.
* Select your favorite list template.
* Add tasks to your lists.
* Edit your lists.

Additional Tips
* Create new lists from other lists by tapping the “More List Templates” button in the upper left corner.
* With the “Random” template, Inhabit creates a list with a different order every time you add a task.
* Keep checking

What’s New In Inhabit?

System Requirements For Inhabit:

To install from a DVD, the following is required:
3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom processor or greater
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
720 MB of free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible system
1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor
For full installation, the following is recommended:
3 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
OpenGL 2.

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