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Hidden object adventure game gives you an opportunity to pick up dozens of items and solve a wide range of puzzles to help investigators find the missing loved one. Find missing items, solve puzzles, or find hidden objects on the different levels to reveal the mystery of a missing person.
You may use your mouse to click on all objects in the game. Each click reveals additional information, and you will gradually learn about the game.
How to play:
Pick up the objects on the map. Use mouse to click on them. In addition to finding hidden items you will also be able to use powerful search tools and solve puzzles.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Match Game, is a new adult match game in which you play in 5 rounds and you try to find out which of those two beautiful ladies is your beloved one. You can then award them with money and you will get the chance to win more matches later. You have to test them out for yourself, to find out who will be your first match and become the queen of you. The different rounds are: first round, money round, love round, match round and romance round. You can press “continue” to play each round and you will be given plenty of tips and suggestions on how to play it. You will also receive your reward at the end of the game and you will be able to see your favorite models in detail.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The game is called Air Guitar, and is a popular target shooting game. You have to fire laser beams at the targets and earn scores in order to reach your maximum score. Each level, you will see a picture of the background, and you will have to fire the appropriate shots. When you miss it or you hit an incorrect target, you will earn 1,2 or 3 points. You will be given enough hints by the game, but if you are still not able to hit your target you can press “retry” and start again. If you have the highest score, you will be placed in the final and you will be able to see your top 5 scores, and your images will be replaced by your best scores.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Can you guess the true identity of the friends in this weird puzzle game? You have to click on each puzzle to reveal its hidden images. The best way to do this is to click on the image behind it, and you will receive a hint of the image to look


Features Key:

  • How to Beat Our Game
  • Addictive Game Play
  • Read in-game instructions
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The girl is free and innocent – until her boyfriend does not go to work on a week-end, the kidnapper comes up with an ingenious plan to hide his criminal past from the police. On a fun ski resort in the Alps of Aosta Valley, Jessica is to meet her boyfriend Tony, but on the way the young couple finds themselves in a deadly trap, and with the help of alluring Agatha and her bank vault get caught up in an unbelievable adventure.

The legendary writer Ernest Hemingway once said about Daisy Buchanan, ‘As long as she’s always there, I’m always home’. But this time Daisy is not going to wait for your return and seeks to avenge herself. In essence a collection of stories by the famous author.
In the storyline, you will have to save the universe, as in literary fairy tales. The leader of the revenge expedition is Bilyana Iolya, a blonde Vivienne Westwood, who is looking for her boyfriend. His name is Andrei. He owns a company and makes terrible things, but he is also a good man. Our heroine intends to bring him to an appropriate way of life. In this case, she will have to learn to kill in order to reach the goal.
Total of 24 stories in three languages (English, French and Russian), which beautifully blend the beauty of Spanish classic authors with the contemporary media trends.
In this game, you will be able to enjoy the following types of puzzles:
– automaton
– draw
– labyrinth
– maze
– switching panels
– chapter selection
The author’s original soundtrack and dynamic, cheerful atmosphere will distract you from the monotony of a time-consuming search and play adventure.

That’s how it ends, a beautiful day on the beach with your lover. Suddenly your lover confesses that you are not enough for him and that he wants another woman. How long will you able to endure this awkward situation?
This game will enable you to meet two partners of the same gender and choose one of them. On the one hand, there will be a real-time stage of play and on the other hand, a two-chapter flash game for the memory.

The game is based on the novel by the famous author Georges Simenon, who created an interesting character – Inspector Maigret.
You play the role of Maigret, having to solve various cases.
In the detective’s office are fascinating characters, who will help you in


Jessica Mystery Of Courchevel [Updated]

The search for a hidden object – “Jessica Mystery of Courchevel” is great selection to pass the time during the summer holidays or to relax in winter resort. But try to use your brain, not just your fingers. If you want to find the object, you have to search through the whole list of the items in every room. The main idea behind the game is to find the letters “J. M.”, as well as to remember the match- 3 and color settings for each puzzle. This is very important in order to solve the case, so a reward awaits you when you finish the game.Try to be attentive!
Features – “Jessica Mystery of Courchevel”
– Time for reflection, relaxation and recovery.
– Mysterious heroine – beautiful Jessica, who is just about to unravel the mysteries of the world of intrigue.
– Court.
– Get ready for a sizzling adventure to the frosty mountains.Madhusudhan Bhattacharya

Madhusudhan Bhattacharya () (1 January 1920 – 16 January 1991), also known as Kalyan Datta Bhattacharya, was a Bangladesh Nationalist Party politician, and a senior leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). He served as the Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives. He was elected to the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly (now Jatiya Sangsad) from Thakurgaon (11) constituency on Indian National Congress ticket in 1969 and 1971.

Early life and education
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Political career
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What’s new in Jessica Mystery Of Courchevel:

is a manga series by Yukomi Hayashi. The manga began serialization in the monthly manga magazine Comic Gao! in 2011. It has been licensed in English by Tokyopop. The English language version was first published in English on February 16, 2014 by Tokyopop.

The story is set in Courchevel, a village in the French Alps near Saint-Gervais-les-Bains. There, mother Rose Angelique and her two daughters, Philemon and Celestine, move into a beautiful rented house. Being the mother of a two-year-old and an infant, she must take care of them and do all household chores. At this time her new neighbor, Arthur Tacchini, moves into the house next door. As he likes to ski and Rose does not, they strike up a friendship that causes some problems.

In the Anime/Manga section, it was noted that the manga was licensed in English in 2014. In 2014, it was noted that the manga had an approval rating of 75% on ComicBuzz.

In Courchevel, mother Rose Angelique lives a very difficult life. She works hard to provide for her children Philemon and Celestine. Philemon is sickly due to an unknown reason. Celestine, who was born seven months after Philemon, leads a happy, easy life and being the only child of the home, she is very spoiled. On a day, Rose has to go to work but is late. Her newborn baby Sophie wakes up, crying. The baby constantly cries as Rose is too tired to rock her to sleep. She argues with her maid, Nicole, about how to hold the baby and how to calm her down. One way is by singing and dancing to her. Rose, wanting to get to work sooner, starts the night before with some whiskey. While having a schnapps, she drinks the bottle, ending the day passed out. She and Sophie wake up not knowing what happened. Celestine thinks she is crazy when she wakes up and she leaves. When she comes back, Celestine learns of the incident and blames Philemon about it. Rose is then kicked out of the house. She goes to her friend Yvonne’s house, on the mountain, where Rose meets Arthur. She takes a vacation with Rose and Arthur, where Rose explains to him about her problems, or lack thereof. Arthur, being a grown man has much experience. As they


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  • RIPASO Gets No Mileage out of Jessica.
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  • Jessica's Whirlwind

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish

Licence: Free for home use only


  • Jessica's Page

Systems: Minimum specs at a sprint:


  • 16 Mb RAM (please, this should be more).
  • 256 Mb HD (1Gb is recommended).
  • Windows 95 SE/98.

System Requirements For Jessica Mystery Of Courchevel:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, NT4 SP4, WinCE, 2000, CE.
OS RAM : 1 GB RAM, minimum 500 MB RAM.
Video: At least 2 GB VRAM.
Keyboard: QWERTY or Arabic-01-1010.
Mouse: Touch or Vertical
QWERTY and Arabic-01-1010 are supported for windows version.
Easily change the keyboard for Windows XP


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