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const (
ProjectProjectionType = “projection”
ProjectionFields = “fields”
ProjectionFilter = “filter”
ProjectionClause = “clause”
ProjectionOrderBy = “orderBy”
ProjectionAggregation = “aggregation”
ProjectionGroupBy = “groupBy”
ProjectionAggregationSpecialFields = “aggregationSpecialFields”
ProjectionGroupSpecialFields = “groupSpecialFields”
ProjectionNamespace = “namespace”
ProjectionCluster = “cluster”
ProjectionLabel = “label”

type Projection struct {
Fields []Fields `json:”fields,omitempty” yaml:”fields,omitempty”`
Filter string `json:”filter,omit

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Wait for a task to finish in Golang

I have following code:
package main

import (

func main() {
// Get reports that delays on startup (100 ms)
// don’t make it. I need all jobs to return so that I can do
// interaction with them.

reports := make(chan *Reports)

start := time.Now()
done := make(chan bool)

for _, r := range Reports {
go func(r *Reports) {

Responsive and powerful. Docker for MacDocker for WindowsDocker for LinuxDocker for AndroidDocker for iOSDocker for Raspberry Pi Docker for Azure Docker for Kubernetes Docker for IBM Cloud Docker for IBM Cloud Container Service Engine 14.1 Release Notes

Docker version 17.03.1-ce, build c6d6ffa. The following commands will list all container and host configurations currently present on a machine:

# docker ps docker ps.

Or, the below command will show all containers and hosts running on the host:

Try searching for a solution! I’ve searched the forums and the Internet for answers to this problem (Docker, Docker-ce, and Docker-ce-2.1), but there doesn’t seem to be any solution to this. The solution is getting stuck in this phase whenever I start the Docker for Mac client.


The problem is with older version of Docker. I have fixed it by running below command:
docker pull docker.
It solved my problem 🙂

This invention relates to a down-shift control system for a continuously variable transmission of the type having a primary drive pulley or belt and a secondary drive pulley or belt connected by a drive shaft therebetween to torque in a direction from the primary drive pulley to the secondary drive pulley.
In a known continuously variable transmission of this type, the control system is operative to effect a shift control including a speed reduction control stage in which speed reduction is effected by means of a range control valve to bring a motor vehicle engine speed into a predetermined relationship with an input speed to the continuously variable transmission. The system may comprise a further speed reduction stage operative to effect further speed reduction while holding the motor vehicle engine speed at the predetermined speed. The speed reduction may be effected with application of pressure fluid to a range change clutch to effect a speed ratio change in the range from the primary drive pulley to the secondary drive pulley, and an engine braking stage may be provided to effect an engine brake.
In the continuously variable transmission of this type, the primary drive pulley is rotatable about a primary drive pulley shaft, and the secondary drive pulley is rotatable about a secondary drive pulley shaft. The primary drive pulley and the secondary drive pulley are connected by a drive shaft to rotate together. Further, the primary drive pulley shaft and the secondary drive pulley shaft are rotated together by a main shaft of an engine.!/?p=26079

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The Simplest and Least Cost Efficient Way to Compose a new song

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The Simplest and Least Cost Efficient Way to Compose a new song –
The Simplest and Least Cost Efficient Way to Compose a new song

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